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What is the symbol for 25 years of marriage?

What is the symbol for 25 years of marriage?

Marriage is a beautiful commitment between two people to spend their lives together. Reaching certain marriage milestones, like 25 years, is an impressive feat worth celebrating. There are a few traditional and modern symbols used to commemorate 25 years of marriage.

Traditional 25th Anniversary Symbols

Traditionally, each wedding anniversary year is associated with a specific material or theme. The traditional symbols represent the strength and durability of the marriage after so many years together. The traditional symbols for a 25th wedding anniversary are:

  • Silver
  • Silverware

Silver is a precious metal that reflects the rarity and value of a 25 year marriage. It symbolizes harmony, as it’s an elegant metal that complements other materials. Silver is malleable yet strong, representing the couple’s ability to navigate life’s changes while maintaining a solid bond.

Silverware as a 25th anniversary symbol ties into the silver theme. Silverware sets represent the couple sitting down together for countless shared meals over 25 years. Good cutlery lasts a lifetime if properly cared for, just like a thriving marriage.

Modern 25th Anniversary Symbols

In addition to traditional themes, modern symbols represent 25 years of marriage today. Contemporary symbols were added alongside traditional ones to give couples more options to choose from. The modern symbols associated with 25 years of wedded bliss are:

  • Sterling silver
  • Contemporary silverware

Sterling silver is a popular modern 25th anniversary gift. It is 92.5% pure silver blended with copper to increase durability. The strength of sterling silver parallels the resilient nature of a 25 year marriage.

Whereas traditional silverware symbolizes shared meals, contemporary silverware has a more stylish, updated look. Modern silverware makes a tasteful gift that suits a couple’s more contemporary style.

25th Anniversary Gemstone and Color

In addition to symbolic materials, certain gemstones and colors commemorate 25 years of marriage.

  • Gemstone: Silver jubilee diamond
  • Color: Silver

The silver jubilee diamond is a rare diamond only discovered recently in 1985. It was named in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s 25th year on the British throne. Like the diamond’s name represents, this gemstone symbolizes the profound achievement of 25 years together.

The color silver is closely associated with the 25th anniversary. It represents glamour, modernity, calmness, sophistication, and illumination. After 25 years, the marriage is still sparkling.

25th Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Certain flowers and floral arrangements are fitting for celebrating this major marriage milestone. Traditional 25th anniversary flowers include:

  • White rose
  • Silver tip fern

White roses symbolize new beginnings and everlasting love. They represent looking ahead to the next 25 years. The silver tip fern’s coloring also aligns with the traditional silver anniversary theme.

Modern 25th anniversary flower options include:

  • Iris
  • Orchid

The iris’s three upright petals represent faith, wisdom, and valor- virtues needed for a lasting marriage. Orchids denote rare beauty, making them fitting for honoring 25 years of marriage.

Meaningful 25th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Commemorate 25 years of marital bliss by exchanging meaningful silver anniversary gifts. Here are some ideas:

For Wife For Husband
Engraved jewelry Silver watch
Monogrammed stationery Leather briefcase
Day trip or weekend getaway Romantic dinner out
Charm bracelet Cufflinks
Personalized photo album Engraved wallet

Jewelry, leather goods, accessories, travel, dining, and personalized photo albums or keepsakes are all thoughtful 25th anniversary gifts. Engraving them with “25 years” or “25th anniversary” adds extra meaning.

25th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Hosting a 25th anniversary party is a great way to celebrate this marriage milestone. Some silver anniversary party ideas include:

  • Black tie dinner party with silver decor
  • Outdoor barbecue lunch with family and friends
  • Vow renewal ceremony and reception
  • Cocktail party
  • Dance party with music from the last 25 years
  • Romantic dinner for two at a fancy restaurant

Whatever you choose, make it special and memorable! Having an elegant silver and black color scheme is fitting for a 25th wedding anniversary celebration.

25th Anniversary Traditions and Customs

Certain traditions are commonly associated with celebrating 25 years of marriage:

  • Symbols: Exchanging silver gifts, decorating with silver accents
  • Gifts: Giving personalized or engraved silver gifts
  • Flowers: Presenting silver tip ferns or white roses
  • Jewelry: Gifting silver jewelry like rings or bracelets
  • Crafts: Making handmade silver or paper gifts
  • Travel: Taking a 25th anniversary trip or second honeymoon

It’s also traditional to share memories, give speeches, renew vows, have a special dinner, and spend quality time with loved ones. Looking through old photos and reminiscing about the past 25 years is a heartwarming way to celebrate.

25th Wedding Anniversary Sayings

Adding any of these 25th anniversary sayings and quotes to a card, toast, or gift adds a thoughtful touch:

  • “25 years down, forever to go.”
  • “Thank you for 25 amazing years of marriage.”
  • “25 years later and you still give me butterflies.”
  • “Our ‘for better or worse’ turned out to be the best 25 years of my life.”
  • “25 years of laughs, adventures, hugs and kisses.”

Silver wedding anniversary wishes express gratitude for sticking together through all of life’s ups and downs over 25 years.


Reaching the 25 year wedding anniversary is an impressive feat worthy of celebration. Traditional and modern symbols like silver and sterling silver represent the resilience of the marriage. Exchanging meaningful gifts, hosting a party, taking a second honeymoon, renewing vows, and sharing memories are all great ways to commemorate 25 years as a married couple.