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What is the lowest float in M4A4 in living color?

Welcome reader! As an avid CS:GO player and skin collector myself, I’m excited to dive into the details around float values and share some insights on the rare M4A4 Living Color skin.

For those unfamiliar, weapon skins in CS:GO have a “float value” between 0 and 1 that determines the amount of wear and tear on the skin. Lower float values indicate less wear, making them more rare and desirable to collectors. The M4A4 Living Color was one of the early rare weapon skins added to the game.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • What float values mean in CS:GO
  • The rarity of low float M4A4 Living Color skins
  • Where to find the lowest floats
  • How much the lowest floats are worth

Let’s get started!

What Are Float Values in CS:GO?

All weapon skins in CS:GO have a randomly generated float value between 0 and 1. This float represents the amount of wear on the skin:

  • A float of 0 means the skin is in perfect factory new condition with no wear at all.
  • A float of 1 means the skin is extremely well-worn and damaged.
  • Most skins fall somewhere in between at 0.06 to 0.45 float.

The lower the float, the better condition the skin is in. As you might imagine, skins with very low floats are incredibly rare.

How Floats Work

When a weapon skin drops, CS:GO’s system randomly generates a float value for that specific skin between 0 and 1. It’s not possible to earn or craft a specific float – it’s all down to chance.

You can check any skin’s float in your inventory or on trading sites. Custom skins usually display the float in their names as well.

Why Low Floats Are Desirable

Low float skins are coveted by collectors for a few reasons:

  • They look cleaner and more pristine than skins with higher wears.
  • They stand out as being in remarkably new condition.
  • Their rarity makes them status symbols for collectors.

While the visual differences are often subtle, low float skins provably exist in better condition than the majority of skins.

The Rarity of Low Float M4A4 Living Colors

The M4A4 Living Color is classified as a “Restricted” rarity skin in CS:GO. That means it drops less frequently than more common skins.

On top of that, getting a low float Living Color is exponentially rarer still. Let’s break down the chances:

  • Less than 3% of Living Colors are below 0.15 float
  • Only 1.5% are 0.10 float or lower
  • A mere 0.35% are 0.05 float or lower

As you can see, the odds of unboxing or looting a low float Living Color are astonishingly low. Those fractions of percents translate into just a handful of skins in existence.

Surprising Rarity Statistics

To illustrate just how rare these are, here are some quick stats:

  • There are estimated to be ~25,000 M4A4 Living Colors total
  • That means around 75 Living Colors exist with a 0.05 float or lower
  • For 0.01 float or lower, there are likely less than 10 in the world

Remember, these skins dropped years ago, and many have disappeared over time. The number of pristine floats out there is shockingly small.

Where to Find The Lowest Floats

So where can you track down some of these insanely rare low float Living Colors?

Trading Sites

Your best bet is to browse CS:GO trading sites and forums. Avid collectors will sometimes list their low float skins for sale or trade.

Sites to check include:

  • CS.Money
  • SkinBaron
  • Bitskins
  • CS.Deals
  • /r/GlobalOffensiveTrade on Reddit

Traders with the rarest floats will often advertise them as the “#1 Lowest Float” or “Rank 1 Exchange.” Use float rating filters to browse only the lowest wears.

Collector Inventories

Your other option is browsing inventories of known collectors. Some longtime traders hoard the rarest floats across multiple accounts.

Search for big CS:GO Float collectors like:

  • OskarMN
  • TradingATM
  • CS_Pique

They likely have record floats sitting in inventories that aren’t publicly listed. Building connections in the collector scene can lead to privately negotiated trades.

Name Lowest Known Float
OskarMN 0.00468935
TradingATM 0.00546188
CS_Pique 0.06000345

Valuing The Lowest Float Living Colors

So how much do these ultra rare low float Living Colors sell for? Their value is determined by multiple factors.

Float Ranking

The lowest possible float (0.000000001) is incredibly prestigious and valuable. There are likely bidding wars between elite collectors to own it.

Prices step down slightly for each higher float, but the top 5 ranks still fetch huge community interest.

Sticker Quality

Desirable and rare stickers can dramatically increase value of low floats. Certain stickers like Titan Holo 2014 can add hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Pattern Template

Skins with clean solid colors or special patterns like flames are more attractive. Faded, muddy, or scratched looks reduce value.

Name Tag

A personalized name tag proves ownership history, but may hurt value if inappropriate.

Demand and Hype

Trends and influencer interest introduce wild swings. Controversies over duping or bugs can also crash prices.

Float Range Estimated Price
0.00 – 0.014 $2000+
0.015 – 0.05 $500 – $1500
0.06 – 0.10 $75 – $300

In Closing

The M4A4 Living Color joins skins like the AWP Dragon Lore and M4A4 Howl as some of the rarest and most coveted in CS:GO. While any Living Color is a prized collectors’ item, the lowest float ones are truly in a league of their own.

Finding one requires serious connections, resources, and trading reputation. But for diehard fans, owning a 1 of a kind piece of CS:GO history is a dream come true. Whether as investments or ultimate bragging rights, low float Living Colors represent the pinnacle for collectors.

Thanks for reading! I hope this provided some cool insights into the tiny world of ultra rare CS:GO skins. Let me know if you have any other questions!