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What is the 23rd wedding anniversary Topaz?

Marriage is a beautiful commitment between two people who love each other. Reaching certain anniversary milestones along the journey brings cause for celebration. The 23rd wedding anniversary is known as the topaz anniversary. This article will explore the meaning behind the topaz gemstone for 23 years of marriage.

What is Topaz?

Topaz is a precious gemstone that comes in a variety of colors. The most prized and valuable shade is a rich orange with a pinkish undertone, known as precious topaz. The name topaz comes from the Greek word “Topazos” which was the name of an island in the Red Sea that was known in antiquity as a source of the gemstone peridot. Over time, the name topaz was applied to other yellow gemstones found on the island. Now it refers to the specific aluminum silicate mineral species that includes precious topaz.

Some key facts about topaz:

  • Chemical composition: Aluminum fluorosilicate (Al2SiO4(F,OH)2)
  • Mohs hardness scale rating: 8 (very durable gemstone)
  • Sources: Brazil, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Russia, Mexico, Australia
  • Colors: yellow, orange, pink, blue, brown
  • The state gemstone of Utah

Due to its high clarity and wide range of color varieties, topaz is a popular gemstone for jewelry. The most common cuts used for topaz stones are faceted cuts like ovals, rounds, cushions, and pears. The vibrant colors of topaz gems complement both white metals like silver and yellow metals like gold.

History and Lore of Topaz

Throughout history, people have prized topaz for its beauty and purported mystical powers. According to folklore, topaz had many benefits including:

  • Protection against harm
  • Increased strength and intellect
  • Promotion of sanity and wisdom
  • Prevention of sudden death
  • Relaxation of the body

Ancient Hindus associated topaz with the sun god Surya. The Egyptians believed topaz harnessed the golden glow of Ra, the sun god. Greeks and Romans linked topaz to the god Apollo and goddess Jupiter.

In medieval Europe, topaz was claimed to strengthen eyesight and cure mental illness. People believed that water drunk from a topaz vessel would cure fevers. The mystic philosopher Blavatsky claimed that topaz focuses cosmic energy into the mind to reveal truth and enhance wisdom.

Royalty treasured topaz jewels. Examples include:

  • A giant topaz set in King Philip II of Spain’s gold crown
  • Yellow topaz pendants from Queen Victoria’s extensive jewelry collection
  • Necklaces with enormous topaz gems created for Maharajas in India

Today, many still regard topaz as a stone of health, love, success and self-realization.

Topaz as a 23rd Anniversary Gemstone

The tradition of anniversary gemstones dates back to medieval Germany when couples were presented with a different gemstone for major anniversaries. The gemstones supposedly possessed mystical powers that enhanced the marriage. Over time, the tradition expanded to milestone anniversaries for each year of marriage.

Topaz became designated as the traditional 23rd wedding anniversary gemstone. Some sources attribute imperial topaz’s golden orange hue as reminiscent of the flames of passion still burning bright after 23 years together. The durability and longevity of topaz also parallels an enduring marriage.

Meaning of Topaz for 23rd Anniversary

Topaz symbolizes:

  • Fidelity – Remains faithful and constant like topaz retains its luster forever
  • Strength – Withstands time and tribulation for an enduring marriage
  • Wisdom – Has acquired knowledge and maturity over 23 years as a couple
  • Friendship – Has built a solid intimate friendship as the foundation of marriage
  • Prosperity – Enters a stable prosperous phase together in life

The Color Orange

Orange is the color of topaz gems. In color symbolism, orange combines the energy of red and the joy of yellow. Orange represents:

  • Enthusiasm – Excitement for life together after 23 years
  • Creativity – Reigniting the spark and passion in the relationship
  • Success – Achievement of goals together as a couple
  • Fun – Bringing more adventure and enjoyment into marriage

The vibrant orange color embodies the lively energy and excitement that comes with achieving such a milestone anniversary.

Celebrating Your 23rd Anniversary with Topaz

Here are some great ways to incorporate topaz into celebrating 23 years of marriage:

Topaz Jewelry Gifts

Traditional 23rd anniversary gifts feature topaz gemstones or simulated topaz:

  • Topaz rings – modern eternity bands or vintage-inspired cocktail rings
  • Topaz pendants – solitaire gem or paired with diamonds
  • Topaz earrings – studs, drops, hoops featuring topaz
  • Topaz bracelets – tennis bracelets, bangles or chains with topaz charms

Modern and non-traditional 23rd anniversary jewelry gifts could include:

  • Diamond jewelry – symbolizes enduring love
  • Gold jewelry – represents fidelity and prosperity
  • Opal jewelry – conveys faithfulness and hope
  • Sapphire jewelry – stands for wisdom, loyalty and sincerity

Romantic Orange Topaz Date Ideas

  • Dinner at a restaurant with orange decor or amber mood lighting
  • Picnic on the beach at sunset when the sky is ablaze in orange
  • Hiking and enjoying the orange glow of fall foliage in autumn
  • Couples massage with soothing orange essential oils
  • Create art together while listening to music and sipping orange juice or wine

Orange-Themed Party Ideas

  • Pumpkin carving party with orange candles and decorations
  • Luau theme with tropical fruits, orange leis, pineapple desserts
  • Moroccan theme with lanterns, orange textiles, spice-inspired foods
  • Fall harvest theme with orange wildflowers, gourds, squash dishes
  • Sunset theme with orange lighting, sun motifs, fiery cocktails

Traditional 23rd Anniversary Gifts

In addition to topaz, traditional materials associated with 23rd wedding anniversaries are:

Year Traditional Gift
23rd Topaz Jewelry

Topaz jewelry such as an elegant pendant or statement ring makes a perfect traditional anniversary present.

Modern 23rd Anniversary Gifts

Contemporary or modern 23rd anniversary gifts include:

Year Modern Gift
23rd Silver

Silver symbolic of purity, patience and clarity is a fitting modern gift. Sterling silver jewelry, decorative items, or photo frames make thoughtful modern 23rd anniversary presents.

Gift Ideas for 23rd Wedding Anniversaries

If a couple prefers to give a non-traditional gift, here are some unique 23rd anniversary gift ideas:

  • Custom art piece depicting your wedding location or venue
  • Couples massage or spa day
  • Romantic destination vacation
  • Date night gift basket or box
  • Vintage wine from the year you were married
  • Framed wedding day photo collage
  • Personalized recipe book of favorite meals
  • Love story memory book retelling your journey together

What Are Other Symbols for a 23rd Anniversary?

Flowers, gemstones, and themes are also associated with the 23rd wedding anniversary. These can provide inspiration for 23rd anniversary gifts and celebrations.

Flower: Rose

Roses symbolize love, gratitude and appreciation. Ways to incorporate roses:

  • Gift a bouquet of 23 roses
  • Plant rose bushes together in your garden
  • Scatter rose petals for a romantic anniversary dinner
  • Have roses fashioned into jewelry keepsakes

Gemstone: Imperial Topaz

Imperial topaz exemplifies enduring love. Gift ideas include:

  • Imperial topaz pendant necklace
  • Ring featuring an imperial topaz stone
  • Imperial topaz drop earrings
  • Charm bracelet with imperial topaz charms

Theme: Timepieces

Clocks and watches represent time passing and memories made. Give:

  • Engraved pocket watch or locket with an inscription
  • His and hers watches with an engraved 23rd anniversary message
  • Anniversary clock engraved with your wedding date
  • Sundial for the garden marking 23 years together

Make Your 23rd Anniversary Memorable

Celebrating 23 years of marriage is an amazing milestone. Let the symbolism of the topaz gemstone guide you in selecting thoughtful gifts and creating meaningful ways to honor your enduring love and commitment. May the flames of passion continue burning bright for this golden couple as they embark on another year of married life.