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What is the average price to get rims painted?


Getting your rims painted can completely transform the look of your vehicle. With so many colors and designs to choose from, custom painted rims allow you to put your own personal stamp on your car or truck. But how much does it cost to get your rims painted professionally? The price can vary quite a bit depending on several factors.

What affects the cost of painting rims?

There are a few key things that impact the price of getting your rims painted:

  • Number of rims – The more rims you need painted, the more labor and materials will be required, increasing the overall cost.
  • Size of rims – Larger diameter rims take more paint and effort to fully cover, typically adding to the price.
  • Color choice – Basic gloss black or silver colors tend to be cheaper than more complex finishes like chameleon and color-shift paints which require more steps.
  • Design complexity – Graphics and custom designs can be painted on but usually cost more compared to a simple solid color.
  • Shop rates – Prices can vary between different rim painting shops based on labor costs and shop fees.
  • Your location – In areas with a higher cost of living, rim painting prices tend to be higher as well.

Knowing these factors, what is the typical range of costs for getting rims painted?

Average Costs for Painting Rims

Most rim painting shops charge on a per rim basis, with additional fees for extra colors, designs, and prep work. Here are some average per rim prices:

  • Basic solid color (gloss black, silver, white): $75 – $150 per rim
  • Metallic or pearl colors: $100 – $200 per rim
  • Complex multi-stage colors (chameleon, color shift): $150 – $300+ per rim
  • Custom airbrush graphics: $200 – $500+ per rim
  • Powder coating rims: $100 – $250 per rim

So for a set of 4 basic steel rims painted a solid color, you may pay around $300 – $600. For higher-end finishes or larger diameter alloy or chrome rims, expect to pay $500 or much more for a set.

Here’s a quick table summarizing typical per rim painting costs:

Rim Paint Type Average Cost Per Rim
Basic solid color $75 – $150
Metallic/pearl $100 – $200
Multi-stage/color shift $150 – $300+
Custom graphics $200 – $500+
Powder coating $100 – $250

What is included in the price?

When you pay to have your rims painted, what exactly are you paying for? Here’s an overview of what’s generally included:

  • Prep work – This includes fully cleaning and sanding the rims to prepare the surface for painting.
  • Masking – Areas like lug holes will be masked off to protect them from overspray.
  • Priming – A primer coat is often applied first to improve paint adhesion.
  • Paint supplies – All paints and coatings needed for the desired finish.
  • Labor – The cost of the shop workers’ time to fully paint the rims.
  • Shop fees – Fees for shop expenses and waste disposal may be added on.

Any repairs, chrome stripping, tire mounting/balancing, or new tire valve stems if needed will add additional labor and parts costs. Make sure to ask the shop exactly what is and isn’t covered in their pricing.

Cost-Saving Tips for Painting Rims

If you’re looking to save some money on getting your rims resprayed, here are some helpful tips:

  • Ask about powder coating rather than traditional paint – Powder coating can be cheaper and more durable.
  • Go for a basic gloss color instead of a complex finish.
  • Provide your own paint if the shop allows you to supply materials.
  • Remove the tires from the rims yourself to save on labor costs.
  • Shop around for quotes – Prices can vary greatly between different shops.
  • Consider DIY painting if you have the skills – Though results may not be professional.

Even with these tips, you’ll still likely pay at least $75-100 per rim for a basic paint job. For the best quality professional work, expect to invest $400-500 or more for a full set.

Additional Rim Customization Options

Beyond just repainting, there are other customization options to transform the look of your rims:

  • Hydrographics – Apply unique water-transfer printed designs.
  • Engraving – Precision CNC machined engraved patterns.
  • Custom lug nuts – Upgraded aftermarket lug nuts available in many styles.
  • Wheel adapters – Allow fitting larger custom rims to your hub pattern.
  • Tire lettering – Add colorful emblems and branding to your tire sidewalls.

Though keep in mind, these additions will typically increase the total project cost compared to only repainting. But the extra custom touches can really make your wheels stand out.


Getting your rims professionally resprayed with a fresh coat of paint can cost anywhere from $75 to over $500 per rim depending on the color, design, and materials you choose. Basic single stage gloss colors on a standard set of 4 steel rims may cost around $300-600 for all 4 rims combined. More complex finishes on large alloy rims will fall near the higher end of the price range. To get an exact quote for your specific vehicle, consult with local rim painting shops for pricing details. And consider the variety of custom options available if you want to take your wheel styling to the next level.