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What color shoes go with a women’s grey suit?

Choosing the right shoes to pair with a grey suit can seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! With some simple guidelines, you can easily find shoes that complement your grey suit perfectly. In this article, we’ll discuss the most flattering shoe colors to wear with a grey suit for women and provide styling tips to pull your whole outfit together.

Best Shoe Colors for a Grey Suit

Here are some of the top shoe colors that work well with a grey suit:

  • Nude or beige
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Burgundy or oxblood
  • Navy
  • Metallic like silver, gold or rose gold

Nude or beige shoes are a great neutral option that elongates your legs. Black shoes are classic and match any grey suit. Going monochromatic with grey shoes is sleek and modern. Rich shades like burgundy complement the cool tone of grey nicely. Navy blue adds subtle pop of color. Metallic shoes add glam and interest.

The Most Flattering Shoe Colors for Grey Suits

Now let’s explore the best shoe colors to wear with a grey suit in more detail:

Nude or Beige Shoes

A nude or beige shoe is one of the most popular choices with a grey suit. The pale neutral tone elongates your legs and acts as an extension of your skin. Beige shoes work with all shades of grey from light to charcoal suits.

Some examples of beige footwear to try are:

  • Beige pumps or kitten heels
  • Nude pointed-toe flats
  • Tan wedges or espadrilles
  • Beige peep-toe booties
  • Nude strappy heels or sandals

Nude shoes look gorgeous with a grey suit for the office or dressier day events. The muted color keeps the focus on your suit. Beige heels, wedges or booties also transition nicely into an evening look after work.

Black Shoes

Another foolproof option is black shoes with a grey suit. Black has a grounding effect that complements the versatility of grey. The color pairing is timeless and sophisticated.

Some black shoe styles to consider include:

  • Black pumps, flats or oxfords
  • Closed toe black heels or booties
  • Black loafers or brogues
  • Black knee high boots
  • Black ankle strap heels or sandals

Closed toe black heels, pumps and flats are perfect for the office. Black oxfords or brogues have a menswear vibe. Black boots and booties add edge for smarter casual looks. Use black shoes to anchor bold grey check or plaid suit patterns.

Grey Shoes

Wearing grey shoes with a grey suit is a chic, monochromatic look. Matching grey footwear has a seamless, elongating effect.

Consider these grey shoe options:

  • Grey pumps, loafers or oxfords
  • Suede grey booties
  • Patent or leather grey heels
  • Grey sneakers for casual

Grey shoes look modern and sleek with a grey suit. Go for suede or textured grey shoes to add visual interest. Sleek patent grey pumps are eye-catching. Simple grey oxfords or loafers keep the look refined. Grey sneakers dress down the suit for daytime.

Burgundy Shoes

Burgundy or oxblood shoes provide gorgeous contrast against cool grey suits. The deep wine tone makes grey feel warmer and more versatile.

Burgundy shoes to try include:

  • Burgundy heels or wedges
  • Oxblood booties
  • Burgundy loafers
  • Maroon or cranberry colored flats

Rich oxblood booties or pumps stand out against grey. Burgundy loafers or smoking shoes have retro appeal. Wear shiny patent burgundy heels for date nights. Matte cranberry flats are workplace perfect.

Navy Blue Shoes

If you want to incorporate color with your grey suit, navy blue shoes are an excellent match. Navy adds subtle visual interest without overpowering the grey.

Some navy blue footwear options include:

  • Navy pumps, wedges or heels
  • Navy loafers or oxfords
  • Navy flats or boat shoes
  • Navy sneakers for casual wear

Closed toe navy heels or wedges look sharp for workwear. loafers and oxfords in navy blue lend a preppy vibe. Casual navy boat shoes or sneakers dress down a grey suit with flair. Use navy shoes to make grey suiting feel fresh and current.

Metallic Shoes

Metallic shoes like silver, gold and rose gold add a glam touch to your grey suit. They act as a neutral while still providing shine and interest.

Metallic shoe options include:

  • Silver, gold or rose gold heels
  • Metallic pumps or wedges
  • Silver or gold ballet flats
  • Metallic leather booties

Heels, wedges and pumps in metallics elevate a grey suit for evenings out. Metallic Oxfords work for the office. Flashy silver or gold flats dress up daytime looks. Rose gold shoes make grey suiting feel feminine. Let metallic shoes lend your grey suit sparkle.

How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Grey Suit

When selecting shoes for your grey suit, consider the style, tone and formality of your suit, along with the occasion. Here are some tips:

  • The lighter the grey, the more versatility you have in shoe shades. Dark charcoal suits look best with dark neutrals like black, grey or oxblood shoes.
  • For professional settings, closed toe heels, pumps or loafers work best. Sandals should be saved for smart casual or evening affairs.
  • Textured grey suits can handle more colorful shoes like navy, burgundy or metallic footwear.
  • Dress down sleek grey suits with casual shoes like sneakers, espadrilles or boat shoes.
  • For formal events, choose elegant heels or metallic pointed-toe flats.

Your grey suit’s unique style should inform your choice of shoe color. Keep the occasion and formality level in mind as well. This allows you to select footwear that flatters the suit and fits the setting perfectly.

Styling Tips for Grey Suits and Shoes

Follow these simple styling tips to ace your head-to-toe grey suit and shoes look:

  • Add pops of color with your accessories, bag and lipstick to brighten up monochromatic grey.
  • Play with metallic jewelry and bag hardware like silver or gold to complement metallic shoes.
  • Try sheer black tights or hosiery to transition summer shoes like ankle straps or peep-toes into fall.
  • Cinch the waist of oversized suits with a skinny belt in black, tan or metallic shades.
  • Choose shapely grey suits with defined waists to balance voluminous sleeve shapes.
  • Stick to a minimalist aesthetic with simple suits and sleek shoes to keep the look refined.

Use accessories strategically to inject interest into all-grey pairings. Structured suit silhouettes complement sleek shoes. Focusing on fit and a minimal color palette results in an elegant, pulled-together look.

Complete Your Outfit

Finish off your head-to-toe look by complementing your grey suit and shoes with:

  • Tops: Crisp white button-downs, silk blouses in neutral metallics or jewel tones, grey sweaters or bodysuits.
  • Bags: Structured totes, top handle satchels, crossbody bags or briefcases in shades like black, tan, navy or metallics.
  • Jewelry: Sculptural necklaces, diamond or pearl studs, stacking bracelets and chained shoulder bags.
  • Coats & Jackets: Matching grey blazers, tailored black or red peacoats, leather moto jackets.

Choose complementary neutrals, metallics and cool jewel tones to let your shoes be the star. Structured bags with metal hardware play up metallic shoes. Tailored outerwear finishes the put-together vibe.

Sample Outfit Ideas

Here are some example outfits featuring different shoe colors paired with chic grey suits for women:

Nude Pumps & Grey Check Suit

  • Light grey glen plaid suit with kick flare trousers
  • Beige pointed toe suede pumps
  • Crisp white button down shirt
  • Bronze cuff bracelet
  • Tan leather tote

Black Booties & Grey Plaid Pantsuit

  • Charcoal grey plaid suit with straight leg pants
  • Black leather pointed toe ankle booties
  • Grey silk camisole
  • Silver pendant necklace
  • Black shoulder bag

Burgundy Heels & Grey Pinstripe Suit

  • Dark grey pinstripe suit with a blazer and knee length skirt
  • Deep oxblood stilettos
  • Ivory button down blouse
  • Maroon leather belt
  • Burgundy clutch

Use these sample combinations as inspiration to start building head-turning suits and shoes pairings that suit your personal style!


Grey suits are a versatile wardrobe staple that can easily transition from day to night. Choosing shoes in colors like nude, black, grey, burgundy, navy or metallics will elegantly complement your grey suiting. Consider the formality of the occasion and the style of your suit to select the most flattering shoe color. Use accessories strategically to add pops of color and interest. With the right styling, you can look polished and pulled together from head-to-toe in gorgeous grey suiting.

Shoe Color Style Examples Best For
Nude/Beige Pumps, flats, booties Office, day wear
Black Heels, oxfords, booties Office, formal events
Grey Loafers, oxfords Office, modern looks
Burgundy Heels, loafers, flats Evenings, smart casual
Navy Heels, oxfords, boat shoes Day wear, casual
Metallic Heels, flats, pumps Cocktail parties, formal

This table summarizes popular shoe colors for grey suits along with recommended styles and occasions to wear them. Use it as a quick reference when planning outfits for events, work or day to day. With the right shoes, your grey suit can take you stylishly wherever you need to go.