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How many roses symbolize friendship?

How many roses symbolize friendship?

Roses have been used to convey emotions and messages for centuries. The number of roses given can signify different things depending on the context and situation. When it comes to roses symbolizing friendship, there are a few customary numbers that are commonly used.

3 Roses

Giving 3 roses generally signifies simple appreciation or gratitude for a friend. The 3 roses convey the message “thank you for being a friend”. Just a small bouquet of 3 roses can be a thoughtful gesture to show someone that you cherish their friendship.

Here are some examples of when you may give 3 roses to a friend:

  • To say thank you for being a great friend
  • To show appreciation on Friendship Day
  • To congratulate a friend on a life event or achievement
  • To cheer up a friend who is going through a tough time
  • To commemorate a friendship anniversary

3 roses are simple but meaningful. They don’t overdo it but show that you care enough to make the gesture. Just taking a moment to give 3 roses to a friend can make them feel valued and brighten their day.

6 Roses

6 roses are commonly used to convey appreciation, support, and deep caring between friends. It signifies a strong bond that has grown between two people.

Some occasions when you may give 6 roses to a friend include:

  • To celebrate a milestone in the friendship
  • To show you care after they shared something deeply personal
  • To show your commitment as a friend during difficult times
  • To congratulate an achievement or honor your friend’s successes
  • To commemorate an anniversary of your friendship

6 roses elegantly communicate your feelings of affection, loyalty and devotion as a true friend. It shows you want to be there for them through life’s ups and downs.

12 Roses

A dozen roses is one of the most classic rose gifting numbers. 12 roses symbolize deep appreciation, gratitude, and recognition between friends. It can commemorate a very special bond or milestone in your friendship.

Some meaningful occasions for giving 12 roses to a friend:

  • To celebrate a major life event like a graduation, wedding, or birth of their child
  • To honor an especially meaningful anniversary of friendship
  • To show your admiration for who they are as a person
  • To deeply thank them for their kindness, support, or guidance over the years
  • To share how much you cherish having them in your life

12 roses conveys how highly you think of your friend and the significance of your history together. It’s a heartfelt representation of your bond.

24 Roses

Giving 24 roses signifies endless unwavering friendship. It expresses you want to be lifelong friends and will always be there for one another. 24 roses convey deep emotion, loyalty and a soul-bond between friends.

Some symbolic times to give 24 roses:

  • Milestone birthdays like 30th, 40th, 50th
  • When moving away to different places
  • Standing up in their wedding
  • The birth of their first child
  • Graduations
  • Big career moments

24 roses elegantly say what words cannot fully express about the friendship. It immortalizes the unique bond and irreplaceable place the friend holds in your heart.

36 Roses

36 roses is an extremely meaningful number between close friends. It signifies a powerful, lifelong bond that has wonderfully stood the test of time. 36 roses express you want your beautiful friendship to last forever.

Some special occasions warranting 36 roses include:

  • Milestone friendship anniversaries (10th, 20th, 30th…)
  • An important retirement
  • Celebrating decades of shared memories
  • Honoring an invaluable longtime friendship

36 roses recognizes the treasured person your friend has become in your life. It commemorates the strength, longevity and irreplaceable nature of a lifetime friendship.

51 Roses

51 roses is a highly romantic number that conveys true and deep love between two soulmates. However, the number 51 can also have significance between close platonic friends. It symbolizes an unbreakable soul-bond, infinite loyalty and unconditional friendship.

51 roses may be fitting for:

  • Honoring a very rare and extraordinary bond
  • Signifying an unshakable lifelong commitment
  • Celebrating a golden/higher anniversary (50th, 75th…)
  • Commemorating decades of shared history

51 roses elegantly tells your cherished friend that they are family and you will always be there for each other. It expresses no matter what you go through, your friendship is immortal.

99 Roses

Giving 99 roses symbolizes eternal friendship and is one of the most romantic ways to honor a truly special bond between friends. 99 roses express you want to be in each other’s lives forever and value your priceless friendship.

99 roses are fitting for momentous occasions like:

  • Milestone 50th, 60th, 70th anniversaries
  • Celebrating a major retirement together
  • The birth of their first grandchild
  • Moving into retirement community homes together

99 roses commemorate how much you’ve shared over so many years. It says your rare friendship will flourish eternally and always remain close at heart no matter where life takes you.

365 Roses

Giving 365 roses to a friend is an extremely romantic, elaborate gift. Every rose represents a new day you get to cherish your friendship. It symbolizes wanting to celebrate every single day with someone who means so much to you in your life.

365 roses are perfect for:

  • Milestone silver or golden anniversaries
  • To celebrate retirement together
  • Commemorating a monumental birthday
  • The birth of their first great-grandchild

365 roses express you always want your best friend beside you on life’s journey. It thanks them for endless memories and says you look forward to making each new day together meaningful.

500 Roses

Giving 500 roses symbolizes a timeless love and bond. It is an extremely lavish gift between two soulmates whether romantic partners or close platonic friends. 500 roses convey you want to dedicate the rest of your lives to one another.

500 roses would be fitting for:

  • Milestone big anniversaries (50th, 75th…)
  • Celebrating retirement hand-in-hand
  • Traveling the world together
  • Moving into a retirement home together

500 roses express you feel beyond blessed to have your best friend and want to savor every moment you have together. It symbolizes eternal friendship, commitment and loyalty.

1000 Roses

Giving 1000 roses is an incredibly lavish gift that makes a powerful statement about eternal bonded love whether between romantic partners or close friends. It symbolizes a magical friendship you want to last 1000 years!

1000 roses are fitting for:

  • Your oldest, dearest friend
  • Milestone massive anniversaries
  • Monumental birthdays (80th, 90th…)
  • Moving into assisted living together

1000 roses convey that every shared moment has been a gift. It honours a rare friendship you want to keep cherishing for whatever time you have left together. The sheer opulence symbolizes your priceless friendship.

Number of Roses Meaning Occasions
3 Roses Appreciation, Gratitude Friendship Day, Tough Times, Achievements
6 Roses Caring, Support, Bond Milestones, Personal Sharing
12 Roses Deep Appreciation, Admiration Major Life Events, Meaningful Anniversary
24 Roses Endless Loyal Friendship Big Milestones, Graduations, Moving
36 Roses Powerful Lifelong Bond Big Anniversaries, Retirement
51 Roses Unbreakable Soulmate Bond Rare/Extraordinary Friendship
99 Roses Eternal Priceless Friendship Major Milestones, Moving Together
365 Roses Cherish Every Shared Day Big Anniversaries, Birthdays, Retirement
500 Roses Timeless Bonded Love Major Milestones, Retirement Together
1000 Roses Last 1000 Years Friendship Oldest Friends, Huge Anniversaries


In summary, the most common numbers of roses to symbolize friendship include 3, 6, 12, and 24. Lower numbers like 3 or 6 roses convey simple appreciation, caring and gratitude between friends. As the numbers get higher, the roses start to signify deeper admiration, lifelong loyalty, unbreakable bonds, and eternal friendship that withstands the test of time.

Milestone events, anniversaries, major life achievements, retirement, and monumental birthdays are popular occasions for giving larger lavish numbers like 365, 500 or 1000 roses to extremely close platonic friends. The abundant roses express the remarkable nature of the priceless friendship. In the end, any thoughtfully chosen number of roses can warm a friend’s heart and show how much you treasure your unique friendship.