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What colors go good with royal blue for a wedding?


Royal blue is a rich, vibrant shade that can make a striking statement at any wedding. When paired with the right accent colors, royal blue creates a stylish and sophisticated color palette. So what are the best colors to complement royal blue for a wedding? Here are some top options to consider when planning your royal blue wedding color scheme.

Soft Neutrals

Pairing royal blue with soft neutral tones creates an elegant, timeless look. Popular neutral shades that work beautifully with royal blue include:

  • Ivory or champagne – These warm off-white tones look rich yet soft against royal blue. Ivory and champagne also provide a nice contrast against the deeper blue hue.
  • Light gray – A lighter shade of gray makes an excellent accent color for royal blue. It has an understated, refined quality that highlights the vibrancy of the blue.
  • Taupe – With both gray and brown undertones, taupe complements royal blue while also adding subtle warmth. It’s a great neutral to use for linens or bridesmaid dresses.
  • Silver or pewter – Metallic silvers and pewters pick up the cool undertones of royal blue. A metallic sheen on decor elements like charger plates can provide nice contrast against the matte blue.

Neutral colors work everywhere from bridesmaid dresses to table linens to floral arrangements. Keeping the neutrals light and soft prevents them from clashing with the bolder blue hue.


For a spring or summer wedding, pastels are the perfect complement to royal blue. Soft, muted pastel shades blend beautifully with the vivid blue tone. Pastel options include:

  • Lavender – The light purple tone of lavender looks utterly elegant with royal blue. It’s an ideal accent color for spring and summer weddings.
  • Mint green – Mint green has a fresh, cheerful vibe that pairs nicely with royal blue. Use it in bouquets or centerpieces.
  • Blush pink – Subtle and romantic, blush pink provides the perfect accent to royal blue for a warmer tone. It’s ideal for flower arrangements.
  • Butter yellow – A pale, creamy yellow brings out the bright quality of royal blue. Yellow is a great choice for summer weddings.
  • Sky blue – Pair royal blue with a lighter sky blue for a bold, color-blocked look. The two shades of blue complement each other beautifully.

Pastels work well for adding lighter accents to the deeper royal blue shade. The pastel tones prevent the overall palette from feeling too heavy or saturated.

Metallic Accents

Metallic accents are a great way to make royal blue pop for an evening wedding. Consider pairing royal blue with these metallic jewel tones:

  • Rose gold – The warm, pinkish glow of rose gold looks gorgeous with royal blue. Use it for decor items like charger plates or sequin table linens.
  • Gold – The richness of goldMakes royal blue feel bright and bold. Gold chiavari chairs or sequin napkins provide the perfect metallic sparkle.
  • Silver – Cool-toned silver has an icy, elegant shimmer against dark blue. Silver candle holders and jewelry complement royal blue for a glamorous look.
  • Bronze – With a subtle antique vibe, bronze adds a touch of sophistication to royal blue. Metallic bronze flatware and glasswarepair nicely for table settings.

Metallic accents add drama and elegance when combined with royal blue. Keep the metallic tones to decorative details only so they provide an accent pop of shine.

Deep Jewel Tones

For a bold, saturated color scheme, royal blue also pairs beautifully with other rich jewel tones. Deep jewel tone options include:

  • Navy – Darker navy blue has a striking effect against royal blue. Use navy bridesmaid dresses or a navy suit for the groom.
  • Royal purple – Royal purple and royal blue create a regal color combination. Use purple flowers in blue bouquets.
  • Emerald green – The depth of emerald green plays nicely off royal blue. Add green accents throughout floral designs.
  • Ruby red – Pops of bright red provide an energizing contrast against dark royal blue. Accent with red floral arrangements.

Pairing royal blue with other deep colors creates serious drama and visual impact. Reserve the dark jewel tones for accent colors to prevent an overly heavy look.

Cool Tones

Incorporating cool-toned colors allows you to play up the cooler undertones in royal blue for a crisp, fresh color scheme:

  • Ice blue – Lighter shades of blue complement royal blue beautifully. Use an ice blue for bridesmaid dresses.
  • Steel gray – Deeper shades of cool gray contrast nicely with royal blue’s depth.Gray tuxes for the groom party work well.
  • Seafoam green – The soft aqua hue of seafoam green adds a watercolor effect next to royal blue. Incorporate into bouquet ribbons.
  • Plum – The cool purple undertone of plum plays up the blue tones even more. Plum dresses for flower girls or attendants pair nicely.

Cool-toned colors create a trendy, modern mood with royal blue. Keep the tones light enough to prevent too stark of a contrast with the blue.

Warm Tones

While royal blue has a cooler base, you can also pair it with warm-toned accents to add a touch of vibrancy:

  • Peach – Soft peach injects a cheerful warmth against royal blue. Use peach flowers or linens for a spring look.
  • Dusty rose – The muted earthiness of dusty rose offsets the cool blue in a subtle way. Dusty rose bridesmaid gowns provide a nice balance.
  • Terracotta – For a sophisticated edge, terracotta’s orangey undertone looks striking against blue. Terracotta charger plates add bold contrast.
  • Olive green – The muted olive tone creates an unexpected but flattering pairing with royal blue. Incorporate olive green clutches or ties.

Warm accent colors give royal blue a brighter, more vibrant feel for weddings in warmer seasons. Just take care not to overpower the blue hue with too warm of a tone.

Avoid Brown, Beige or Yellow

Some warm tones don’t work as well with royal blue. Brown, beige, and bright yellow tend to visually compete and clash with the rich blue shade. Avoid using these colors except in very small accents:

  • Brown – Darker browns can feel drab and dated next to vibrant royal blue. Save brown for small floral or table decor accents only.
  • Beige – Muddy beige tones will get lost and washed out beside a bold blue. Keep beige limited to patterned linens or paper goods only.
  • Bright yellow – Against blue’s cool tone, bright yellow may feel jarring and overly warm. Yellow flowers work best in soft butter or pastel shades.

In general, colors that are duller, darker or too bright compared to royal blue won’t be the most flattering pairings. Use these three tones sparingly to prevent a disjointed or distracting color scheme.

Choosing Royal Blue Wedding Color Combos

When putting together your full royal blue wedding color palette, follow these helpful guidelines:

  • Start by choosing 1-3 accent colors that coordinate nicely with royal blue. Don’t go overboard on colors.
  • Use neutrals and pastels to soften and lighten up royal blue when needed.
  • Add metallic, jewel tones or cool-toned accents for drama, contrast and visual interest.
  • Limit warm earth tones like orange, yellow and brown so they don’t compete with the blue.
  • Tie together your color scheme with elements like floral arrangements, table linens, stationery and attire.
  • Pick a lighter blue for your wedding invitations to tie in your color scheme across elements.

The key is keeping the overall palette refined and sophisticated so the royal blue can really stand out. By pairing royal blue with complementary accent shades, you can create a wedding color scheme that looks tailored, polished and completely elegant.

Royal Blue + Ivory/Champagne

Royal Blue Ivory/Champagne
Bridesmaid Dresses Wedding Dress
Groom/Groomsmen Ties Table Linens
Florals Florals

A timeless combination, royal blue and ivory or champagne creates a look that is elegant and sophisticated. The neutral ivory or champagne prevents the blue from feeling too bold or bright. Use ivory/champagne for your wedding dress and linens, paired with royal blue bridesmaid gowns and floral arrangements.

Royal Blue + Blush Pink

Royal Blue Blush Pink
Groom/Groomsmen Suits Bridesmaid Dresses
Florals Florals
Table Runners Table Linens

For a romantic, spring-inspired wedding, pair royal blue with soft blush pink. Use royal blue for the groom’s party’s attire, then blush pink for the bridesmaids’ dresses and floral arrangements. Pink provides a delicate counterbalance to the deeper blue hue.

Royal Blue + Navy

Royal Blue Navy
Bridesmaid Dresses Groom/Groomsmen Suits
Centerpieces Florals
Table Runners Menu/Place Cards

For a bold, high-contrast look, pair light royal blue with darker navy blue. Use royal blue for your bridesmaids’ dresses, then navy blue for the groomsmen’s suits and floral accents. The two shades of blue complement each other beautifully for a modern, trendy wedding palette.

Royal Blue + Gold

Royal Blue Gold
Bridesmaid Dresses Charger Plates
Groom/Groomsmen Ties Cutlery
Florals Menu Cards

Metallic gold adds a glamorous, elegant shine when paired with royal blue. Use gold charger plates, cutlery, sequin linens or chiavari chairs to complement royal blue bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen ties and floral arrangements. The bold blue against metallic gold creates a striking, sophisticated reception palette.


With its regal, eye-catching shade, royal blue makes a gorgeous focal point for any wedding palette. Accenting it with soft neutrals, pastels, or rich jewel tones results in a stylish, put-together color scheme with serious sophistication. Keep the blue as the dominant color, then use your accent tones strategically throughout floral designs, attire, linens and decor elements to tie everything together. With the right color combinations, royal blue is sure to give your wedding an elegant, romantic vibe that guests won’t soon forget.