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What number is seafoam green Benjamin Moore?

Benjamin Moore offers thousands of paint colors to choose from, but if you’re looking for a soft green with blue undertones, Seafoam Green is a beautiful option. Determining the specific Benjamin Moore number for Seafoam Green depends on the finish you select.

Seafoam Green in Different Benjamin Moore Finishes

Benjamin Moore categorizes their paint colors into different finishes including flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss. The exact code for Seafoam Green will vary slightly between these finishes.

Here are the Benjamin Moore numbers for Seafoam Green in different paint finishes:

Finish Benjamin Moore Number
Flat 670
Eggshell 671
Satin 672
Semi-Gloss 673
High Gloss 674

So if you’re looking for Benjamin Moore Seafoam Green in a satin finish, the number is 672. The number varies only slightly between finishes.

Benjamin Moore Seafoam Green Color

So what does Seafoam Green from Benjamin Moore actually look like? Here’s a description:

  • Light green base with subtle blue undertones
  • Very soft and tranquil color
  • Works well in bedrooms, bathrooms, and other living spaces
  • Pairs nicely with creams, whites, grays, and other pastels
  • Has just enough color without being overpowering

Seafoam Green is one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular greens because it’s versatile enough for many applications. The undertones of blue give it a soothing, water-like appearance.

Complementary Colors for Seafoam Green

When using Seafoam Green in your home, you’ll want to pair it with colors that complement it well. Here are some of the best color combinations:

  • White: Crisp bright white adds freshness and opens up the space
  • Beige: For a subtle and natural look, different shades of beige work nicely
  • Gray: From light dove grays to deeper charcoal tones, gray and seafoam green are always in style
  • Yellow: Pale yellows keep things bright yet soft
  • Pastels: Soft pink, lavender, mint and even peach create a sweet color scheme

In general, lighter and more muted colors will complement Seafoam Green best. Dark or bright colors may overwhelm the elegant earthy tones of this tranquil green shade from Benjamin Moore.

Using Seafoam Green in Your Home

When used thoughtfully, Seafoam Green can add a breath of fresh air to any room. Here are some ideas for stylishly incorporating this color into your home:

  • Living room: A seafoam green accent wall with crisp white trim is both soothing and chic
  • Bedroom: Painting bedroom walls seafoam green encourages relaxation and serenity
  • Bathroom: As an accent color on the walls or vanity, it gives off a spa-like ambiance
  • Kitchen: For vintage flair, use it on lower cabinets along with light countertops and backsplash
  • Home office: Stimulate creativity with seafoam walls or an accent feature wall
  • Nursery: Gender neutral and peaceful, it’s perfect for a baby’s room

Seafoam Green can be applied to walls, trims, doors, furnishings, and decor pieces throughout the home. Benjamin Moore’s Seafoam evokes tranquility and harmony in classic yet fresh way.

Purchasing Benjamin Moore Seafoam Green Paint

When you’re ready to purchase Seafoam Green from Benjamin Moore, there are a few options:

  • Visit a Benjamin Moore retailer – most hardware stores and paint shops carry the brand’s colors
  • Order on the Benjamin Moore website – products ship directly to your home
  • View colors in person at a Benjamin Moore showroom

Be sure to confirm the specific name and number for the finish you want. Prices may vary depending on finish, container size, sales or promotions, and retailer. Sample sizes are a great way to test the color before committing to a larger quantity of paint.

Benjamin Moore Seafoam Green is a Lovely Choice

For those seeking a soft, breezy green with just a hint of blue, Benjamin Moore’s Seafoam Green is a wonderful option. Carefully chosen, it can lend any space a sense of harmony and tranquility. Just be sure to identify the exact number corresponding to the finish you need, and complement it with light, muted colors for a relaxing feel. With endless possibilities, this elegant yet versatile green is one to consider for your next paint project.

In summary:

  • Benjamin Moore Seafoam Green has numbers ranging from 670 to 674 depending on paint finish
  • It’s a light, soothing green with subtle blue undertones perfect for bedrooms, baths, and more
  • Pair with whites, grays, beiges and pastels for a cohesive look
  • Can be used on walls, trim, doors, furniture and decor pieces
  • Purchase at Benjamin Moore retailers, online, or in-store showrooms

With its versatility and elegance, Benjamin Moore’s Seafoam Green is easy to incorporate throughout your home for a tranquil aesthetic.