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What color accents brown and green?

What color accents brown and green?

When designing a color palette for a space, brown and green are classic, earthy color choices that pair well together. But every palette needs a pop of accent color to really make it sing. So what colors go best with brown and green? Here are some options to consider:

Warm Accent Colors

Some warm accent colors that complement brown and green include:

Red Adds a punchy, vibrant accent
Orange Brings a bright, cheerful energy
Yellow Contributes a sunny, uplifting accent
Terracotta A earthy, rich complement

Red is a bold, lively accent that adds pop. It has high contrast against brown and green, making it really stand out. Red works well as an accent in small doses against the more neutral brown and green. Try using it in pillows, throw blankets, flowers or artwork. Just be sure not to overdo it, as too much red can feel overwhelming.

Orange and yellow have a similar effect as red, introducing a sunny, cheerful accent to the more earthy base colors. Terracotta is also vibrant but a bit softer than true red. It aligns well with the nature-inspired palette. Consider terracotta vases, tiles or textiles to warm up a brown and green color scheme.

Cool Accent Colors

Some cool accent shades that work nicely with brown and green include:

Blue Adds a calm, tranquil accent
Purple Contributes a regal, sophisticated accent
Pink Brings a soft, feminine accent
Teal A vibrant, refreshing accent

Blue is a versatile accent color that introduces a serene, cooling effect against warmer brown and green. Try lighter shades like powder blue in upholstery or decorative accents. Deeper shades like navy can make a bold statement in smaller doses. Blue helps create a relaxed, comfortable feel.

Purple has a refined, royal effect that elevates the earthiness of brown and green. Plum or lavender accents in moderation add a touch of luxury and sophistication. Pink has a delicate charm that softens the palette for a more feminine accent. Pastel pinks complement brown’s neutrality.

Teal is a lively accent that contrasts nicely against brown and green. This cool-toned aquatic hue brings a tropical vibe. Use teal judiciously to maintain balance with the more neutral base colors. A little bit of teal can go a long way.

Neutral Accent Colors

If you want something more subtle as an accent, consider these neutral shades:

Cream A soft, warm neutral
Light Gray A cool, understated neutral
White A clean, bright neutral
Taupe A versatile, complex neutral

Cream has a gentle warmth that blends well with brown’s natural tone. It also contrasts nicely with green in a more subtle way than stark white. Light gray maintains the neutral foundation while adding slight contrast with its cool undertone.

White naturally lightens up the deeper brown and green in a crisp, fresh way. It makes those shades pop without clashing. And taupe is an interesting neutral that can read either warm or cool, so it effortlessly pairs with the base colors. Use taupe along with cream or light gray for a nuanced, layered neutral accent.

Metallic Accent Colors

Metallic accents are another way to enrich a brown and green color palette with shimmer and shine:

Gold Warm and luxurious metallic
Silver Cool and elegant metallic
Copper An earthy, natural metallic
Bronze A dimensional, antiqued metallic

The warmth of gold and copper beautifully match the inherent richness of brown. Gold has a brighter, more glamorous effect while copper is more rugged and artisanal. Silver creates a refined contrast, with its cool, shimmery finish. And oil-rubbed bronze offers and complex accent with shades of brown, green and gray.

Use metallics sparingly as accents against the main brown and green foundation. Try metallic throw pillows, ceramic vases, candleholders or artwork for an intriguing glint of shimmer.

Choosing Your Accents

When selecting accent colors to go with brown and green, consider the overall vibe you want for your space. Warm hues like red, orange and yellow create an energetic, vibrant feel. Cool accents like blue, purple and teal offer a more relaxing, tranquil atmosphere. Neutrals provide a subtle complement, while metallics inject a touch of glamour.

The accent colors you choose also depend on the particular shades of brown and green you’re working with. Darker, richer browns and greens can handle bolder, brighter accents. Lighter, more muted shades do better with more delicate accents. Make sure to pick colors that enhance rather than compete with your base palette.

When combining accents, limit yourself to one vibrant shade, then build on that with neutral and metallic accents for balance. For example, pair a terracotta pillow with cream and bronze ceramic pieces. Or try a fuchsia bouquet with silver candleholders on a taupe tablescape. Thoughtful color combinations will bring your brown and green palette to life.

Examples and Inspiration

Here are some inspiring examples of brown and green color schemes with well-chosen accent colors:

Rich brown leather sofa, olive green armchair, cream, white and gold accent pillows Creates a glamorous, inviting living room
Deep green wall, dark walnut media console, burnt orange wool rug A dramatic, cozy home theater
Moss green headboard, chocolate bedframe, lavender sheets and artwork A peaceful, relaxing bedroom retreat
Espresso dining table, sage dining chairs, navy and silver dishes/glassware An elegant dining space for entertaining

Your brown and green color scheme can take on many different vibes depending on your choice of accent colors. From playful to peaceful, rustic to refined, the possibilities are endless. Thoughtfully choose accent hues that not only complement your main colors but also support the mood you want to create. Then play with textures, patterns and metallic finishes to make your palette truly sing. With the right accents, your brown and green foundation will feel fresh, current and uniquely you.


Brown and green make a classic, earthy color pairing for any room. To keep the palette from feeling flat or dull, strategic use of accent colors is key. Warm hues like red, orange and yellow bring energy; cool colors like blue, purple and teal create tranquility. Neutrals like cream, taupe and light gray subtly complement; while metallics like gold, silver and bronze add glamour. Carefully chosen accents enhance the inherent beauty of the brown and green foundation. Whether you prefer a vibrant or neutral accent, the possibilities are endless for livening up a brown and green color scheme.