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What pocket square for dark blue tie?


A pocket square can be an essential accessory that adds a touch of style and color to your outfit. When wearing a dark blue tie, the choice of pocket square is important, as you want it to properly coordinate. The right pocket square will elevate your look while a poor match can make your outfit appear haphazard.

When deciding what pocket square to wear with a dark blue tie, there are a few key considerations:

  • Color – You’ll want a pocket square that complements the blue tie without being too matchy-matchy. Tones like light blue, navy, white, gray, and burgundy can work well.
  • Pattern – Solid colors or small patterns like dots, pindots, or subtle stripes tend to be best with a blue tie.
  • Fold – The TV fold (single point) or puff fold tend to complement a blue tie.
  • Material – Look for pocket squares made from high-quality materials like silk, cotton, or linen.

With the right pocket square, you can add that touch of finesse that brings your formal outfit together. Read on for more in-depth guidance on selecting the perfect pocket square for your prized blue necktie.

Matching the Color

When deciding on a pocket square to pair with navy or dark blue ties, color coordination is key. You want the pocket square to complement the blue tone without being too matchy-matchy. Here are some color options to consider:

Light Blue

A light blue pocket square can provide a nice complement to the darker blue of the tie. The lighter tone provides enough contrast so that you don’t look like you tried too hard to match. But the blue-on-blue look still gives a coordinated vibe. Light blue in a solid or subtle pattern works well.


For a more sophisticated look, pair a navy pocket square with a navy tie. Just be sure the shades are not exactly the same. Having a slightly lighter or darker navy pocket square than the tie will give the right amount of tonal contrast. A dark navy silk pocket square with white dots is a sharp choice.


A white pocket square is a classic choice that always works well with blue ties. The crisp white provides contrast against the darker blue tie for a visually appealing look. White pocket squares with a colored border or small patterns like dots or geometric shapes complement a blue tie nicely.


Different shades of gray can also make an excellent pairing with dark blue ties. Light gray gives contrast while darker charcoal gray offers a more subtle sophisticated look. Try a gray pocket square with light pinstripes or textural interest.


For a bold, stylish look, burgundy pocket squares pair beautifully with navy blue ties. The deep red tone of burgundy contrasts and complements the blue tie for a vibrant palette. A paisley or floral burgundy pocket square can add extra flair.

Patterns and Textures

In addition to color, the pattern and texture of a pocket square can impact its coordination with a blue necktie. Here are some pattern and texture guidelines for pocket squares worn with darker blue ties:

Solid Colors

A pocket square in a solid color without any pattern works well with blue ties across the color spectrum. The solid texture provides an understated complement. Stick to solids in light blue, navy, white, gray, burgundy, or other colors in that palette.


A white, blue, gray, or burgundy pocket square with dots, either large or small, can add interest without clashing with a blue tie. The dots should be in a color that complements the tie. Polka dots, pindots, or abstract dots work well.


Subtle stripes on a pocket square pair nicely with a solid blue tie. Thin pinstripes in white, light blue, navy, gray, or burgundy add aesthetic appeal. Avoid