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What Pantone is the Bottega green?

What Pantone is the Bottega green?

The iconic green shade seen on Bottega Veneta bags and accessories has become synonymous with the luxury brand. Bottega green, as it’s commonly called, is a rich, saturated emerald hue that immediately evokes images of the Italian fashion house’s coveted woven leather goods. But what exact Pantone color corresponds to this recognizable brand color? Let’s take a closer dive into the specifics behind Bottega green.

A Brief History of Bottega Veneta

To understand the origins of Bottega green, we must first go back to the beginnings of Bottega Veneta itself. The Italian leather goods company was founded in Vicenza, Italy in 1966 by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro. The name “Bottega Veneta” literally translates to “Venetian workshop,” nodding to the region’s history of fine leather craftsmanship.

In the brand’s early years, Bottega Veneta gained a following for its expertly woven leather, an intricate technique dubbed “intrecciato.” During the 1970s, the company began expanding internationally with its first store openings in Monte Carlo, Paris, and New York. The 1980s marked the appointment of Laura Braggion as creative director. She ushered in a new era emphasizing Bottega’s heritage techniques paired with contemporary, elegant designs.

The Rise of Bottega Green

It was during the 1990s and early 2000s that Bottega Veneta’s signature green shade started coming into prominence. In 2001, designer Tomas Maier was appointed creative director of the brand. Maier modernized the label while still paying homage to the atelier’s artisanal roots in leatherworking and weaving.

Bottega experienced a surge in popularity in the late 2000s and early 2010s, with many celebrity fans like Kanye West and Rihanna carrying the brand’s Intrecciato bags. During this period, the rich green leather woven accessories became a status symbol and one of Bottega’s most identifiable signatures.

Pinpointing the Exact Pantone Color

So Bottega green was firmly cemented as an iconic brand color, but what Pantone hue exactly matches this luxurious green? According to Pantone color experts, Bottega Veneta’s signature shade is best represented by PANTONE 18-6025 TPX, also known as Greenery.

Greenery is a vibrant, yellow-tinged green that packs a serious punch. In 2017, Pantone actually selected Greenery as its Color of the Year, noting its refreshing yet sophisticated essence. It’s easy to see why this energetic green embodies Bottega Veneta so perfectly. The bold, saturated tone aligned beautifully with the Italian house’s expert craftsmanship and coveted status.

Here are the specific details on PANTONE 18-6025 TPX Greenery:

Pantone: 18-6025 TPX
Name: Greenery
Year Introduced: 2017
Color Family: Green
Hue Family: Yellow Green
RGB Values: R:76 G:175 B:80
CMYK Values: C:56 M:0 Y:91 K:31
Complementary Color: PANTONE 15-1264 TCX Hot Pink Flush

Bottega Green Across Product Lines

Bottega Veneta has utilized its signature green leather across a vast array of product categories over the years. Below are some of the most iconic ways the brand has incorporated PANTONE 18-6025 TPX across its collections:

– Woven Leather Handbags: Bottega is perhaps best known for its expertly crafted woven leather handbags like the Knot Clutch and the Cassette Bag, often rendered in the rich Greenery shade.

– Wallets and Small Leather Goods: From cardholders to coin purses, Bottega’s small leather accessories are frequently dyed in the deep green tone. Many feature the Intrecciato weaving or the brand’s iconic hardware embellishments.

– Ready to Wear: Bottega Veneta’s clothing regularly includes Greenery leather details like piping, patches, and trim. Belts, gloves, and shoes in the shade add pops of color to full looks.

– Shoes: Heels, flats, boots, and sandals in Bottega green add a sophisticated flair. Textured woven leather shoes complement the brand’s signature Intrecciato accessories.

– Homeware: Bottega has expanded into home accessories like pillows, vases, and trays covered in the rich emerald leather. These pieces allow fans to bring Bottega’s aesthetic into their living spaces.

Distinctive Qualities of Bottega Green

What makes PANTONE 18-6025 TPX Greenery such a recognizable brand color for Bottega Veneta? Here are some of the defining characteristics of Bottega green that have come to identify the luxury label:

– Vibrant Saturation: Bottega green is deeply saturated, making it eye-catching and striking against more neutral tones. This vibrant shade immediately grabs attention.

– Yellow Undertone: The addition of yellow to the green gives it a rich, warm quality compared to cooler forest greens. The undertone provides an uplifting, energizing feel.

– Leather Focus: Dyed onto Bottega’s signature leather, the green takes on a lush, tactile dimension. The color is strongly linked with the brand’s heritage of Italian leatherworking.

– Craftsmanship Association: As a color requiring great skill to evenly saturate, it conveys Bottega’s meticulous craft and attention to detail.

– Colorblocking Pop: Bottega often colorblocks Greenery with neutral tones like black, tan, or white. This makes the green pop dramatically as an accent shade.

Greenery Beyond Bottega Veneta

Though indelibly tied to Bottega, PANTONE 18-6025 TPX Greenery has infiltrated fashion and design far beyond the Italian house’s accessories. Here are some other notable uses of the green shade:

– With its selection as 2017’s Pantone Color of the Year, Greenery appeared across everything from apparel to home decor as the “it” shade that year. Brands like J.Crew, Pottery Barn, and Nike released products featuring the green.

– Greenery continues to rank among the most popular green paint colors for home interiors. Its balance of richness and vibrancy makes it versatile for accent walls, furniture, front doors, and more. Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Behr all offer their own versions of the hue.

– The color has appealed to various fashion labels, particularly for handbags and small leather goods. Brands like Coach, Kate Spade, and Longchamp have all incorporated shades similar to Greenery into accessories collections.

– Makeup and nail polish brands like Essie, OPI, and MAC cosmetics have all launched polishes in the unmistakable yellow-green tone. Several of these are cheekily named after the Bottega Veneta brand association.

– Greenery has extended beyond fashion and decor into graphic design and branding. Companies wanting an optimistic, fresh impression opt for the vibrant Bottega-reminiscent green in logos, presentations, websites, and more.

How Lighting Affects Bottega Green’s Appearance

Like any color, Bottega Veneta’s signature green can shift in appearance depending on lighting conditions. Here is how different lighting can impact the way PANTONE 18-6025 TPX is perceived:

Daylight: In outdoor natural light, Greenery appears the most vivid and saturated. The yellow undertones shine through clearly in daylight. It’s the optimal lighting for viewing the leather’s rich dyed quality.

Incandescent Lighting: Under incandescent bulbs, Greenery loses some vibrancy. The warmth of the lights brings out more brown in the shade, muting it closer to an olive green.

LED Lighting: The cool blue undertones of LEDs emphasize Greenery’s yellow cast. This can make the shade appear more acidic and highlighter-like under this lighting.

Fluorescent Lighting: Fluorescent overhead lighting tends to drain color intensity. In this lighting, Greenery may come across more muted and dull.

To experience Bottega green leather goods in their true, vibrant form, daylight is ideal. However, the color remains recognizable across lighting conditions, if slightly altered in tone and saturation.

Pairing Colors with Bottega Green

Bottega Veneta’s creative teams carefully select palette combinations to perfectly complement and accentuate PANTONE 18-6025 TPX. Here are some foolproof color pairs for Greenery:

Neutrals: Soft beiges, creams, browns and tans allow the green to take center stage as a focal point. Go for neutral leather Bottega bags with green Intrecciato accents.

Black: A go-to for Bottega, black makes the vibrant green pop dramatically. Use black clothing pieces like dresses or trousers to offset green leather accessories.

Navy: Dark blues work beautifully with the yellow-green, creating versatile combinations suitable for day or night. Try a navy coat with a green woven leather clutch.

Pastels: Soft powdery shades like blush pink, pale blue and lavender create soothing spring-like palettes with Greenery. Pair a mint dress with green heels or bag.

Metallics: Gold jewelry and accessories pick up on Greenery’s warm undertones for glam pairings. A gold watch or earrings would match perfectly with a green bag.

Caring for Bottega Green Leather

To keep Bottega Veneta leatherware looking rich and vibrant, proper care is essential. Follow these tips to maintain the signature green leather:

– Store in dust bag when not in use to prevent scratches and fading.

– Apply a leather conditioner 2-3 times per year to nourish and protect. Test first in an inconspicuous spot.

– Clean gently with a soft cloth dampened with leather cleaner to remove dirt. Avoid harsh chemicals.

– Use a leather protectant spray to guard against water damage and staining. Reapply every few months.

– Avoid prolonged sun exposure which can cause fading. Keep out of direct sunlight when storing.

– For woven leather, carefully use a soft brush to lift dirt trapped between weaves.

– Spot clean stains immediately with diluted soap and damp cloth. Do not rub aggressively.

– Check for loose or broken stitches and take to a leather specialist for needed repairs.

With regular care, Bottega’s iconic leather accessories in Greenery can withstand the test of time and retain their stunning shade. Handle delicately and your investments will remain treasures for years to come.

Finding Alternatives to Bottega Green

As one of luxury fashion’s most recognizable colors, Bottega Veneta’s Greenery shade is exclusive to the brand. However, for those seeking more affordable alternatives, these options capture the essence of PANTONE 18-6025 TPX:

Coach Green: Coach’s Forest color is vibrant yellow-tinged green for handbags, wallets and more at a lower price point.

Hunter Green: Classic hunter green is deeper but shares the richness of Bottega green. Widely available across fashion and home brands.

Emerald Green: Jewel-toned emerald greens are similar but pack slightly more blue. Also easy to find from various retailers.

Kelly Green: The heritage bright green has familiar high-impact saturation. Budget-friendly way to get the Bottega look.

Mint Green: For a pastel take, mint greens are soft, cool-toned counterparts. Pair with neutral spring outfits.

Olive Green: Muted olive greens have subtle yellow touches like Greenery in a more subdued way. Coordinate with camouflage prints.

While not identical replacements, these shades can capture the spirit of Bottega’s iconic leatherware at more accessible price points for the average fashion lover.

The Enduring Appeal of Bottega Green

Bottega Veneta’s signature shade has undeniably cemented its place among the most recognizable brand colors in fashion. The rich PANTONE 18-6025 TPX Greenery exudes luxury and Italian craftsmanship, while still feeling fresh and modern. It manages to be both timeless and of-the-moment.

No matter how trends come and go, it’s clear Bottega green is here to stay. The vibrant leather woven accessories have become truly iconic, influencing design across industries. As Bottega Veneta continues evolving for new eras, this distinctive heritage hue helps anchor the maison and pay homage to its roots in masterful leatherworking. When you spot that saturated emerald, the association is immediate: Bottega.