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What color American spirits are the strongest?

What color American spirits are the strongest?

American Spirit cigarettes are known for being additive-free and supposedly more natural than other cigarette brands. They come in a variety of colors, each with a different blend and strength. Determining which color pack has the strongest cigarettes requires looking at the tobacco blend, tar and nicotine content, and overall flavor of each variety.

Tobacco Blends

The different colors of American Spirit cigarettes contain different blends of tobacco. The orange pack is the fullest flavored of American Spirit cigarettes, containing a blend of Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobaccos. The light blue pack has a mellow, aromatic taste from its blend of Virginia and Oriental tobaccos. The dark blue pack combines Virginia tobaccos with Perique, a peppery tobacco that grows in Louisiana. The light green cigarettes have a mild, sweet flavor from a blend of Virginia, Maryland and Oriental tobaccos.

Color Tobacco Blend
Orange Virginia, Burley, Oriental
Light Blue Virginia, Oriental
Dark Blue Virginia, Perique
Light Green Virginia, Maryland, Oriental

The tobacco blend gives an indication of the flavor profile of each cigarette color, but not necessarily the strength. For that, we need to look at the tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide content.

Tar and Nicotine Content

The tar and nicotine content numbers are printed on the packs of American Spirit cigarettes, giving an objective measure of strength. The numbers are given in milligrams (mg) per cigarette. The higher the number, the more tar and nicotine is present, indicating a stronger cigarette.

The color with the highest nicotine content is the dark blue pack at 1.8 mg per cigarette. The full flavor orange pack is next at 1.7 mg per cigarette. The light blue menthol has 1.65 mg nicotine and the light green menthol contains 1.3 mg per cigarette. Finally, the yellow pack has the least nicotine at just 1 mg per cigarette.

For tar content, the numbers align similarly. The dark blue has the greatest amount of tar at 16 mg per cigarette. The orange pack has 15 mg, followed by the light blue at 14 mg. The light green has 11 mg tar and the yellow has 7 mg per cigarette.

Based on the objective measures of tar and nicotine content, the dark blue American Spirit cigarettes are the strongest. The orange pack is a close second. The light green menthol and yellow packs are considerably lighter in strength.

Overall Flavor and Smoothness

Aside from the numbers, smokers often judge strength by the flavor and feel of the cigarette. The dark blue American Spirits have a bold, peppery taste from the Perique tobacco. The orange cigarettes also taste robust and full. In contrast, the light green and yellow varieties are much milder in flavor.

The dark blue pack has a reputation for being slightly harsher to smoke than the smooth orange cigarettes. The light blue menthol is quite mild, while the yellow is extremely light. Taking the flavor and smoking experience into account, most would still rank the dark blue and orange American Spirit packs as the strongest.


When weighing the tobacco blend, tar and nicotine content, and overall flavor, the darkest varieties of American Spirit cigarettes consistently come out on top for strength. Specifically, the dark blue pack rates highest in nicotine content at 1.8 mg per cigarette. The orange pack follows close behind at 1.7 mg. Both the dark blue and orange varieties use bolder tobaccos like Perique and Burley to create a full, robust flavor. The numbers confirm that the dark blue American Spirits are indeed the strongest in intensity and nicotine punch. So for those seeking a powerful, additive-free cigarette, the dark blue American Spirits deliver on both counts.

Other Considerations

While the dark blue American Spirits may be the strongest variety, there are other factors smokers may want to consider as well:

  • Price – American Spirit cigarettes are generally more expensive than other brands, and the dark blue is often the priciest of all the colors.
  • Availability – Not all stores carry the full range of American Spirit colors, so smokers may have a hard time finding their preferred variety.
  • Subjectivity – Strength is somewhat subjective, based on individual preferences. Some may find a lighter cigarette satisfies their cravings even if the nicotine content is lower.
  • Health – No cigarette is truly healthy, and stronger varieties likely pose increased risks and hazards.
  • Addiction – Those trying to quit may want to avoid the most intense options as they could prolong nicotine dependence.

While the dark blue pack objectively contains the most nicotine, smokers should take all factors into account when choosing a cigarette brand and variety. And of course, quitting smoking altogether is the healthiest option.

Trying American Spirit Cigarettes

For those interested in sampling the strongest American Spirit cigarettes, finding them may take some effort. Here are some tips:

  • Check tobacco shops – Specialty tobacco stores are more likely to stock the full American Spirit line.
  • Search in cities – Urban areas with a wider customer base tend to carry more niche cigarette varieties.
  • Order online – Several websites sell American Spirit cigarettes and ship to most states in the U.S.
  • Travel abroad – American Spirits are sold widely across Europe and can be brought back in limited quantities.
  • Go duty-free – Airports, military bases, and cruise ships that sell duty-free cigarettes often have the blue pack.

With some searching, smokers can usually track down a pack of the bold, peppery dark blue American Spirits. Those seeking the strongest additive-free cigarette will find these satisfy their cravings. However, healthier options like quitting or switching to vaping exist as well. Anyone interested simply in the strongest taste should try the dark blues to judge their intensity firsthand.

Risks of Strong Cigarettes

While some smokers pursue strength, cigarettes with more nicotine and tar carry increased health risks:

  • Higher chance of addiction – More nicotine makes cigarettes more habit-forming and harder to quit.
  • Increased lung damage – Tar causes lung inflammation, respiratory issues and cancer.
  • Cardiovascular strain – Nicotine puts stress on the heart and raises blood pressure.
  • Greater toxicity – High levels of nicotine can cause nausea, dizziness or even death.
  • Harm to others – Secondhand smoke from strong cigarettes poses more danger to those exposed.

American Spirit makes additive-free, organic tobacco cigarettes. But make no mistake – cigarettes with higher nicotine and tar levels remain extremely hazardous to health. Smokers should consider reducing strength and ideally quitting altogether.

Moderating Strength

For those finding the strongest American Spirits too intense, there are a few ways to moderate strength:

  • Switch colors – Try a lighter blend like the yellow or light green packs.
  • Limit puffs – Take smaller, less frequent puffs to reduce nicotine intake.
  • Mix with tobacco – Add weaker roll-your-own tobacco to dilute the cigarette.
  • Extinguish early – Stub out the cigarette before smoking it all the way.
  • Pace smoking – Smoke fewer cigarettes per day to gradually reduce tobacco intake.
  • Consider filters – Attach a cigarette filter to absorb some toxins before inhaling.

With a few simple techniques, smokers can achieve a milder experience from cigarettes packed with nicotine. However, those truly concerned about their health should aim to quit rather than simply scale back tobacco use.

Quitting Smoking

Rather than seeking strong cigarettes, smokers concerned about their health should consider quitting. Here are some tips for quitting successfully:

  • Get support – Tell family and friends to provide moral support and encouragement.
  • Talk to a doctor – They can provide guidance and prescribe aids like nicotine patches.
  • Set a date – Pick a specific day 1-2 weeks out for your quit date.
  • Remove temptations – Throw away all cigarettes and avoid triggers.
  • Try nicotine replacements – Patches, gum and lozenges can curb cravings.
  • Try medications – Talk to your doctor about options like Chantix or Zyban.
  • Consider vaping – E-cigs deliver nicotine without burning tobacco.
  • Practice mindfulness – Manage cravings through deep breathing, meditation.
  • Start exercising – Physical activity can reduce nicotine dependence.
  • Reward progress – Treat yourself for milestones like a smoke-free week.

Quitting smoking improves health almost immediately and reduces the risks of lung cancer, heart disease and respiratory illness over time. With support, aids, and motivation, smokers can break free of tobacco addiction.

The Bottom Line

Within American Spirit’s color spectrum, the dark blue pack delivers the boldest flavor and highest nicotine content. The orange pack follows close behind in intensity. However, all cigarettes carry risks, and more nicotine and tar leads to greater addiction and health hazards. Smokers concerned about the impacts should moderate strength or ideally set a firm quit date. While the dark blue American Spirits may be the strongest, leaving tobacco behind for good is the healthiest choice.