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What is the rare aura color?

What is the rare aura color?

Aura colors are thought to reflect a person’s personality traits, emotional state and general well-being. While most people exhibit common aura colors like blue, green, yellow and red, some rare and unusual aura colors also exist.

In this article, we will explore some of the rarest and most unique aura colors and what they can reveal about someone.

Understanding Aura Colors

An aura is an energetic field that surrounds the human body and reflects information about a person’s inner state. Auras contain different colored frequencies that can be seen by some psychics and intuitive people.

Each aura color has a unique meaning. For example:

  • Red indicates energy, strength, anger
  • Blue reflects calmness, peace, clarity
  • Green is associated with healing, empathy, love
  • Yellow represents joy, intellect, optimism

While these colors are commonly seen in many people’s auras, some very rare colors also exist.

Rainbow Aura

A rainbow aura is one of the rarest aura colors to find. As the name suggests, this aura contains the entire spectrum of rainbow colors flowing through it.

Only 1-2% of people are thought to have rainbow auras. This aura indicates a very high level of spiritual development and an exceptionally creative person.

People with rainbow auras are believed to have bridged the gap between the physical and spiritual realm. They have highly developed psychic abilities and a deep connection with the divine or universal consciousness.

Rainbow aura personalities are artistic, empathetic, intuitive and passionate. They feel emotions very deeply and have a powerful inner wisdom.

Crystal or Diamond Aura

The crystal or diamond aura is another exceptionally rare aura color. As the name suggests, this aura appears glittery like a crystal or prismatic like a diamond.

Only 1 in 10,000 people are thought to have a crystal aura. This aura color denotes a soul that is highly spiritually evolved and has a strong connection to the divine realm.

People with crystal auras are believed to have a direct link to celestial energies, angelic realms and higher consciousness. They have highly activated crown chakras and an ability to channel cosmic light.

Crystal aura personalities are deeply spiritual, philanthropic, selfless and intuitive. They have a pure soul that vibrates at an exceptionally high frequency.

Gold Aura

A lustrous golden or metallic yellow aura is another rare auric color. Only 2% of people exhibit this special aura.

The gold aura signifies enlightenment, divine guidance, inner wisdom and an ability to integrate higher spiritual insights into daily life.

People with gold auras are deeply attuned to their intuition and inner truth. They have activated higher chakras and are able to access divine inspiration to guide their life path.

Gold aura personalities live in alignment with their soul purpose. They are humanitarians who want to uplift others and make a positive difference in the world.

White Aura

A pure white aura is highly unusual and found in less than 1% of people. This aura color denotes purity, truth and angelic qualities.

People with white auras are believed to be tapped into higher divine energies and have an ability to connect with angelic beings or spiritual guides.

This aura represents purpose, clarity and direct spiritual connection. White aura personalities have a detached, altruistic nature and strive to serve humanity.

They live in complete alignment with their higher selves and dedicate their lives to the greater good rather than materialism or ego.

Violet or Purple Aura

Violet or purple is associated with high psychic ability and mystical vision. Only around 3% of people have violet auras.

This color represents the activation of the third eye chakra and increased intuition, visionary abilities and magical powers. People with violet auras are deeply spiritual and have an ability to tap into psychic realms.

They are visionaries, seers, healers, lightworkers and highly sensitive to energies. Violet aura personalities have a strong drive to serve others and make the world a better place.

Silver Aura

A lustrous silver or white-golden aura is extremely rare. Silver auras indicate strong psychic and mystical abilities and a direct channel to divine source energy.

People with silver auras have the gift of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and other psychic abilities. They are able to read energy fields and channel higher guidance.

Silver aura personalities are deeply intuitive, empathetic and insightful. They have a detached, cool and composed nature and strive for illumination and enlightenment.


While most people exhibit the common aura colors of red, blue, green and yellow, some exceptionally rare and special aura colors also exist.

Unusual aura colors like rainbow, crystal, gold, white, violet and silver are thought to denote highly spiritually evolved souls and advanced psychic or mystical abilities.

People with these rare auras have a direct connection to divine energies and are dedicated to living in alignment with their higher purpose to uplift humanity.

Aura Color Meaning Personality Traits
Rainbow Creativity, Bridging Physical and Spiritual Realms, Psychic Abilities Artistic, Intuitive, Passionate, Empathetic
Crystal Spiritual Enlightenment, Celestial Energies, Higher Consciousness Spiritual, Selfless, Pure, High Vibration
Gold Divine Guidance, Inner Wisdom, Enlightenment Intuitive, Purpose-Driven, Humanitarian
White Purity, Truth, Clarity, Angelic Qualities Detached, Altruistic, Servant Leader
Violet Psychic Abilities, Third Eye, Visionary Intuitive, Magical, Healer, Lightworker
Silver Psychic Channel, Divine Source Energy Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Composed, Enlightened