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What shades of green are on trend?

What shades of green are on trend?

Green is a timeless and versatile color that can work in any season. From light minty pastels to deep hunter shades, green offers a wide spectrum of hues to choose from. As we move into 2023, earthy tones are expected to be particularly on trend. Whether it’s clothing, interior decor, or beauty, greens that connect us back to nature will be popular this year. Let’s explore some of the top shades you’ll be seeing everywhere.

Sage Green

A grayish muted green, sage has been growing in popularity over the past couple of years. As a versatile neutral, it works well as a background color in both clothing and home decor. Expect to see plenty of sage green pants, dresses, coats, and accessories this season. It’s an easy way to incorporate green without being too overpowering. Sage green paint is also ideal for an elegant, soothing bedroom or bathroom. It brings a natural element without being too bold.

Olive Green

Another earthy neutral green shade, olive has been a staple for decades. It’s a darker, moodier hue that looks great in winter wardrobes. Pair olive coats, jackets, and chunky knits with blue denim for a timeless look. Olive green upholstery and rugs also lend a traditional, stately feel to living spaces. Within the olive family, colors like loden green, forest green, and khaki are easy to incorporate for an organic vibe.

Avocado Green

Bold, bright avocado green is predicted to be big for 2023. After the pink explosion of the past few years, vibrant greens are having a major moment. Unlike the muted olive and sage shades, avocado green makes a statement. Use it sparingly in handbags, shoes, or other accessories. Combining avocado green with neutrals allows the vibrant hue to pop. In your home, avocado green makes for a cheerful, retro kitchen. Appliances, canisters, and tableware in this fun shade evoke mid-century modern style.

Mint Green

For a springtime feel no matter the season, you can never go wrong with mint green. A pastel take on green, mint is light and refreshing. It looks gorgeous in feminine midi dresses, skirts, and blouses. Add a mint green coat or handbag to brighten up winter outfits with a pop of color. Mint also suits kitchens, bathrooms, and other living spaces where you want to create a relaxing ambiance. Pair it with white and natural wood accents for a clean, organic look.

Lime Green

At the brighter end of the green family, lime isn’t for the faint of heart. This vivid, zesty shade screams spring and summer. Use it minimally in maxi dresses, swimsuits, shorts or handbags when warm weather hits. Lime green is also big in beauty, with eye shadows, nail polishes, and lipsticks in this fun neon hue. For the home, lime green makes a cheerful accent wall or front door to welcome guests. Just take care not to overdo it, as lime green in large doses can feel garish. A little goes a long way.

Emerald Green

Jewel-toned emerald green brings luxury and richness wherever it goes. Associated with wealth and prestige, emerald conveys elegance. As 2023 trends move away from minimalism toward ornate embellishments, emerald green fits right in. Velvet emerald sofas and armchairs make a dramatic statement in living rooms. For fashion, emerald green evening gowns and cocktail dresses shine at formal events. Embrace decadence with emerald earrings, necklaces, and cuffs.

Bottle Green

As an alternative deeper green, bottle green has vintage appeal. Darker than emerald, bottle green gets its name from the glass bottles used in centuries past. Today, this rich forest shade pairs well with wood furniture and antiques. Use it in accent chairs or throw pillows for a pop of color. Bottle green also suits men’s style, from sweaters to sportscoats. For a retro feel, try a bottle green kitchen with cream accents.

Jade Green

Jade has been rising in popularity again thanks to its association with wellbeing and spirituality. This medium green connects to healing, tranquility, and balance. In 2023 we’ll see more jade green in yoga and athleticwear, promoting its Zen qualities. Try jade mats, leggings, sneakers or hoodies. Use jade household items like vases, tableware and bedding to bring serenity to your living space. With its mystical qualities, jade green calms and restores.

Kelly Green

Named for its prevalence in Hermès’ famous Kelly handbag, kelly green is poised for a comeback. This rich green is enjoying renewed favor in the fashion world. Expect to see kelly green handbags, shoes, coats and dresses making a splash in 2023. This bold hue grabs attention, making it perfect for standing out from the crowd. Use kelly green accessories to elevate neutral outfits. In your home, kelly green accent walls or furniture lend vintage character to mid-century spaces.

Pistachio Green

For green with a unique twist, pistachio has you covered. With its yellow undertones, pistachio stands apart from traditional greens. It became popular in 2022 and will continue trending in the coming year. This light green works beautifully in spring sweaters, dresses and outerwear. Pistachio accessories add flair to everyday looks. Use pistachio dishes or furniture to give your home a soft, modern feel. Pistachio is versatile enough for kitchens, bedrooms and more.

Green Color Palette

Shade Hex Code
Sage Green #B2BEB5
Olive Green #808000
Avocado Green #568203
Mint Green #98FF98
Lime Green #BFFF00
Emerald Green #50C878
Bottle Green #006A4E
Jade Green #00A86B
Kelly Green #4CBB17
Pistachio Green #C0FA8B

Warm vs. Cool Greens

Green offers great diversity from warm, inviting shades to cool, tranquil hues. Warm greens like avocado, lime, emerald and kelly green inject energy and make bold statements. They pair nicely with yellow, orange, red and pink. Cool greens such as sage, olive, mint, and jade have relaxing qualities. They complement blues, purples, neutrals, and pastels. Decide the mood you want to convey, then choose a warm or cool green accordingly.

Light vs. Dark Greens

The wide range of green tones allows you to go as light or as dark as desired. Lighter greens like mint, pistachio and sage convey springtime freshness. They work beautifully in sweaters, skirts, or kitchen accessories. Dark forest greens like olive, emerald and bottle green feel rich and traditional. Use these jewel-toned shades for evening glamour or vintage living rooms. Pick light or dark greens to suit your personal style.

How to Decorate with Green

When using green throughout your home, follow these tips:
– Stick to 3-4 complementary shades like sage, olive and lime. Too many greens can feel overwhelming.
– Use green as an accent hue against neutrals like white, beige and brown.
– Incorporate natural materials like wood, stone and plants to enhance the organic vibe.
– Add pops of green with decorative pieces like throw pillows, vases, mirrors or artwork.
– Paint ceilings, bookcases and other architecture white to keep rooms feeling open and airy.

How to Wear Green

To look stylish in green clothing and accessories:
– Choose green pieces that flatter your skin’s undertones. Olive flatters warm tones while emerald suits cool.
– Use green as a neutral by pairing with other versatile colors like denim, white, black or pink.
– Add green accessories like handbags, scarves and shoes to pull together neutral outfits.
– Stick to one or two green garments or accessories at a time. Too much green can look costume-y.
– Make green the star and keep other pieces simple. Avoid loud patterns.


Green makes a stylish statement in any shade. From soft mint to jewel emerald, green offers a rainbow of options. Earthy yet energizing, green perfectly suits 2023’s trend toward craftsman style. Use shades like sage, olive and lime for down-to-earth sophistication. Or make a bolder choice with vivid emerald and kelly green for drama. With proper balance, green’s versatility allows it to be incorporated throughout your wardrobe, home and beauty routine. So embrace your favorite green hues this season.