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What do blue diamonds signify?

What do blue diamonds signify?

Blue diamonds are one of the rarest and most coveted colored diamonds in the world. Diamonds come in a wide variety of colors, but gem-quality blue diamonds are extremely uncommon, making up less than 1% of all colored diamonds. The vivid blue color of these exceptional gems gives them a special allure in the world of diamonds. But what exactly do these rare blue gems symbolize and represent?

The Rarity and Value of Blue Diamonds

Diamonds owe their typical colorless appearance to the absence of impurities or inclusions within the carbon structure. However, trace elements such as boron introduced during diamond formation can alter the diamond’s color. Blue diamonds get their color from the presence of boron atoms. The more boron present, the more intense the blue coloration. This makes blue diamonds one of the most chemically pure forms of diamonds.

The rarity of blue diamonds contributes significantly to their value. Most blue diamonds are mined in India, South Africa, and Russia. Production is extremely limited – famous sources such as the Golconda mines in India are now depleted. It is estimated that the total known weight of top quality blue diamonds larger than 1 carat is less than 500 carats worldwide. This scarcity means blue diamonds command some of the highest prices per carat of any colored diamond.

Meaning and Symbolism of Blue Diamonds

The rarity and allure of blue diamonds imbue them with a special symbolism and meaning.

Rare Beauty

The extraordinary blue color has long been associated with beauty and splendor. Historically, blue gemstones like sapphires and lapis lazuli were treasured for their vibrant blue hues. Blue diamonds were even more spectacular because of their additional fire and brilliance. The combination of an intense blue color with exceptional transparency and light performance signifies these diamonds as the pinnacle of natural blue gemstones.

Power and Royalty

In history, blue was considered the color of kings and the nobility. The rich purple-blue hue of blue diamonds evoked the dyed robes of emperors and kings. Owning these diamonds represented command, authority, and prestige. Some of the most famous blue diamonds like the Hope Diamond were owned by royalty. Today, these diamonds still emblemize supreme power, importance, and wealth.

Rarity and Excellence

Blue diamonds represent the height of achievement in the diamond world. Finding a diamond with an intense natural blue color is the ultimate prize for diamond cutters and dealers. These diamonds are selected from millions to possess the most desirable and elite combination of characteristics. The philosophic concept of excellence is embodied in their extreme rarity and value.

Mysticism and Intrigue

The exotic allure of blue diamonds has inspired tales of intrigue and mystery. The opaque origins of famous blue diamonds like the Hope Diamond sparked rumors of curses and misfortune. Their uniqueness lends them an air of mysticism and uncertainty. Blue diamonds inspire awe for their splendor, but unease about their history and unknown powers.

Cool Calmness

Blue is considered a cool calm color associated with tranquility and poise. Blue diamonds evoke a sense of composure, balance, and order. The serenity of their cool blue palette provides an aura of patience, peace, and relaxation. Blue diamonds project the kind of confidence that comes from proper planning and sound judgement.

Cultural Meanings of Blue Diamonds

Depending on the culture, blue diamonds symbolize different virtues and values.

Western Culture

– Success – Blue diamonds signify immense success and achievement in business or life. Given their extreme rarity, they represent winning against almost impossible odds.

– emotional depth – The blue hue indicates a capacity for deep emotional connections. Blue diamond jewelry is sometimes exchanged as a symbol of love.

– Female empowerment – Blue is associated with femininity. Blue diamonds in jewelry represent women’s independence, confidence, and ambition.

Eastern Culture

– Calmness – Blue represents tranquility, calmness, and inner peace in Eastern philosophy. Blue diamonds project poise and equilibrium.

– Contemplation – The blue color promotes introspection, deep thinking, and contemplation. Blue diamonds inspire the search for truth and wisdom.

– Spirituality – Blue is connected to spirituality and openness in Eastern religions. Blue diamonds symbolize humanity’s spiritual aspirations.

Chinese Culture

– Prosperity – Blue is the color of prosperity, success, and harvest in Chinese culture. Blue diamonds signify abundance and good fortune.

– Heaven – Dark blue is the color of heaven. Lighter blue diamonds are associated with healing, compassion, and ascension.

– Immortality – The infinite, unchanging depths of blue represent the timeless and eternal in Chinese folklore. Blue diamonds symbolize longevity and immortality.

Blue Diamond Symbolism in Legends and Lore

Blue diamonds appear in many myths and legends across human cultures:

The Hope Diamond Curse

The Hope Diamond was said to carry an ancient curse upon its owners, bringing misfortune to those who possessed it. This curse added to the intrigue and mystery surrounding blue diamonds.

Shangri-La Sapphire

In the fictional utopia of Shangri-La, giant blue diamonds were abundant, symbolizing an idyllic paradise unbound by lack or suffering. The scattered blue diamonds of this mythic land represented hopes that were ultimately unattainable.

Golconda Diamonds

The luminescent blue Golconda diamonds of India were rumored to harness the power of the gods. These hypnotic blue gems were symbols of the allure, splendor, and danger of raw divine energy.

Heart of the Ocean

In the film Titanic, the fictional blue diamond ‘Heart of the Ocean’ symbolized love, tragedy, and passion. The diamond embodied the aristocratic heroine’s spirit – lost beneath the waves but ultimately recovered.

Notable Blue Diamonds

Some of the most famous blue diamonds demonstrate their splendor, mystique, and value:

Name Carat Type Price
Oppenheimer Blue 14.62 Vivid Blue $57.5 million
Blue Moon of Josephine 12.03 Cushion-cut $48.5 million
The Hope Diamond 45.52 Cushion antique Priceless
Tereshchenko Diamond 42.92 Pear brilliant-cut Priceless

Blue Diamond Jewelry

Blue diamonds make breathtaking additions to jewelry, imbuing designs with their beauty, value, and symbolism:

Engagement Rings

A blue diamond engagement ring signifies love’s preciousness and rarity. Their beauty embodies romance, feelings beyond words.


Pendants allow blue diamonds’ elegance to take center stage. The diamonds’ mystique and intrigue is displayed through delicate chains.


Blue diamond earrings glow against the skin, drawing envy. Their rarity and charm dangle enticingly at the earlobe.


Rows of shimmering blue diamonds in a bracelet clasp the wrist in splendor. Their nobility and prestige surround the wearer.

Blue Diamond Grading

Blue diamonds are graded on the intensity of their coloration:

Grade Intensity
Fancy Light Blue Very light blue color
Fancy Blue Light to medium blue color
Fancy Intense Blue Medium to strong blue color
Fancy Vivid Blue Strong to vivid blue color
Fancy Deep Blue Deepest blue color

The more saturated the blue, the higher the diamond grade and price. Top quality “Fancy Vivid” diamonds command the highest valuations.


Blue diamonds hold a special allure unmatched by other colored diamonds. Their extreme rarity bestows great value, mystery, and significance. Across history and cultures, blue diamonds symbolize power and wisdom, success and spirituality, intrigue and immortality. The lucky few who possess these vibrant blue gems treasure unmatched natural beauty, worth, and meaning.