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How do I change my outlook theme in office 365?

Microsoft Outlook offers a variety of themes that allow you to customize the look and feel of your Outlook interface. Themes change the background color, text colors, buttons, and other visual elements in Outlook. If you use Outlook through Office 365, changing your Outlook theme is easy to do right from the settings menu.

Why Use Outlook Themes

Outlook themes allow you to personalize your Outlook experience and make it more visually appealing. The default white background can be harsh on the eyes for some users, while others may just want a more colorful or professional looking interface. Themes give you control over the look of your Outlook without having to make major changes to the layout. Here are some key reasons to use Outlook themes:

  • Make Outlook visually engaging – Themes liven up the interface with color, images, and other design elements.
  • Reduce eye strain – Darker themes can provide a better viewing experience and reduce eye strain.
  • Customize your workspace – Match your Outlook theme to your personal style or company branding.
  • Highlight important messages – Use color themes to make key emails stand out.
  • Organize your inbox – Separate different types of messages through color-coding with themes.

Outlook Theme Options in Office 365

Office 365 users have access to a wide selection of pre-made themes that are easy to browse and activate. Here are some of the theme options available in Outlook for Office 365:

  • Colors – Choose from various background colors like blue, green, red, gray, and more.
  • Textures – Add visual interest with textures like diagonal lines, circles, leaves, etc.
  • Outlook modes – Pick a Light, Dark or Black theme to reduce glare or eye strain.
  • Seasonal themes – Enjoy themes tailored to seasons like Spring Blossoms or Winter Snow.
  • Holiday themes – Get festive with holiday options like Pumpkin Spice or Fireworks.
  • Nature themes – Relax with themes featuring landscapes, plants, and animals.

Microsoft frequently adds new themes to choose from, so you can regularly change your Outlook for a fresh look. There are also third-party tools and services that offer additional Outlook themes beyond what Microsoft provides.

How to Change Theme in Outlook 365

If you use Outlook 365, changing your theme is quick and easy to do right from the settings menu. Here are the steps to change your Outlook theme:

  1. Open Outlook and click on the Settings gear icon in the top right.
  2. Click on General from the left menu.
  3. Under Personal Settings, click on Theme.
  4. Browse the different theme categories and preview the themes.
  5. Click on a theme you like to activate it.

Your selected theme will now be applied to change the look of your Outlook 365 interface. The process is very similar in the Outlook desktop app for Windows or Mac. Just access the Theme settings from the main Preferences menu.

Customizing Your Outlook Theme

In addition to using the pre-made theme options, you can also customize your Outlook theme to your exact liking. Here are some ways to customize your theme in Outlook 365:

  • Adjust theme colors – Choose your own background, text, and accent colors.
  • Add a background image – Use your own photos or graphics as the theme background.
  • Change theme fonts – Pick font styles and sizes that are easy for you to read.
  • Modify theme effects – Adjust theme transparency and textures.
  • Preview changes – See a live preview as you customize your theme.

To access the formatting options for customizing your Outlook theme:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Personal Settings > Theme
  2. Pick a base theme and then click Theme Colors at the bottom.
  3. Adjust the various color and format options to your liking.
  4. Click Save to update your custom theme.

The customized theme will now be set as your default Outlook theme until you make further changes. Keep in mind that extensive formatting customization is only available in the Outlook desktop apps, not the web interface.

Recommended Outlook Themes

With so many themes to choose from, here are some recommended Outlook themes to try that offer an improved visual experience:

Theme Description
Air Clean and minimalist theme with a soft blue-gray palette.
Apex Sleek black and orange theme with nice contrast.
Clarity Bright and vibrant theme with shades of blue.
Concentrate Dark theme designed to minimize distractions.
Leaf Warm tones and abstract leaf patterns.
Oceanside Evokes the feeling of an oceanside retreat.
Zen Minimalist theme with relaxing neutral tones.

Browse through all the different theme galleries to find options that work best for your preferences and needs. Don’t be afraid to regularly change your theme for variety.

Troubleshooting Outlook Themes

Outlook themes generally work smoothly, but you may encounter occasional issues like themes reverting or not loading properly. Here are some tips for troubleshooting Outlook themes:

  • Reset theme – Go back to default theme then re-apply your desired theme.
  • Close and reopen Outlook – Refreshing may resolve theme issues.
  • Check for updates – Install latest Outlook updates.
  • Use web Outlook – Try the theme in web interface vs. desktop.
  • Create new profile – Corrupt profiles could prevent themes from loading.
  • Disable add-ins – Conflicts with add-ins can disrupt themes.
  • Contact support – For persistent issues, contact Microsoft Support for further help.


Using custom Outlook themes is an easy way to personalize your email environment. The wide selection of themes available in Office 365 provides options for any style preference. Change up your Outlook theme regularly to keep things looking fresh and engaging. A few tweaks to the colors and images can make Outlook much more pleasant to use for long periods of time. Take advantage of the customization options to dial in a theme that works for your eyes and sensibilities.