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How long is Ciara real hair?

Ciara is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and model who has been active in the music industry since the early 2000s. She is known for her long, lush hair that seems to flow effortlessly whether straight or in beautiful curls. Her hair has become part of her signature look over the years. Fans often wonder – is that Ciara’s real hair or does she wear wigs and hair extensions? Let’s take a closer look at Ciara’s hair history and attempt to determine just how long her real locks are.

Ciara’s Hair Evolution

When Ciara first hit the scene in the early 2000s, she was sporting a very short, pixie style haircut. This allowed her to show off her gorgeous bone structure. As she broke onto the charts with hits like “Goodies” and “1, 2 Step”, her hair started to grow out into a longer, layered style with lots of body and movement.

Around 2006-2007, when she released her “Evolution” album, Ciara’s hair was at shoulder length. She often wore romantic loose curls or straight sleek styles. Extensions were likely used at times for added fullness and length.

By 2009, Ciara’s hair was looking much longer – almost hitting the middle of her back in soft waves. That year, she told Elle magazine that she takes hair vitamins and uses products like Argon oil to grow and maintain her locks. “I try to keep it simple,” she said.

The Era of Super Long Hair

The early 2010s marked the era when Ciara’s hair grew to extraordinary lengths.

In 2010, while promoting her “Basic Instinct” album, her curly hair cascaded well below her shoulder blades, showing off a blunt cut bottom. When straightened, it grazed her waist.

By 2012, with hits like “Body Party” climbing the charts, Ciara’s velvety locks were reaching down to her hips. She often wore it bone straight with a center or side part.

In 2015, Ciara’s hair was so long, it was touching her thighs! Now a married woman and mother, she proudly rocked her lengthy hair – both straight and curly. The thickness and sheen made it look incredibly lush.

Year Hair Length
Early 2000s Pixie Cut
2006-2007 Shoulder Length
2009 Mid-Back
2010 Below Shoulder Blades
2012 Hip Length
2015 Thigh Length

The Big Chop and Current Length

In 2020, Ciara shocked fans by cutting off her nearly thigh-length hair into a short cropped style. She said she was ready for a major change.

Since then, Ciara has been rocking various shoulder grazing styles. Her hair looks very naturally curly when not straightened.

Based on her current looks, Ciara’s real hair length when curly seems to be just past her shoulders – perhaps around 14-16 inches long. The thickness and volume create the illusion of even longer length.

It’s likely Ciara still uses clip-in extensions on occasion when she wants to recreate her former thigh-skimming styles for events or shoots. But her natural hair length appears to be a medium-length, healthy shoulder style these days.

Ciara’s Hair Care & Styling Routines

So how does Ciara achieve such long, strong hair? Here are some of her top hair care tips:

– Taking prenatal vitamins – even when not pregnant – for growth.
– Using castor oil to nourish the scalp.
– Getting regular trims to prevent split ends.
– Using protective styles like braids when not performing.
– Applying smoothing serums and oils for hydration.
– Keeping hair in loose braids or soft waves when sleeping.
– Using satin pillowcases to prevent breakage.
– Eating a protein-rich diet.
– Drinking lots of water.
– Avoiding excessive heat styling damage.
– Letting hair air dry when possible.

Ciara’s go-to hairstylists say she takes a very hands-on approach to her hair care. She is passionate about keeping her hair healthy and shiny.

The Impact of Ciara’s Hair

Ciara’s exceptionally long hair has become an integral part of her look throughout her career. Her hair’s length, thickness, and styling versatility allow Ciara to transform her look from glamorous to edgy to romantic.

Some key ways Ciara’s hair has impacted her image:

– It showcases her creativity and style evolution.
– It provides a dramatic, eye-catching effect on stage and in videos.
– It emphasizes her beauty and feminine physique.
– It reflects health, youth, and vitality.
– It differentiates her from other artists.
– It inspires trends among fans who admire her lush locks.
– It requires diligent maintenance, showing her commitment to her appearance.
– It gives her confidence as an extension of her identity.

While wigs and extensions are certainly used at times, the majority of Ciara’s looks do appear to be her own natural hair. And that mane has become iconic over the past two decades in the world of music and fashion.


Ciara is blessed with naturally long, thick hair that has enabled her to pull off show-stopping styles over the years – from short crops to waist-grazing lengths. While hair extensions boost volume and length on occasion, her real hair when not straightened seems to be a medium-length, hitting just below her shoulders.

By taking excellent care of her natural hair and using protective styles, Ciara can achieve incredible length and fullness. Her hair has become part of her identity as a musician and public figure. And she serves as inspiration to countless fans who aspire to have strong, healthy, beautiful hair just like Ciara’s iconic mane.