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What purple goes best with gold?

What purple goes best with gold?

Gold and purple are two classic colors that when combined create a luxurious and regal aesthetic. Determining the right shade of purple to pair with gold can elevate an outfit or interior space to feel rich and vibrant. In this article, we’ll explore the different shades of purple that go best with gold accents and why.

Gold Tones

Gold comes in a variety of shades and metal tones. When pairing gold with purple, it’s important to consider the undertone of the gold you are working with. Here are some of the most common gold tones and finishes:

– Yellow gold – This is the most traditional gold tone. It has a warm, buttery yellow undertone that pairs well with jewel tones.

– Rose gold – Rose gold has a pink or rosy undertone. The soft hue gives it a romantic, feminine vibe.

– White gold – White gold has a silver or platinum undertone. The lighter color gives it an icy, cool look.

– Bronze gold – Bronze gold has a deeper, antiqued finish. The brownish undertones give it an earthy feel.

– Gold leaf – Gold leaf is made up of very thin sheets of gold. When used in design, it has an ultra metallic shine.

The shade of purple you choose can complement or contrast the undertone of the gold tone. Keeping the undertones in mind helps create balance in color pairings.

Best Purple Shades for Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the most common type of gold used in jewelry, decor and fashion. With its warm yellow base, yellow gold pairs best with purple shades that share the same yellow-toned undertones. Here are some top options:

Amethyst Purple

Amethyst is a vivid purple shade with strong yellow undertones. When paired with yellow gold, the undertones match and complement each other beautifully. Amethyst works for both bold and pastel yellow gold pairings.

Byzantium Purple

Byzantium purple is a medium purple with a strong red-violet tone. The hint of red gives it enough warmth to coordinate with yellow gold’s yellow base. This rich purple shade can feel modern and eye-catching.

Orchid Purple

Orchid purple is between a pink and purple. It maintains the regality of purple while also having a delicate softness. The subtle undertones of pink in orchid purple pair exquisitely with warm, bright yellow gold.

Wisteria Purple

Wisteria purple leans closer to lavender in tone, but still has hints of yellow to complement yellow gold. This pale purple works well when you want yellow gold to stand out as the dominant color.

Eggplant Purple

Eggplant purple has a deep jewel-toned base that pairs nicely with the bold presence of yellow gold. When the two colors are next to each other, they command attention.

Best Purple Shades for Rose Gold

Rose gold makes a soft, romantic pairing with purple shades that share its subtle pink undertones:


The muted violet tone of lilac has the perfect undertone match to rosy rose gold. Together the two colors create a sweet, feminine pairing.


Thistle is a dusty purple shade that harmonizes beautifully with the metallic warmth of rose gold. It’s an unexpected color combination that feels fresh and modern.

Lavender Blush Purple

Lavender blush purple has strong pink undertones that coordinate seamlessly with rose gold metal. The colors blend together into a soothing, romantic palette.

Regalia Purple

Regalia is a pale purple tone with just a hint of gray that makes it feel sophisticated. The subtle coolness plays nicely against warm rose gold.

Mulberry Purple

Mulberry purple looks elegant and refined when combined with rose gold. The reddish-purple base has the perfect touch of warmth to match the gold undertones.

Best Purple Shades for White Gold

White gold has an icy, cool undertone that pairs best with purples that also lean cooler in tone:

Lavender Purple

Pure lavender is a light pastel purple with a subtle blue undertone. When paired with white gold it creates an elegant, delicate pairing.

Wisteria Purple

Wisteria purple has a grayish tone that matches beautifully with the sleek, metallic finish of white gold. This combo can feel modern and edgy.

Grape Purple

Grape purple has the perfect blend of cool blue undertones and jewel-tone richness to stand out against white gold. The contrast makes each color pop.

Iris Purple

Iris is a pale purple with faint blue undertones. Alongside icy white gold, iris purple can feel wispy and ethereal.


Periwinkle is a frosty lavender-blue tone that pairs exquisitely with white gold. Together they create a whimsical, otherworldly color story.

Best Purple Shades for Bronze Gold

Bronze gold’s deep, earthy metal finish looks gorgeous alongside these rich purple hues:


The reddish-purple tone of boysenberry makes it feel bold, dramatic and luxe next to antique bronze gold. The darker tones play off each other beautifully.

Royal Purple

Against the burnished patina of bronze gold, royal purple takes on a jewel-box richness. The combination feels indulgent and commanding.

Eggplant Purple

Eggplant purple looks almost blackened and extra striking against the dark warmth of bronze gold metal. The effect is bold and sophisticated.

Wine Purple

Wine purple picks up the reddish brown undertones of bronze gold for a rich, indulgent color pairing. A little goes a long way to create drama.

Plum Purple

Plum purple has similar antique undertones to bronze gold, giving this pairing a coordinated look. It feels luxe, layered and opulent.

Best Purple Shades for Gold Leaf

Gold leaf is an ultra-metallic gold foil that pairs gorgeously with light, ethereal purples:


Lavender has a washed out, hazy effect that plays beautifully against the striking Foil finish of gold leaf. The pairing feels whimsical and dreamy.

Wisteria Purple

Wisteria also has a delicate, faded effect that lets the bright gold leaf shine while remaining a pretty accent purple.


The soft, romantic hue of lilac purple is the perfect counterpart to gleaming gold leaf for an ephemeral, fairy tale effect.


As another light pastel purple, periwinkle coordinates with gold leaf while still allowing the gold’s radiance to take center stage.

Orchid Purple

The pinkish undertones of orchid give it enough presence to complement gold leaf without competing for attention. The overall effect is magical.

How to Pair Purple and Gold

Now that you know the best purple shades to pair with different gold tones, here are a few tips for combining them beautifully:

– For jewelry, look for gemstones in harmonizing shades. Amethyst and citrine make a gorgeous purple and gold combo.

– In interior decor, add accents like purple throw pillows, vases or other accessories to a gold-toned room.

– Paint a single accent wall in a rich purple hue and use gold frames, sconces or hardware as metallic pops.

– In fashion, add a purple handbag or scarf to an outfit featuring gold jewelry.

– For events, use purple and gold together in invitations, banners, balloons or other decor.

– On the table, combine purple table linens, flowers or plates with gold flatware or glassware.

– Play with different textures like matte purples and shiny metallics to add visual interest.

The important thing is balancing the two colors and keeping their undertones in harmony. Done right, purple and gold create a look that feels regal, luxurious and utterly timeless.


Purple and gold pair beautifully together for a look that feels rich, elegant and luxe. The key is choosing the right undertones of purple that complement either the warm or cool finish of the gold tone you’re working with. Soft lavenders suit the coolness of white gold, while vivid jewel tones match the bold presence of yellow gold. With so many shades to work with, it’s easy to put together a stunning purple and gold combination that’s both striking and sophisticated. Whether in fashion, decor, events or jewelry, these two classic colors create an instantly regal aesthetic.