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Does Audi have custom colors?

When it comes to luxury vehicles like Audi, many customers want the ability to customize their car and make it their own. One of the most common customization requests is for a unique exterior color. So do Audi models offer any custom color options directly from the factory? Let’s take a closer look.

Quick Answers

Audi does offer some custom exterior color options, but they are limited compared to other luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Here are some quick answers on Audi’s custom color program:

  • Audi offers around 50 standard exterior color choices across their vehicle lineup.
  • They allow custom orders for some rare, discontinued, or special effect colors through their Audi exclusive program.
  • These custom colors can add several thousand dollars to the vehicle price and often have extended lead times.
  • The number of custom colors available changes each model year based on availability.
  • Custom color options are more limited on high-volume models like the A4 and Q5.
  • Audi’s main focus is still offering innovative technology and performance, with custom colors being a secondary priority.

Audi’s Standard Exterior Color Options

Most Audi models already come with an extensive selection of standard exterior color choices. Depending on the specific model, Audi typically offers between 7-12 standard color options each model year. This includes both monotone solid colors and metallic/pearl effect paints. Here are some of the most popular choices:

  • Brilliant Black
  • Ibis White
  • Glacier White
  • Mythos Black
  • Navarra Blue
  • Daytona Gray
  • Quantum Gray
  • Tango Red
  • Florett Silver

These colors cover a versatile range from basic blacks and whites to bolder shades of blue, red, and gray. Audi also frequently adds new standard color choices each model year to keep things fresh.

Overview of the Audi Exclusive Program

For customers who want an even more unique color, Audi does offer some custom exterior finishes through their Audi exclusive program. This program allows buyers to choose from a selection of rare, discontinued, or special effect colors at an added cost. Here are some key details on the Audi exclusive program for custom paint:

  • Offered on most models, but limited based on plant capacity
  • Around 50-60 custom color choices available depending on model year
  • Includes vibrant solid colors, metallic/pearls, crystals, mattes, and more
  • Added cost of $3,500-$5,000+ for custom color depending on model
  • Colors can be browsed online or discussed with a dealer
  • Extended lead times of 3-5 months for custom color orders

So while the program does open up more unique color possibilities, the costs and wait times involved mean it’s not practical for every buyer. Audi is also more selective than other luxury brands in which models they allow custom colors on.

Comparing Audi’s Program to Other Luxury Brands

To provide more perspective, here is a brief comparison of Audi’s custom color program versus two rival luxury automakers:

Brand Standard Colors Custom Colors Custom Color Costs
Audi Around 50 50-60 $3,500-$5,000+
BMW Around 40 80-100 $3,500-$5,500
Mercedes-Benz Around 35 Approx. 200 $5,000-$10,000

As you can see, Audi offers a competitive selection of standard exterior colors. But BMW and Mercedes-Benz both offer significantly more custom color choices through their own exclusive programs. Mercedes-Benz in particular is known for having the most expansive custom color selection among luxury automakers.

Popular Custom Color Options for Audi

While limited compared to rivals, Audi does open up some exciting custom color possibilities. Here are some of the unique finishes you can request through the Audi exclusive program:

  • Nogaro Blue Pearl – Vibrant blue-purple tone previously seen on RS models.
  • Sprint Blue Pearl – Bright blue with green undertones.
  • Lamborghini Orange – Bold orange color paying homage to Lamborghini.
  • Solar Orange – Radiant reddish-orange metallic hue.
  • Vegas Yellow – Vivid yellow color that stands out.
  • Java Green Pearl – Deep green with light sparkle effect.
  • Goodwood Green Pearl – Classic British racing green.
  • Shiraz Red Metallic – Rich, deep reddish tone.
  • Suzuka Gray Metallic – Smooth, elegant gray color.
  • Misano Red Pearl – Dynamic red color seen on RS models.

Vibrant metallic oranges, blues, greens and reds tend to be most popular for those opting for an Audi custom color. More subdued grays are also requested by some buyers looking for an upscale exclusive look.

Factors to Consider with a Custom Color Order

If you’re tempted by the chance to get a custom Audi color, there are a few important considerations:

  • Added cost – Expect around $3,500-$5,000 extra depending on the model.
  • Extended wait times – Approximately 3-5 months longer wait for delivery.
  • No guarantees – Audi may limit or restrict custom orders at any time.
  • Resale value uncertainty – Custom colors may be harder to resell later.
  • Capacity limits – Colors not offered on every model due to manufacturing limitations.
  • Can’t be cancelled – Once ordered, you are committed to the custom color.

While the custom color process isn’t as expansive as with rival brands, Audi does still offer exciting exclusive finishes for buyers who value standing out from the crowd and are willing to pay extra. Most customers will still opt for one of Audi’s standard color choices, but the brand’s exclusive program adds an interesting range of customization possibilities.


In summary, Audi offers around 50 standard exterior color options across their lineup, but also provides a limited selection of 50-60 custom colors through their Audi exclusive program. These colors add $3,500-$5,000+ to the vehicle cost depending on model and have extended lead times around 3-5 months. The custom color choices tend to emphasize vibrant metallic oranges, blues, greens and reds. While not as extensive as rival programs from BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Audi’s exclusive custom colors do allow buyers to get more unique and personalized finishes at an added cost.

So in answer to the key question – yes, Audi does offer some custom exterior color options, but they are more constrained than some competing luxury automakers. The custom Audi exclusive colors provide an interesting way for buyers to stand out, but aren’t practical or available for every customer. Most Audi models are sold in one of their approximately 50 standard color choices. But for some buyers, the ability to get a rare or vibrant custom color is an exciting part of owning a luxury vehicle.