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What is my lucky colour by date of birth?

Colours play an important role in our lives. They can influence our moods, emotions, and even behaviors. Some colours are considered lucky or auspicious for an individual based on their date of birth and zodiac sign. In this comprehensive guide, we will help you find your lucky colour based on your birth details.

How to Determine Your Lucky Colour

There are a few ways to determine your fortunate colour based on your date of birth:

  • Your zodiac sign – Each zodiac sign is associated with its own lucky colour.
  • Your birth date number – Adding up the digits in your birth date results in a number that also has a corresponding lucky shade.
  • Your life path number – This is calculated by adding all the digits in your complete birth date, which gives a number from 1 to 9, each governing a colour.
  • Chinese five elements – Your year of birth determines your ruling element out of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, linked to a colour.

To find your most auspicious colour, you need to find the common shade indicated by these various astrological systems. Let’s look at each of them in detail:

Lucky Colours by Zodiac Sign

Your sun sign in astrology is one of the biggest determinants of your fortunate hue. Here are the lucky colours for each zodiac sign:

Zodiac Sign Lucky Colour
Aries Red
Taurus Pink
Gemini Yellow
Cancer White
Leo Orange
Virgo Green
Libra Blue
Scorpio Crimson
Sagittarius Purple
Capricorn Brown
Aquarius Turquoise
Pisces Sea green

So if you are an Aries, red is your zodiac lucky colour. Similarly, for a Libra it is blue and so on.

Lucky Colours by Birth Date Number

Your birth date number is the sum total of the date, month and year you were born. This number is reduced to a single digit by adding up its digits. For example, if you were born on 12 December, 1990, your birth date number is:

1+2+1+2+1+9+9+0 = 25. On adding these numbers, we get 2+5 = 7.

Therefore, 7 is the birth date lucky number. Here are the fortunate colours for each birth date number:

Birth Date Number Lucky Colour
1 Pink
2 White
3 Yellow
4 Sea green
5 Green
6 Blue
7 Red
8 Brown
9 Purple

Identify your birth date number and note down the linked lucky colour.

Lucky Colours by Life Path Number

The life path number gives more insight into your fortunate shade. It is calculated by adding all the digits in your complete birth date.

For example, for birth date 12 December, 1990, the life path number is calculated as:

1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 25

2 + 5 = 7

Here are the life path lucky colours for each number from 1 to 9:

Life Path Number Lucky Colour
1 Red
2 Orange
3 Yellow
4 Pink
5 Green
6 Blue
7 Purple
8 Brown
9 White

Calculate your life path number and note down the corresponding lucky colour mentioned above.

Lucky Colours Based on Chinese Five Elements

According to Chinese astrology, your year of birth determines your ruling element out of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each of these elements in turn corresponds to a colour –

  • Wood – Green
  • Fire – Red
  • Earth – Yellow
  • Metal – White/Golden
  • Water – Blue/Black

To find your Chinese zodiac element, first determine your year of birth. Refer the following chart:

Year of Birth Ending In Chinese Zodiac Element
4 or 5 Wood
6 or 7 Fire
8 or 9 Earth
0 or 1 Metal
2 or 3 Water

So if you were born in 1992, your Chinese zodiac element is Water and the linked lucky colours are blue or black.

Finding Your Lucky Colour by Combining Different Methods

To determine your true fortunate colour, you need to combine the results from the different astrological systems above. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Note down your zodiac sign lucky colour
  2. Determine your birth date number and corresponding shade
  3. Calculate your life path number and assigned hue
  4. Find your Chinese zodiac element and related colour
  5. See which is the common colour emerging from all the methods
  6. In case of confusion, go with the life path colour as it is based on your full birth details

Let’s understand this with an example. Say your birth details are:

  • Date of birth: 12 December, 1990
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

The lucky colours indicated are:

  1. Sagittarius – Purple
  2. Birth date number: 1+2+1+2+1+9+9+0 = 25; On adding 2+5 = 7. So birth date number is 7 and the colour is Red.
  3. Life path number: 1+2+1+2+1+9+9+0 = 25; 2+5 = 7. Life path number 7 has Purple as the lucky colour.
  4. Year of birth: 1990. Ending in 0, so the element is Metal which corresponds to White/Golden.

Here Purple emerges as the common lucky colour from the zodiac sign, life path number and birth date number calculations. White/Golden is indicated only by the Chinese element. So your ideal lucky shade here is Purple.

Significance of the Lucky Colour for You

Once you have identified your accurate fortunate colour, you can incorporate it in your life in the following ways –

  • Wear clothes in your lucky shade to interviews, exams and important meetings
  • Choose accessories like bags, shoes, hair bands, ties etc. in this colour
  • Surround yourself with objects in this hue in your home or workspace
  • Visualise this colour when meditating to attract positive energies
  • Choose food and fruits of this colour to consume daily
  • Gift family and friends items in this shade on special occasions

This will boost your luck significantly. However, astrological remedies give optimum results only when supported by a positive attitude and righteous actions.


To summarise, your fortunate colour is the common shade indicated by your zodiac sign, birth date number, life path number and Chinese element. Incorporating this special colour in your daily routine can boost your luck and prosperity. However, it should be combined with diligent efforts to achieve your goals and spiritual growth. Use your lucky hue with wisdom and positivity to attract the life you desire. Wishing you blessings and success!