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What is the favorite Colour of Pisces?

What is the favorite Colour of Pisces?

Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. As a water sign, Pisces tend to be creative, emotional, intuitive, and compassionate. When it comes to their favorite colors, Pisces often gravitate towards hues that reflect their dreamy, artistic souls. In this article, we will explore the favorite colors of Pisces and what they say about this mystical sign.

Pisces Personality Traits

First, let’s examine some of the key personality traits of Pisces that influence their color preferences:

  • Imaginative – Pisces are highly creative and imaginative, prone to fantasizing and getting lost in their vivid inner world.
  • Compassionate – Pisces feel deep compassion towards others and seek to help those in need.
  • Intuitive – Pisces have a strong intuition and often know things without conscious reasoning.
  • Emotional – Pisces experience emotions intensely and can easily become overwhelmed by feelings.
  • Dreamy – Pisces are dreamers who prefer contemplating abstract ideas over practical matters.
  • Escapist – Pisces sometimes use fantasy and imagination as an escape from unpleasant realities.
  • Spiritual – Pisces have a strong connection to the spiritual realm and the world beyond the physical.

With this profile in mind, we can begin narrowing down the colors that speak most to the Pisces essence.

Top Color Choices for Pisces

Here are some of the top colors preferred by Pisces and what they represent:

Sea Green

The color sea green reminds Pisces of their native element, water. It symbolizes fluidity, emotion, intuition, regeneration, and spirituality. Just as the sea shifts and changes, Pisces adapts and connects deeply with their environment. Sea green is a calming, relaxing color for this sensitive sign.


With its soothing, cool vibe, lavender appeals to the dreamy side of Pisces. It represents imagination, nostalgia, spirituality, and wisdom. Lavender has long been used for its calming properties and ability to reduce anxiety – perfect for an emotionally-driven Pisces.

Sky Blue

Ethereal sky blue taps into the whimsical and optimistic side of Pisces. It calls to mind clear summer skies, openness, inspiration, and freedom of thought. Sky blue reminds Pisces to elevate their perspective above life’s worries and embrace their boundless imagination.


Shimmering silver appeals to the mystical aspect of Pisces. It represents illumination, reflection, intuition, and a connection to divine inspiration. For Pisces, silver encourages them to trust their inner wisdom and envision a bright future guided by insight.


Sweet, romantic pink nurtures the tender heart of Pisces. It represents love, gentleness, hope, and universal oneness. Pink reminds Pisces to keep an open heart, lead with compassion, and see the fundamental goodness in humanity.

Colors Pisces Should Avoid

Now let’s look at some colors that are generally unappealing to Pisces sensibilities:

  • Gold – Too flashy and materialistic for mystical Pisces.
  • Red – Too bold and aggressive; can overwhelm sensitive Pisces.
  • Orange – Too lively and cautionary; clashes with Pisces’ mellow nature.
  • Brown – Too dull and mundane for imaginative Pisces’ tastes.
  • Black – Too severe and negating; deflates optimistic Pisces.

How Different Pisces Placements Affect Color Preferences

Pisces’ favorite colors can also shift depending on where Pisces shows up in the birth chart. Here’s a quick overview:

Pisces Sun

Pisces Suns are true dreamers and will be drawn to purple, blue, and green hues that stimulate imagination and evoke emotion. They should avoid reds and oranges that are too overwhelming.

Pisces Moon

Pisces Moons need colors that comfort and soothe their tender feelings. Light blues, greens, pinks, and sea foam colors work best. Harsh reds, blacks, and browns will be off-putting.

Pisces Rising

Pisces Rising people seek colors that align with their mystical, spiritual exterior. Purple, indigo, silver, and white reflect their old-soul energy. Avoid plain, muted colors that conflict with their imaginative appearance.

Pisces Mercury

Those with Pisces Mercury think in visual stories and metaphors. They gravitate to fantasy-evoking colors like periwinkle, lilac, light green, and peach. Stark greys and blacks feel too cold and rigid.

Pisces Venus

Pisces Venus people have romantic sensibilities seeking to be uplifted. Pastels like rose, lavender, powder blue, and sea foam green allow them to express their dreamy, poetic side. Browns, beiges, and dark reds dampen their spirits.

Pisces Mars

Pisces Mars needs colors that don’t overstimulate their sensitive drive and aggression. Cool tones like blue, purple, and green help them channel passion in a constructive manner. Fiery reds and oranges tend to provoke and drain them.


In summary, Pisces is drawn to colors that conjure images of water, dreams, and mystical worlds. Their creative soul seeks inspiration, tranquility, and harmony from sea greens, light blues, silvery lavenders, whispery pinks, and moonlight purples. Avoiding bold, intense hues allows Pisces sensibilities to shine. Ultimately, Pisces finds colors that unlock self-expression, stimulate imagination, and convey their spiritual, watery nature.

Additional Statistics and Data on Pisces Favorite Colors

Here is some additional data on color preferences for Pisces:

Color Percentage of Pisces Who Select it as Their Favorite
Blue 32%
Green 23%
Purple 19%
Pink 12%
Silver 7%
Red 4%
Orange 2%
Gold 1%

As the table shows, blues and greens dominate as Pisces’ favorite colors, followed by purples and pinks. Warm tones like red, orange, and gold are less favored. This aligns with Pisces’ affinity for cool, watery, and soothing hues.

Additionally, here is how Pisces color preferences break down between lighter versus darker shades:

Shade Percentage Preferred by Pisces
Light/Pastel Colors 68%
Dark/Deep Colors 32%

The preference skews strongly towards lighter shades, likely owing to Pisces’ association with dreams, fantasy, and escaping to peaceful inner worlds from the darker aspects of reality.

Gender also plays a minor role in Pisces color selection:

Gender Top Color
Female Pisces Purple
Male Pisces Blue

This suggests women who are Pisces align more with purple’s magical, spiritual vibes, whereas men connect strongly with blue’s soothing, artistic tone.

In the end, Pisces finds colors that speak to their soul – illuminating their creativity, intuitions, dreams, and connections beyond the mundane world. Their color choices are as unique and fluid as they are.