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What does the name Brown mean for a boy?

What does the name Brown mean for a boy?

The name Brown has an interesting history and meaning when given to a baby boy. The surname Brown dates back to medieval England and is thought to refer to someone with brown hair or a brown complexion. As a first name, Brown has been used for boys since the 19th century, and can represent anything from hair or eye color to an earthy nature. This article will explore the origins and meaning of the name Brown for a baby boy in more detail.

Origin of the surname Brown

The surname Brown emerged in medieval England as a nickname for someone with brown hair, eyes, or a brown complexion. Brown derives from the Old English word “brun” meaning the color brown. People were often given surnames related to their physical characteristics during this time period. Over time, Brown became an established hereditary surname passed down through generations of families. It is one of the most common surnames in English speaking countries.

Use as a first name

While Brown has been a popular surname for centuries, its use as a first name for boys is more recent. According to records, Brown has been in use as a masculine given name since at least the late 1800s and early 1900s. However, it did not become common for boys until the mid-20th century.

Some of the earliest records of Brown being used as a first name can be found in the southern United States. This could be because brown hair and eyes were common physical traits among Americans in the South. The name may have started off as a nickname before becoming an established given name.

Meaning and significance

When used as a first name for a baby boy, Brown can represent different symbolic meanings:

Connection to the color brown

The most straightforward meaning of Brown is a reference to the brown hair or eyes of the baby. Calling a boy Brown indicates he has rich brown locks or soft brown eyes at birth. The color brown also represents earthiness, nature, and a grounded personality. Naming a son Brown can reflect a desire for him to stay connected to the earth.

Link to the land

Since brown is the color of soil, the name may represent ties to the land. A boy called Brown may come from a family of farmers, agricultural workers, or those living off the land. It symbolizes the rural countryside.

Simple and unpretentious

As a color, brown is considered a basic, natural, and unpretentious shade. The name Brown may indicate a desire for a son who is simple, down-to-earth, salt of the earth, and unconcerned with frills. Brown has a wholesome, honest feel for a boy.

Strength and resilience

Brown is the color of wood, timber, oak trees, and other sturdy natural elements. As such, the name Brown has an aura of ruggedness, durability, strength, and resilience. Calling a son Brown suggests he has a solid constitution or a rock steady nature.

Neutral and versatile

Brown is a versatile neutral color that complements other shades. As a name, Brown has a flexible, easygoing quality and pairs well with many middle names. It also transitions smoothly from babyhood to boyhood to adulthood.

Popularity of the name Brown

While Brown is not nearly as ubiquitous for boys as its popularity as a surname, it still has a steady following among parents looking for unusual nature names.

Here is a breakdown of how common the name Brown is in the United States among baby boys:

Year Number of Babies Named Brown Ranking
2021 116 #1,843
2020 128 #1,785
2019 133 #1,734
2018 141 #1,619
2017 118 #1,867
2016 101 #2,143
2015 128 #1,898

As you can see, the name Brown has maintained a position near the bottom of the top 2,000 baby names for boys over the past decade. It ranks higher today than it did at the start of the 2010s. Typically 100-150 boys are given the name Brown each year in America.

Famous people named Brown

While Brown is not a common celebrity first name, there are a few famous men from history and pop culture who carried the name:

  • Brownie McGhee – American blues musician
  • Brownie Wise – Businesswoman who helped develop Tupperware parties
  • Mel Brown – Former NFL defensive back for the Philadelphia Eagles
  • James Brown – Iconic “Godfather of Soul” singer and recording artist
  • Jim Brown – Legendary NFL fullback for the Cleveland Browns
  • Donald Brown – Politician who served as New Zealand’s Prime Minister in the 1960s
  • John Brown – Abolitionist known for leading rebellions against slavery
  • Joe E. Brown – Early 20th century comedian and actor
  • Downtown Jimmy Brown – 1960s soul and R&B singer

As you can see, musicians, athletes, politicians, and activists have all worn the name Brown proudly. It is a name associated with trailblazers and innovators.

Common middle names for Brown

If naming your son Brown, you may want to pair it with a versatile middle name. Here are some options that sound pleasing with Brown:

  • Brown Alexander
  • Brown Elliott
  • Brown Emmett
  • Brown Finley
  • Brown Henry
  • Brown Isaiah
  • Brown Jude
  • Brown Mason
  • Brown Matthew
  • Brown Nicholas
  • Brown Thomas
  • Brown Theodore
  • Brown William

Classics like Alexander, Henry, and Theodore complement Brown’s simplicity. Nature names like Finley, Mason, and Elliott also pair nicely with the earthiness of Brown. Or you can choose more modern options like Emmett, Isaiah, and Jude.

Sibling name ideas

If considering Brown for the newest addition to your family, here are some potential name pairings for siblings:


  • Brown and Cole
  • Brown and Finn
  • Brown and Graham
  • Brown and Hayes
  • Brown and Hunter
  • Brown and Isaac
  • Brown and Owen
  • Brown and Reese
  • Brown and Watson
  • Brown and Wyatt


  • Brown and Daisy
  • Brown and Hazel
  • Brown and Ivy
  • Brown and Lily
  • Brown and Olive
  • Brown and Poppy
  • Brown and Ruby
  • Brown and Sage
  • Brown and Violet
  • Brown and Willow

Nature inspired names like Hazel, Iris, Ivy, and Poppy make great sister names for Brown. His simplicity balances out their femininity nicely.


Brown is a name that conjures up images of nature, woodlands, and the great outdoors. While linked to a common surname, it has a distinctive quality when used as a first name for boys. If you’re looking for an earthy, versatile name steeped in history, Brown could be the perfect choice for your son. It provides great nickname potential from “Brownie” to “Bruno” while still wearing well into adulthood. Rich in significance yet understated in style, Brown is a name on the rise that perfectly straddles vintage charm and modern appeal.