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What is the green sour patch flavor?

Sour Patch Kids are a popular soft candy produced by Mondelēz International. The candies have a soft chewy texture and are coated in a sour powder. They come in a variety of fruit flavors and colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

The Mystery of the Green Flavor

Most of the Sour Patch Kids flavors are easy to identify. The red ones taste like cherry or strawberry, the orange like orange, yellow like lemon, and so on. However, the green Sour Patch Kid flavor has long been a mystery that has confused candy lovers.

So what exactly does the green Sour Patch Kid taste like? The green color would suggest it’s lime or green apple. But many people claim it tastes like neither of those. The unique and ambiguous taste has sparked debate and speculation online for years.

The Search for Answers

To get to the bottom of this confectionary mystery, investigators have taken several approaches to identifying the elusive green flavor:

  • Examining ingredients lists on Sour Patch Kids packages
  • Contacting Mondelēz International directly
  • Doing taste tests by comparing the green Sour Patch Kids to other lime and green apple candies
  • Analyzing the candy’s fragrance and chemical composition

However, the findings have often been inconclusive, leaving the green flavor still undetermined. Let’s take a closer look at what these investigations have uncovered so far.

Ingredient Lists

The ingredient list on Sour Patch Kids packs lists “Natural and Artificial Flavors” without specifying which flavors are associated with each color. So this information alone does not reveal what makes the green candies taste the way they do.

Mondelēz International’s Response

When contacted about the mystery flavor, Mondelēz International has been vague in their responses. They acknowledged that consumers are often curious about the undefined green flavor and stated that it has a “unique taste profile.” But they declined to identify the specific source of the flavoring.

Taste Tests

To narrow down the possibilities, enthusiasts have conducted taste tests, eating green Sour Patch Kids side-by-side with candies known to be lime and green apple flavored. Some tasters felt the Sour Patch green flavor bears a citrusy resemblance to lime. However, others claimed it matched neither lime nor green apple very closely.

Chemical Analysis

A few researchers have taken chemical analysis of the green Sour Patch Kids even further. Using methods like gas chromatography and mass spectrometry, they examined the exact volatile compounds given off by the candy. However, the results were still unclear as to whether the primary flavor is closer to lime or green apple.

Theories and Speculation

In the absence of concrete evidence, candy enthusiasts have put forward a range of theories on what the green Sour Patch taste might be:

  • A blend of lime and green apple flavorings
  • Pear flavor
  • Kiwi flavor
  • Melon like honeydew
  • Pineapple
  • Completely unique “green” flavor not found in nature

However, these hypotheses remain untested and unverified. The green Sour Patch Kids flavor profile remains an ambiguous and cryptic blend.

Why the Mystery Flavor?

What makes the green Sour Patch Kid so hard to pin down compared to the other flavors? There are a few possible explanations:

  • It is a complex proprietary blend of multiple flavorings.
  • Lime and green apple flavors are blended to create an entirely new taste.
  • The citric acid coating alters the flavor profile.
  • Green colors and flavors are less common and familiar to the palate.

Creating a unique taste profile may be part of the brand’s strategy to pique consumer curiosity and discussion around the product. The mystery becomes part of the fun!

Green Apple vs Lime Skittles Debate

This is not the only mysterious green candy debated by fans. Skittles have a similar debate surrounding whether the green ones are meant to be lime or green apple flavored. In 2013, Skittles changed their green from lime to green apple, causing consumer outrage among lime fans.

Unlike Skittles’ flip-flopping between apple and lime, Sour Patch Kids have consistently stuck to their ambiguous green flavor through the decades. However, the Skittles controversy shows just how passionate people are about their preferred green candy flavors.


What does the green Sour Patch Kid taste like? After decades of guessing, it seems candy lovers are no closer to a definitive answer. The mystery continues to confound taste bud detectives. But the elusive flavor also keeps fans coming back for more as they try to crack the case of the Sour Patch Kids’ enigmatic green treat.

The green Sour Patch Kid flavor has cemented its place as one of the most intriguing and perplexing mysteries in candy. While its exact origins remain unknown, it has gained a reputation as a unique and delicious treat. The mystique surrounding it adds to the fun of consuming Sour Patch Kids. There are few other candies that have inspired such curiosity, debate, and speculation among fans.

So what do you think the green Sour Patch Kid flavor really is? Try some detective work of your own and see if you can solve the puzzle! But you may just have to settle for enjoying the tangy, tongue-twisting taste that we can only describe as…green.

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