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What nail color goes with everything?

Finding the perfect nail polish shade that complements your skin tone and goes with everything in your wardrobe can be a challenge. With hundreds of color options to choose from, how do you pick just one? The key is finding a universally flattering neutral shade that will act as a blank canvas and pair well with any outfit.

Go Neutral

Neutral nail polish colors are versatile classics that will act as a base that works with whatever you’re wearing. Whether it’s a bold printed top or a sleek black dress, a neutral manicure will effortlessly pull your look together rather than compete with it. Neutral shades like pale pink, beige, gray, and nude work with every skin tone. Light neutral polishes complement fair complexions, while deeper skin benefits from darker neutrals. The options may seem endless, but there are a few key neutral nail colors that flatter everyone.

Sheer Pink

A sheer, ballet pink polish is a feminine choice that flatters any skin tone. Fair complexions glow with soft pink nails. Olive and dark skin tones look elegant with the contrast of a pale pink manicure. Add some subtle shimmer to turn an ordinary pink into a glamorous neutral with a touch of luminosity. Sheer pink works with colorful outfits as well as neutral looks. It’s an ideal polish for the office that upgrades any professional attire with polish but isn’t flashy.


From cappuccino to camel, putty to khaki, nude nail polish comes in an array of hues. The trick is choosing the right undertone for your unique skin. Fair skin with pink undertones looks best with a hint of blush in a nude polish. Yellow undertones pair well with true beige colors. Darker skin benefits from caramel and brown-based nude shades. Whichever you choose, a good nude manicure appears natural and pairs seamlessly with any ensemble.


Long considered a staple of fall and winter, gray polish works year-round. For fair complexions, a soft heather gray imparts an ethereal vibe. Medium skin tones look striking with a charcoal gray manicure. Dark skin complements slate gray nails. Like pink, a hint of shimmer adds depth and sheen. Matte gray is an edgy, modern neutral on all skin tones. Gray beautifully complements bold colorful outfits as well as black-and-white combos.

Muted Metallics

Metallic nail polish adds subtle shine and richness to a neutral manicure. Muted metallic shades like champagne, rose gold, and platinum up the glam factor while still remaining versatile neutrals. Coppery metallics flatter warm skin tones. Cool undertones shine with silvery polishes. Metallic nail colors work for day or night. Add some sparkle to a laid-back daytime look or complement an elegant evening ensemble.

Top Neutral Nail Color Picks

With so many neutral nail polish options, here are some of the top shades that complement every skin tone:

Brand Shade Name Type of Neutral
OPI Bubble Bath Soft pink
Essie Topless & Barefoot Nude
Zoya Dove Gray
Sally Hansen Celeb City Metallic

Choosing the Right Neutral for You

With so many stunning neutral nail polish options, how do you choose? Consider these tips when picking a universally flattering shade:

  • Test shades against your bare skin to see if they complement your tone.
  • Opt for warm neutrals like beige if you have yellow undertones and cool neutrals like gray if you have pink undertones.
  • Sheer versions of classic colors like pink are foolproof.
  • Look for polishes with a hint of shimmer for added versatility.
  • Stay away from stark whites or blacks which may look harsh.
  • Swipe neutral polishes next to each other at the store to compare undertones.

Amp Up Your Neutral Manicure

While a neutral nail color pairs perfectly on its own, you can also add some flair with fun finishes and nail art:

  • Matte top coat for an on-trend look.
  • Glossy top coat for shine.
  • Nail decals or rhinestones for some sparkle.
  • Ombre fading from neutral to white.
  • Sheer glitter over a nude base.
  • Gold, silver, or black tips.
  • Abstract neutral and metallic geometric shapes.

Caring for Your Neutral Manicure

Neutral polishes are versatile, but no manicure lasts forever. Extend the life of your universal shade with proper nail care:

  • Always use a base coat to protect nails.
  • Seal your manicure with a top coat.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and use gentle remover.
  • Give nails a break between polish by moisturizing.
  • Use cuticle oil to condition nails and skin.
  • Trim and file nails before polish application.
  • Thinner layers of polish last longer than thick coats.


With so many stunning shades on the market, deciding on a neutral nail polish seems daunting. But there are beautiful universal colors that act as a blank canvas complementing any outfit or occasion. Sheer pink, classic nude, trendy gray, and muted metallics flatter all skin tones. Consider your undertones, have fun with finishes and nail art, and care for your manicure so the neutral polish you choose goes with everything.