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What is the hex code for sunflower yellow?

Sunflower yellow is a vibrant, warm shade that evokes feelings of happiness and optimism. It’s the color of sunflowers in full bloom on a summer day. But what exactly is the hex code that web designers, graphic artists, and others use to achieve this sunny hue?

Understanding Hex Codes

Hex codes are 6-digit codes that represent colors in web design, graphic design, and digital applications. They are preceded by a pound sign (#) and consist of 3 pairs of numbers and/or letters ranging from 00 to FF. Each pair represents the intensity of red, green, and blue that mix together to create the specified color.

For example, pure red is coded as #FF0000, pure green as #00FF00, and pure blue as #0000FF. By combining different intensities of these three base colors, millions of other hues can be represented by hex codes.

Understanding hex codes allows designers to achieve very specific colors consistently across different programs and devices. When a hex code is entered, the computer will render the exact shade intended (assuming color settings are calibrated properly). This makes hex codes a vital tool for digital color selection.

Defining Sunflower Yellow

So what blend of red, green, and blue makes up the cheery hue of sunflower yellow? Since yellow is a primary color, sunflower yellow contains high levels of “FF” green and red components. The precise code most accepted as sunflower yellow is:


Let’s break down what this hex code means:

  • FF – The maximum amount (255) of red
  • DB – A medium-high amount (219) of green
  • 00 – No blue

Together, the high red and green levels mix to create a vibrant yellow. The absence of any blue maintains the bright warmth. So #FFDB00 produces a pure, sunny yellow very close to that found in sunflower petals.

Comparing Sunflower Yellow Hex Codes

When searching for sunflower yellow hex codes, you may come across a few different options. Here are some other popular codes and how they compare:

Hex Code Red Green Blue
#FFDB00 255 219 0
#FFDF00 255 223 0
#FFDE34 255 222 52

As you can see, the concentrations of red and green vary slightly. #FFDF00 contains a bit more green for a brighter, lime-tinted yellow. #FFDE34 mixes in a small amount of blue for a muted, dirtier yellow.

But for the true vibrant yellow of a sunflower, #FFDB00 is considered the standard. Its balance of high red and green produces a quintessential cheery, sunny yellow.

Using Sunflower Yellow in Design

When using sunflower yellow (#FFDB00) in your digital projects, keep these color pairing and usage tips in mind:

  • Pair with blues and greens – Sunflower yellow pops beautifully against shades like royal blue, teal, forest green, avocado green, etc. These complementary colors make each other stand out.
  • Use with neutrals – Soft grays, blacks, whites, and tans are great for toning down and grounding the bright hue.
  • Highlight key elements – Use sunflower yellow sparingly to draw attention to important text, graphics, or other components on the page.
  • Convey cheerfulness – Sunflower yellow promotes positivity, warmth, and enthusiasm. Use it when you want to cultivate those upbeat feelings.
  • Watch brightness – At full saturation, this color can strain the eyes. Consider slightly muted versions like #FFD700 for large backgrounds.

With its happy personality, sunflower yellow works fantastically when used purposefully. A little goes a long way, so apply this cheery shade thoughtfully for maximum impact.

Matching Real-World Sunflower Yellows

In nature, not all sunflowers have exactly the same yellow hue. Some varieties trend a bit more golden, orange, or buttery depending on genetics and growing conditions. Here are some hex codes for matching different sunflower types:

Sunflower Variety Hex Code
Classic yellow #FFDB00
Pale yellow #FFFF99
Golden yellow #FFDF00
Orange-yellow #F5DEB3

As you can see, small variations in the red, green, and blue values produce the different hues found in nature. But all have that unmistakable sunflower yellow vibe.

Technical Uses of Sunflower Yellow

In manufacturing and engineering, reproducing consistent colors like sunflower yellow allows for quality control and production accuracy. Here are some technical applications of its hex code:

  • Vehicle painting – #FFDB00 is used as a standard yellow for painting cars, trucks, construction equipment, etc.
  • Product development – Electronics, appliances, toys, and consumer goods use the code for prototyping and production.
  • Textiles – Dyeing fabric this specific yellow allows clothing, upholstery, and accessories to have an exact color match.
  • Plastics – The code colors batches of yellow plastics for manufacturing toys, household items, machine parts, and more.
  • Printing – #FFDB00 ensures accurate color reproduction when printing packaging, marketing materials, and publications.

Reliably achieving this signature sunflower yellow improves quality control across many industrial processes. It allows manufacturers to guarantee the color their customers expect.

Alternate Names for Sunflower Yellow

In addition to its hex code, sunflower yellow is known by several other names across different companies, brands, and organizations. Some alternate names for this cheery hue include:

  • Sunflower
  • Daffodil
  • Buttercup
  • Gold (Crayola)
  • Sunray
  • Corn
  • Lemon yellow
  • Canary yellow
  • Jonquil

So if you’re looking for paint swatches, crayons, fabric samples, or thread spools labeled with those color names, they should match the signature sunflower yellow hex code #FFDB00.

Sunflower Yellow in Culture

Sunflower yellow has symbolic meanings in cultures and faiths around the world:

  • Happiness – Sunflowers and their yellow color are associated with joy, positivity, and warmth in many cultures.
  • Spirituality – In some faiths, yellow represents enlightenment, divine guidance, and the life-giving powers of the sun.
  • Creativity – Sunflower yellow inspires creative thinking, originality, and imagination.
  • Friendship – Exchanging sunflowers or yellow flowers represents platonic love between friends.
  • Longevity – Sunflowers and yellow symbolize longevity and lasting happiness in Chinese culture.

Sunflower yellow evokes optimism and joy across cultures. It reminds us of the warming rays of sunshine, illuminating our lives and spirits.


Whenever you need a vibrant, cheerful yellow for your design or application, consider using the signature sunflower yellow hex code #FFDB00. This instantly recognizable hue combines high levels of red and green to create a sunny, golden color reminiscent of sunflower petals and summertime. Use it when you want to spread a little joy and brightness.

So next time you admire a sunflower’s cheery color, you can now match it precisely by using its defining hex code #FFDB00. Let this happy hue shine its warm light on your next project.