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Can the HP color LaserJet MFP M283fdw scan both sides?


The HP Color LaserJet MFP M283fdw is an all-in-one printer that offers print, copy, scan and fax capabilities. One of the key features of this multifunction printer is its automatic two-sided scanning ability, also known as duplex scanning. This allows you to easily scan both sides of a document without having to manually flip the pages over.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the duplex scanning feature of the HP Color LaserJet MFP M283fdw and determine if it can indeed scan both sides of a document automatically. We will also look at how to enable duplex scanning and the steps involved in scanning double-sided originals.

An Overview of the HP Color LaserJet MFP M283fdw

The HP Color LaserJet MFP M283fdw is a color laser multifunction printer designed for small and home offices. Here are some of the key features and specifications of this printer:

  • Print speed: Up to 22 pages per minute
  • Print resolution: Up to 600 x 600 dpi
  • Print technology: Laser
  • Print cartridges: 4 (black, cyan, magenta, yellow)
  • Paper handling: 250-sheet input tray, 50-sheet multi-purpose tray
  • Maximum paper size: Up to 8.5 x 14 inches
  • 2-sided printing: Automatic
  • Scanner type: Flatbed
  • Scanner resolution: Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Scanner bit depth: 24-bit
  • Maximum scan size: 8.5 x 11.7 inches

As you can see from the specs, the HP M283fdw is equipped with a flatbed scanner capable of scanning at up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. But the key feature we are interested in for this article is its ability to scan two-sided documents automatically.

Does the HP M283fdw Offer Automatic Two-Sided Scanning?

The simple answer is yes, the HP Color LaserJet MFP M283fdw does come with a built-in automatic document feeder (ADF) that allows you to easily scan both sides of a document.

The automatic document feeder can hold up to 35 sheets of paper at a time for duplex scanning. So you can simply load your double-sided documents into the ADF tray and the printer will scan both sides as the pages pass through the feeder.

There are no special steps or manual flipping required when duplex scanning with the M283fdw. The printer handles it automatically, making it much faster and more convenient to digitize two-sided documents compared to a model without an ADF.

Enabling Two-Sided Scanning

While the HP M283fdw is capable of duplex scanning right out of the box, you may need to enable the setting in the scanner software to take advantage of it.

Here are the steps to enable automatic two-sided scanning on the M283fdw:

  1. Load your double-sided documents face-up into the ADF tray.
  2. Open the HP scanner software on your computer. This may be HP Scan, HP Smart, or the printer software that came with the M283fdw.
  3. Click on the Scan Settings or Preferences option.
  4. Look for the Two-Sided Scanning setting and make sure it is enabled or checked.
  5. Adjust any other scan settings like resolution, color mode, file format, etc.
  6. Click Scan and the printer will now automatically scan both sides of the pages in the ADF.

Once enabled, the setting should remain on for future scan jobs so you don’t have to re-enable it each time. The printer will continue scanning two-sided documents until you disable the duplex setting.

Scanning Double-Sided Documents

Here is an overview of the complete scanning process when duplexing with the HP Color LaserJet MFP M283fdw:

  1. Prepare documents – Make sure pages are straightened and aligned before placing in the ADF tray.
  2. Load documents – Insert documents face-up with the top of the page entering the ADF first.
  3. Launch scanning software – Open your scanner software and select settings.
  4. Enable duplex setting – Check the two-sided scan box in the software preferences.
  5. Adjust settings – Choose color mode, file type, resolution, etc.
  6. Start scan – Click scan and documents will be pulled through the ADF automatically.
  7. Save scanned files – The double-sided pages will be output as a single file or multiple files.

The automatic document feeder will pull each sheet through, scanning the front and back in one pass. This is much faster than having to scan each side one at a time manually.

Tips for Successful Two-Sided Scanning

Here are some tips to follow when duplex scanning with the HP M283fdw:

  • Make sure paper is loaded properly faced up in the ADF tray.
  • Adjust the paper guides so they are gently touching the sides of the stack.
  • Load documents neatly and align edges so they do not skew while feeding.
  • Set the scanner software to the appropriate duplex mode.
  • Choose a lower resolution (300 dpi) for faster duplex scanning.
  • Clean the ADF scanning strips periodically to prevent misfeeds.
  • Do not load more than the maximum capacity of sheets in the ADF.
  • Avoid scanning wrinkled or folded documents that may jam.

Following these simple guidelines will help ensure smooth automated two-sided scanning with no paper jams or misfeeds. Be sure to test duplex scanning with a few sample pages first to make sure the documents feed through properly before scanning large jobs.


In summary, the answer is yes – the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283fdw is capable of scanning both sides of a document without any manual intervention. This is made possible by the automatic document feeder built into the scanner.

To recap, here are the key points about double-sided scanning with this HP multifunction printer:

  • Comes with a 35-sheet ADF for auto duplex scanning.
  • Can scan stacks of two-sided pages without flipping.
  • Enable duplex mode in the scanner software interface.
  • Load documents face-up in the ADF tray.
  • Follow tips to avoid misfeeds and jams.

So if you need to digitize large piles of two-sided documents, forms, receipts, notes, or any other double-sided originals, the M283fdw can make the job much easier and faster compared to a flatbed-only scanner. The automatic document feeder builtin allows seamless scanning of both sides in one pass.

Model Duplex Scanning?
HP Color LaserJet MFP M283fdw Yes


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