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Is there a white paint with a hint of pink?

Is there a white paint with a hint of pink?

When choosing a white paint color for your home, you may want a pure bright white or you may prefer something warmer and softer. Some popular white paint colors have a very subtle hint of pink or peach added to warm them up slightly and give them more depth. This hint of color makes them not quite as stark as a pure white and provides a warmer, more inviting feel. Let’s explore some of the most popular “white” paint colors that have just a touch of pink or peach to give them that perfect barely-there hint of color.

Popular Off-White Paint Colors with a Pink Undertone

Here are some of the most popular white paint colors that have just a hint of pink or peach:

Paint Color Brand Description
Alabaster Sherwin-Williams A very soft white with the slightest warm undertone
Snowbound Benjamin Moore Crisp white with a hint of pink
Chantilly Lace Benjamin Moore Bright white with subtle pink undertones
Navajo White Behr Warm white with peach undertones
Balanced Beige Behr Soft greige with a touch of pink

As you can see, many popular white paint colors have very delicate hints of pink or peach added to provide extra depth and warmth. Some examples like Alabaster have only the faintest undertone, while others like Navajo White have a bit more color coming through.

Why Add a Pink Undertone?

There are a few reasons why paint companies will add the slightest bit of pink or peach to their white paints:

– It creates a softer, warmer white rather than a stark bright white. This subtle warmth is more inviting and cozy for spaces like bedrooms and living rooms.

– It provides more color depth so the white doesn’t look quite so flat and one-dimensional. The undertone catches the light for added visual interest.

– It coordinates well with rosy woods, pink-toned granite, and other materials that have pinkish veining or tones. An off-white paint unifies these elements.

– Pinkish whites pair beautifully with accessories and fabrics that have blush, rose, pink, and peach colors. The wall color brings out those hues.

– Peach and pinkish undertones provide a pleasant, inviting background for displaying artwork and decor.

Considerations When Choosing a White Paint with Pink Undertones

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to use a white paint color with subtle peach or pink undertones:

– Sample the colors in both natural and artificial light. The pink tones may come through more strongly in incandescent light. Make sure you like the effect.

– Consider the direction the room faces. North-facing rooms may benefit from a warmer paint, while south-facing spaces may not need extra warmth.

– Take your whole color scheme into account. If you’re using blue and green accents, a paint with strong peach tones may clash.

– Pay attention to undertones in your furnishings and materials. For example, pink-veined marble would suit a paint like Alabaster.

– Know that the pinkish tint is very subtle. If you want a clearly peachy or pinkish paint, select a true peach or pink wall color instead of an off-white.

Examples of Spaces with Off-White/Pink Paint Colors

Here are some examples of rooms decorated with popular off-white paint colors that have just a hint of pink or peach:

Bedroom in Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams

This cozy, relaxing bedroom features walls painted in Alabaster, an extremely subtle warm off-white from Sherwin-Williams. The faint pinkish tinge provides a welcoming, serene background for the blue and white bedding and wood furnishings.

Dining Room in Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

Chantilly Lace is a timeless white paint color from Benjamin Moore known for its barely-there soft pink undertone. This charming dining room uses Chantilly Lace on the walls, moldings, and wainscoting to open up the space and allow the dark wood table and buffet to really shine.

Living Room in Snowbound by Benjamin Moore

With its crisp white base and a whisper of pink, Snowbound by Benjamin Moore is a popular off-white paint for living rooms. This room uses Snowbound on the walls to balance out the cool grays in the sofa and natural wood tones while providing a brightness that pure white would lack.

Kitchen in Balanced Beige by Behr

For a kitchen in need of warmth, Balanced Beige by Behr provides a peachy, greige color accented by pink and orange accessories. The pinkish quality of this paint creates harmony between the cherry cabinets, stainless appliances, and granite counters.

Achieving the Perfect Pinkish White Paint Color

If you’re seeking the perfect barely-pink white paint color for your home, keep these tips in mind:

– Pick a white with just a hint of pink or peach to gently warm up your space. Stay subtle.

– Sample paint chips in your actual room before committing to get an accurate impression.

– Ensure your accent colors and furnishings complement the pink/peach undertone.

– Allow plenty of natural light in to see the paint color accurately.

– Consider the mood you want to achieve – soft, relaxed, bright, elegant, etc.

– Go for timeless over trendy so the color scheme has longevity.

That hint of pink or peach can make all the difference, elevating basic white into a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing backdrop for any room. With a little care in selection, a white paint with the softest pink undertone will provide beautiful results.


While pure white paint has its place, many homeowners prefer off-whites with subtle warm undertones. Pinkish white paint colors like Alabaster, Snowbound, Navajo White, and Chantilly Lace provide more depth and visual interest than stark white and create a warmer, more inviting mood. The barely perceptible pink or peach hue allows rosy woods and fabrics to harmonize beautifully. When selecting a white paint with a hint of pink, look for a versatile, enduring color that complements your lighting and decor. Test samples carefully to achieve the perfect soft white for your needs and preferences. With the right pinkish off-white paint, you can beautifully decorate a serene, welcoming home.