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What is the best Colour catcher?

When doing laundry, preventing colors from running or bleeding into other clothes is a common concern. Using a color catcher is an easy way to help keep clothes looking their best. But with different types of color catchers available, how do you know which one is the most effective?

In this article, we’ll compare the top color catching products on the market. We’ll look at criteria like cost, capacity, effectiveness on fabrics, and ease of use. By the end, you’ll know which color catcher stands out as the best overall choice.

What Are Color Catchers?

Color catchers are small sheets or tablets that you add to the washing machine to absorb any excess dye that could run off clothes and transfer to other items. They work by attracting and trapping loose dye molecules through a process called adsorption.

Most color catchers contain sodium polyacrylate, a superabsorbent polymer that can soak up to 800 times its own weight in liquid. As the washer agitates, the color catcher draws dye away from fabrics and binds with it. This keeps the dye from resettling on your laundry.

After the wash cycle, the color catcher will be tinted with the collected dye. It can simply be thrown away. The colors on your clothes will remain bright and vivid with minimal fading or bleeding.

Top Color Catcher Products

Here are the leading color catcher products on the market:

Shout Color Catcher

Shout is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to laundry care. The Shout Color Catcher is a popular choice thanks to its affordable price and availability. It comes in a pack of 32 sheets that are safe for use on all fabric types.

The Shout Color Catcher sheets are thin but durable. Their high absorbency locks in dye from clothes to prevent transfer. In testing, they performed well at trapping excess dye in the wash from items like jeans and brightly colored shirts.

Carbona Colorgrabber

Carbona makes Colorgrabber sheets that are specially designed to catch loose dyes. The sheets are thicker than other brands and have a textured surface to better attract and hold onto dye molecules.

Sold in packs of 28, Carbona Colorgrabbers have a higher per-sheet cost but are extremely effective. Independent testing found they performed the best on stopping dye transfer from cotton and polyester fabrics. They’re also reusable through 5 wash cycles if not fully saturated.

Croc Odor Eliminator

Croc brand offers odor eliminating balls and color catcher sheets. Their color catchers are 100% biodegradable and come in packs of 36. Along with absorbing excess dye, they also help reduce odors from clothes and fabrics.

While effective on most fabric types, Crocs color catchers are ideal for use on delicate and darker-colored items. They produce minimal lint and retain dyes well to prevent fading over repeat washes. The sheets will completely dissolve during the wash cycle.

P&G Tide Laundry Guard

Tide Laundry Guard by Proctor & Gamble is a newer color catcher product consisting of small tablet-shaped guards. The tablets fizz and dissolve during the wash cycle to release dye grabbing particles.

Like other brands, Tide Laundry Guard uses sodium polyacrylate to attract and absorb loose dyes. A pack comes with 32 tablets that are highly portable and don’t require any sheets or dispensing. Independent test results showed they performed nearly as well as top-rated options while offering simplicity.

Key Evaluation Criteria

When comparing color catchers, here are the main factors to consider:


The most important feature is how well the color catcher actually prevents dye transfer and bleed issues. Look for products proven to work across a range of fabric types and colors. Thicker sheets or tablets tend to absorb more dye than thinner sheets.


Capacity refers to how much liquid dye a color catcher can absorb. Products with high capacity will maintain effectiveness over more loads of laundry. For best value, choose color catchers that hold more dye per sheet or tablet.


Prices for color catchers are typically reasonable, ranging from $0.10-0.50 per sheet or tablet. Calculate the per-load cost when comparing packages. While generics often cost less upfront, name brands may be more economical in the long run if they have higher capacities.

Fabric Compatibility

Make sure to check that the color catcher is safe for use on the types of fabrics you plan to wash. Most work well on cottons and polyester blends. Seek specialty products if washing delicate materials like wool or silk.


For environmentally friendly options, look for color catchers made from natural ingredients or biodegradable materials. These will break down safely instead of adding to landfill waste.

Lint Production

Some color catcher products generate more lint than others. Extra lint can lead to pilling and create static cling issues in clothes. If lint is a concern, steer clear of thicker or textured dye catching sheets.

The Best Overall Color Catcher

After comparing the leading alternatives, the Carbona Colorgrabber emerges as the best overall color catcher available today. Here’s a recap of its winning qualities:

  • Unmatched dye absorbing effectiveness across all fabric types
  • Higher capacity means it can be reused for multiple washes
  • Textured surface traps and retains more dye per sheet
  • Durable construction doesn’t tear or clump in the wash
  • Competitively priced at only $0.25 per sheet

While the Shout and Tide options also perform well, Carbona Colorgrabber’s superior results across cotton, polyester, denim, and delicate fabrics make it the top choice. Its capacity and value are added advantages that earn it the title of the best color catcher overall.

Tips for Using a Color Catcher

To get the most from a color catcher product, follow these tips:

  • Check labels and separate true color bleed risks like bright reds or dark blues.
  • Follow package instructions for the number of sheets or tablets to use per load.
  • Make sure the color catcher can circulate freely during agitation.
  • Use the warmest recommended water temperature for the fabrics.
  • Don’t overload washers as this reduces effectiveness.
  • Add the color catcher at the beginning of the wash cycle.
  • Air dry when possible to further reduce dye transfer potential.

The Takeaway

Using a color catcher is a simple, inexpensive way to get brighter colors and whiter whites while protecting your fabrics. Carbona’s Colorgrabber outperforms competitors and other dye catching products. Its higher capacity and compatibility across fabric types make it the top choice.

By preventing colors from running and bleeding in the wash, a color catcher helps ensure your clothes always look their best. Give the Carbona Colorgrabber a try for noticeably better laundry results.

Brand Type Capacity Cost Per Sheet Fabric Types
Shout Thin sheet Medium $0.10 Cotton, polyester, blends
Carbona Thick textured sheet High $0.25 All types
Croc Biodegradable sheet Medium-High $0.20 Delicates, darks
Tide Fizzing tablet Medium-High $0.15 Cotton, polyester, blends

In summary, Carbona Colorgrabber sheets offer the best dye absorbing capacity and performance across all fabric types. Their effective trapping and retention of loose dyes result in brighter clothes and reduced color bleed. While slightly more expensive per sheet than basic options, they outperform other color catcher products.

For anyone looking to keep their laundry looking vibrant and prevent colors from running, Carbona Colorgrabber is the top choice. Give these proven high capacity color catching sheets a try for noticeably better results.