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What colors look good with black hair and brown eyes?

Choosing the right colors to complement your natural hair and eye color can be tricky. But there are certain shades that are known to pair well with darker features like black hair and brown eyes. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss which color palettes look best, provide specific clothing and makeup recommendations, and include visual examples to help you pull together a naturally gorgeous look.

Quick Answer

For those with black hair and brown eyes, rich,neutral tones tend to be the most flattering. Jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple accentuate the depth of brown eyes beautifully. Earthy hues like camel, mocha, and khaki also work well, as do metallic sheens like gold, bronze, and copper. On the cosmetics front, brown and black eyeliners and mascaras make eyes pop, while nude, rosy brown, or brick red lip colors complement without competing with bold hair and eyes.

How to Choose Colors

When determining which colors best suit black hair and brown eyes, it helps to understand color theory. In basic terms, you want to look for shades that complement, rather than compete with, your natural coloring. Colors directly across from each other on the color wheel, known as “complementary colors,” tend to create a vibrant, high-contrast look. For brunettes, shades like emerald green, turquoise, eggplant purple, and slate blue have this bold effect. Neutral earth tones in the same color family as brown eyes, like beige, taupe, and mocha, create a more subtle, low-contrast aesthetic.

Here are a few tips for choosing the most flattering shades:

  • Look for colors in the yellow, green, and blue families which make brown eyes pop.
  • Seek out jewel tones and earth tones which contrast nicely or blend with dark hair.
  • Avoid pastels and extremely light colors which can wash you out.
  • Metallic sheens like gold, bronze, and copper make brown eyes glow.
  • Pair intense eyes and hair with neutral lip and cheek colors.
  • Use brown or black mascara and eyeliner to define eyes without competing.

Best Clothing Colors

Certain clothing colors are known to complement black hair and brown eyes superbly. Here are some of the top shades to look for:

Jewel Tones

Deep, rich jewel tones make brown eyes pop thanks to their high contrast. Try an emerald green sweater, sapphire blue blouse, or amethyst purple dress to make your eyes shine. Jewel tones also flatter olive and darker complexions often accompanying brown eyes.

Earth Tones

Natural earthy hues blend seamlessly with dark hair and eyes for a harmonious effect. Camel, mocha, khaki, brown, taupe, beige, and ivory are flattering go-to’s.

Metallic Colors

The sheen of metallic colors complements brown eyes’ warm golden flecks. Gold, bronze, copper, and pewter all create a glamorous effect.


True, bold red makes a striking color pairing with black hair and brown eyes. For added flair, opt for red attire with luxe textures like velvet, satin, or leather.

Best Makeup Colors

The right cosmetic shades can further accentuate your most striking facial features. Here are some makeup colors that look exceptionally gorgeous with black hair and brown eyes:


  • Brown or black mascara and eyeliner – Define eyes without competing with them.
  • Purple eyeshadow – Compliments brown; jewel tones like amethyst and emerald make eyes pop.
  • Champagne eyeshadow – Warm metallics like gold, bronze and copper complement brown’s golden undertones.


  • Nude lips – Let bold eyes and hair stand out by neutralizing lips.
  • Rosy browns – Flattering on both warm and cool complexions.
  • Brick reds – Make teeth appear whiter for a dazzling smile.


  • Peach blush – Brightens and warms the complexion.
  • Rosey blush – A universal shade that flatters brown eyes.
  • Bronzer – For added warmth and contour; apply carefully for a natural effect.

Best Statement Lip Colors

For those desiring a bolder lip, these shades make a vibrant statement against black hair and brown eyes:

  • Crimson – A blue-based red that pops against warm complexions.
  • Cherry – A cool-toned red for making eyes sparkle.
  • Orangey reds – Warmer red-oranges that brighten up tanned complexions.
  • Wines – Deep berry shades that intensify brown eyes.
  • Plums – Rosy purples and mauves that flatter brown’s red undertones.

Go with matte lipstick finishes, which last longer. Use lip liner to prevent feathering and top with gloss for extra moisture and sheen.

Celebrity Examples

Some of the world’s most glamorous celebrities demonstrate how to perfectly pair makeup and clothing with black hair and brown eyes. Here are a few examples to inspire your own stunning look:

Sophia Loren

The Italian screen siren and quintessential Mediterranean beauty enhanced her brown eyes with black liner, sculpted eyebrows, and red lips. Her flawless olive complexion glows next to crimson dresses and black ensembles.

Elizabeth Taylor

Taylor’s most iconic looks include black liquid liner paired with violet eyeshadow to intensify her dark brown eyes. Her signature red lips and rouged cheeks offset her ivory skin tone perfectly.

Angelina Jolie

Jolie’s brown eyes pierce behind black liner and voluminous lashes. She often sports a nude lip which lets her eyes take center stage. Her black dresses make a simple yet stunning red carpet statement.

Megan Fox

Fox keeps her look sultry with earth-toned shadow, nude lips, and bold black liner around emerald eyes. She chooses olive and khaki hues that seamlessly match her porcelain skin and raven hair.

Keira Knightley

This brown-eyed stunner wears berry lips and rosy blush to liven up her creamy complexion. Knightley looks best in jewel tones like sapphire blue and amethyst purple.

Tips for Wearing Black

Because black hair and brown eyes provide such a rich color base to build upon, basic black clothing acts as a stunning blank canvas. Follow these tips for wearing black successfully:

  • Choose textures like leather, suede, velvet, silk, and shimmery fabrics.
  • Accessories in metallic, red, or jewel tones.
  • Little black dresses with elegant details and embellishments.
  • An LBD plus bold lip color and glittering jewelry.
  • All black paired with a colorful scarf or handbag.
  • Liven up all black outfits with colorful shoes.


Black hair and brown eyes offer so many options for creating a colorful and captivating look. While cool jewel tones, warm earth tones, striking metallics, and adventurous reds are your best bets, the specific shades you choose should be guided by your individual coloring and personal style preferences. Use color to your advantage to make your gorgeous features shine every day.

With the right colors to enhance your natural beauty, plus confidence in yourself, you will look and feel your very best. Have fun with your fashion and makeup and enjoy the process of discovering your most flattering shades.