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What is the color code 708090?

What is the color code 708090?

The color code 708090 refers to a specific shade of gray with RGB values of 112, 128, 144. RGB stands for red, green, and blue and is a color model used to create all the colors on a computer screen or digital display by mixing varying intensities of those three primary colors.

In the RGB color model, each color is assigned a numeric value ranging from 0-255 for each red, green, and blue component. By combining those values, a distinct color is produced. For the color code 708090:

– Red value: 112
– Green value: 128
– Blue value: 144

When these RGB values are combined, they create a medium gray color that has a slightly cool, blueish cast to it. Understanding RGB color codes like 708090 allows designers and developers to precisely specify colors for digital design work.

RGB Color Model

The RGB color model is the most widely used model for creating colors electronically. It works by combining varying levels of the three additive primary colors–red, green, and blue–to make all other colors.

Here’s a quick overview of how the RGB model works:

– It is an additive color system, meaning the colors are created by combining red, green and blue light together.
– The more of each primary color added, the lighter the resulting color becomes.
– Combining full intensities of all three primary colors (255,255,255) results in white.
– The absence of all three primary colors (0,0,0) results in black.
– Varying combinations of R, G and B in between make all other colors.

Most computer monitors and televisions use the RGB model. This means they are creating colors by emitting different levels of red, green and blue light.

RGB values are generally specified on a scale from 0-255. So by mixing different RGB values, millions of possible colors can be reproduced.

Specifying RGB Color Codes

RGB color codes allow precise digital reproduction of colors by specifying the exact red, green and blue values needed to produce that color.

RGB color codes are generally written as three numbers from 0-255 separated by commas. For example:

– 255, 0, 0 – Pure red
– 0, 255, 0 – Pure green
– 0, 0, 255 – Pure blue

A RGB code of 70,80,90 would mix:

– Red value of 70
– Green value of 80
– Blue value of 90

This would result in a medium dark gray color.

There are a few important things to keep in mind when working with RGB color codes:

– Order matters – The values always go in order of Red, Green, Blue
– Each value is between 0-255. Numbers outside that range are invalid.
– White is 255,255,255 and Black is 0,0,0
– Equal mixtures of R, G and B make shades of gray.

The Color Code 708090

With an RGB code of 70,80,90 the 708090 color is specifically created by:

– Red value of 70
– Green value of 80
– Blue value of 90

Red 70
Green 80
Blue 90

This mixes a relatively low amount of red, a slightly higher amount of green, and an even higher amount of blue.

Since the blue value is higher than red and green, this gives the resulting gray color a subtle cool, blueish cast.

The 708090 color code is considered a medium gray shade. It is much closer to black (0,0,0) than it is to white (255,255,255).

Some other similar gray RGB color codes include:

– Dark gray – 6D6D6D
– Medium dark gray – 708090
– Medium gray – BEBEBE
– Medium light gray – D8D8D8
– Light gray – E5E5E5

So 708090 sits in the medium dark gray tone within that range.

Uses of the 708090 Color

The 708090 gray tone is popular for design work needing a neutral, subdued color. Some specific uses and associations with this gray shade include:

– **Websites and mobile apps** – 708090 can work well as a secondary color for backgrounds, borders, and accents. It provides nice contrast against white backgrounds.

– **Interior design** – Painted walls, furniture, carpeting, and accessories in 708090 gray can give a refined, professional look. It feels warmer than very light grays.

– **Fashion and beauty** – 708090 works as a fashion color for clothing across styles from professional to casual. It also pairs nicely with other cool colors like blues, greens and purples.

– **Branding and marketing** – While bright colors attract attention, a 708090 gray can feel more subtle and upscale for branding. It provides flexibility to work with a variety of other colors.

– **Print design** – 708090 is legible and readable for text, while also working for background elements. Paired with strong accent colors, it creates effective print layouts.

Psychology of the Color

Colors can evoke psychological reactions beyond just their aesthetic appeal. Here are some of the characteristics and impressions the 708090 gray color conveys:

– **Subtle** – Doesn’t attract as much immediate attention as brighter colors, but is sophisticated and refined.

– **Versatile** – Gray shades work in more contexts than extremely light or dark colors. 708090 provides some contrast without being overpowering.

– **Professional** – Medium gray tones project competence and trustworthiness associated with business situations.

– **Balanced** – Not too light or dark, warm or cool. The 708090 gray strikes an equitable balance.

– **Neutral** – Works well alongside or between other colors by harmonizing and blending with them.

For these reasons, the 708090 color can project a sense of wisdom, respect, dignity, and balance in design and branding work. While bright, saturated colors stimulate and excite, 708090 gray promotes focus and accuracy.

Accessibility Considerations

When selecting the 708090 or any color for digital design, it’s important to ensure colors have sufficient contrast from one another. This makes content and interfaces legible for all users, including those with visual impairments.

The W3 provides Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) with recommended contrast ratios to make content accessible. The criteria depends on text size:

Text Size Contrast Ratio
Smaller than 18pt (or 14pt bold) 4.5:1
At least 18pt (or 14pt bold) 3:1

To meet a 4.5:1 contrast ratio, light text on the 708090 background would need to be close to full white (240,240,240). Dark text on a 708090 background could be around 33,33,33.

Various web tools like WebAIM’s color contrast checker can provide additional guidance and test pages for accessibility. With some color pairing adjustments, 708090 can meet WCAG contrast standards.


The color code 708090 is a medium dark gray color produced by the RGB values 112, 128, and 144. It sits in the middle of the gray spectrum, providing a subtle, neutral color.

With its calming versatility, 708090 gray can work in diverse design and branding contexts. Just be sure to follow accessibility standards by pairing it with sufficiently contrasting font colors.

Whether you’re painting a room, designing a website, or developing a brand, the 708090 color code is a sophisticated and refined choice that balances professionalism and style.