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What flag is similar to Romania?

What flag is similar to Romania?

Romania’s flag features three vertical bands of blue, yellow, and red. This tricolor design is shared by several other countries, making Romania’s flag similar to others around the world. In determining what flags are similar to Romania’s, one must examine the colors, their order, and sometimes minor additional design elements.

Flags with Blue, Yellow, and Red Vertical Bands

The most direct similarity is with flags that contain the same colors in the same order. Blue on the hoist side, yellow in the middle, and red on the fly side. This tricolor pattern originated from the French flag, which was adopted in 1794 during the French Revolution. The French flag inspired many others subsequently.

Here are flags similar to Romania’s that also feature blue, yellow, and red vertical stripes:

Country Flag

Andorra, Chad, Guinea, and Moldova all adopted flags with the pan-Slavic colors in the same order as Romania. Chad and Romania have extremely similar flags, differing only slightly in the shade of blue used. Both countries adopted these flags after World War II, likely influenced by the symbolism of the French tricolor.

Flags with Reversed Color Order

Some countries have flags with the same colors as Romania’s, but reversed in order. These flags have red on the hoist side instead of blue. The red, yellow, and blue tricolor was inspired by the flag of the Netherlands and came to represent a broader Pan-Slavic identity.

Here are the countries with flags similar to Romania’s but with reversed colors:

Country Flag

Both Bulgaria and Serbia adopted the red, yellow, and blue tricolor in the late 19th century during efforts to liberate themselves from the Ottoman Empire. The reversed colors distinguish them from Romania and show their distinct cultural identities.

Flags with Additional Symbols

Some flags similar to Romania’s incorporate additional symbols or other design elements alongside the three vertical bands. These extras help differentiate the flags.

Here are flags with extra symbols on the traditional tricolor:

Country Flag

Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela all added a coat of arms or other national symbol to the standard tricolor pattern. Ecuador and Colombia use the same blue, yellow, red vertical stripes as Romania, while Venezuela reverses the order to red, yellow, blue.

Other Similar Tricolor Flags

Beyond those mentioned already, several other countries also have tricolor flags with the same pan-Slavic colors as Romania, but arranged horizontally rather than vertically:

  • Russia – White, blue, and red horizontal bands
  • Slovakia – White, blue, and red horizontal bands
  • Slovenia – White, blue, and red horizontal bands with coat of arms
  • Croatia – Red, white, and blue horizontal bands with coat of arms

The horizontal orientation sets them apart from the vertical Romanian flag, but the colors and originating symbolism are closely linked.

Why These Flags Are Similar

Romania’s flag belongs to the broader family of pan-Slavic tricolors because:

  • They use the same three colors – blue, yellow, and red – which symbolize liberty, sovereignty, and fraternity.
  • The tricolor design originated with the French Revolution and was widely adopted.
  • Slavic nations viewed the tricolor as representing shared bonds and identity.
  • Newly independent Balkan states embraced the tricolor to signify modernization and alignment with Western ideals.

However, Romania’s specific arrangement using vertical stripes distinguishes it from other Slavic flags. The similarities reflect shared historical influences and aspirations, while differences highlight Romania’s distinct national identity.


Romania’s flag is similar to several others around the world, especially among Slavic countries. The closest similarities are with Andorra, Chad, Guinea, and Moldova – all of which use vertical stripes of blue, yellow, and red. Reversed tricolors are seen in Bulgaria and Serbia. Others like Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela add extra symbols to the same vertical tricolor pattern. Additional Slavic flags use horizontal orientations of the pan-Slavic colors instead. These similarities arose because newly independent countries were inspired by the symbolism of the French tricolor. Overall, while Romania’s flag shares design elements with other Slavic nations, its unique arrangement sets it apart as a proud symbol of Romanian identity.