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What is light blue grey?

What is light blue grey?

Light blue grey is a pale, cool-toned shade of blue mixed with grey. It’s a popular color for paints, textiles, and other design elements. Light blue grey evokes a sense of calmness and sophistication. In this article, we’ll explore the history, uses, combinations, and psychology behind this versatile color.

The Origin and History of Light Blue Grey

The birth of light blue grey paint is often attributed to American architect Philip Johnson. In the 1950s, Johnson specified a custom mix of blue and grey paints to use in his famous Glass House in Connecticut. This specific hue inspired other architects and designers to adopt light blue grey in their minimalist, modernist projects.

Over time, the color gained popularity in fashion as well. Light blue grey suits and dresses became a staple in many high-end European fashion houses known for their muted color palettes. The soft, understated tone allowed the luxurious fabrics and tailoring to shine.

Today, light blue grey continues to have associations with midcentury and contemporary design. It’s commonly found in furniture, wall paints, bedding, and accessories aiming for an elegant, relaxed aesthetic.

Defining the Shade

There are a few variations on light blue grey depending on the blue-to-grey ratio. Here are some defining specs:

Name Hex Code
Baby Blue Eyes #AAB2BD
Light Blue Grey #B7C7D3
Sky Blue Grey #C6D3DC

As you can see, the hex codes have more blue than grey in their RGB makeup. But the grey neutralizes the blue so it remains soft and subtle.

Use Cases for Light Blue Grey

Thanks to its versatility, light blue grey has become popular across many design fields. Here are some of the top ways it is used:

Home Decor

Light blue grey is an increasingly popular wall color in living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. It creates a relaxing backdrop that complements both warm and cool accent colors. People often pair it with whites and natural wood tones for a Scandinavian-inspired look.


In fashion, light blue grey is a modern neutral that’s flattering on most skin tones. It’s commonly used for dresses, blazers, shirts, and accessories like handbags and scarves. Light blue grey flatters black and white pairing well. Some fashion brands renowned for using light blue grey include Giorgio Armani, Stella McCartney, and Theory.

Graphic Design

For web and print projects, light blue grey makes for an attractive background color. It has enough contrast to keep text legible without being overpowering. Light blue grey injects a subtle pop of color while remaining office-friendly.

Cars and Technology

Light blue grey is popular as an exterior color for cars, appliances, and consumer electronics. Compared to black and silvers, it has a softer, more inviting look. Major brands like Audi, General Motors, and Microsoft often offer light blue grey versions of their products.

Coordinating and Combining Colors

A benefit of light blue grey is its versatility for color pairings. Here are some ideas for complementary colors:

  • Pure white – Crisp, clean contrast
  • Black – Classic and sophisticated
  • Warm metallics like gold and brass – Adds shine and depth
  • Greens like sage – Draws out the subtle hints of blue
  • Earth tones like beige and brown – Grounding, natural balance
  • Pale pinks and peaches – Fresh, feminine

Avoid matching light blue grey with more bold, electric blues. This can make the palette overwhelming. Stick to harmonious hues that allow light blue grey’s mildness to come through.

Psychology of Light Blue Grey

Colors carry meaning beyond aesthetics, and light blue grey is no exception. Here are some of the psychological effects associated with it:

  • Peaceful – Blue has calming, serene qualities. The grey softens the blue into an even more relaxing tone.
  • Intuitive – Blue grey is linked to increased intuition and focus.
  • Soothing – Helps relieve stress; suitable for relaxation spaces.
  • Balanced – The blend of blue and grey creates an equitable, harmonious color.
  • Sophistication – Associated with knowledge, wisdom, and insight.

People who are drawn to light blue grey may resonate with these energies. It’s a good choice for those seeking stillness and direction.


In summary, light blue grey is a versatile blend of cool blue and anchoring grey. Its refined yet relaxed vibe has made it a modern neutral across industries like interiors, fashion, and manufacturing. Coordinating light blue grey with contrasting hues like white, black, and wood tones creates stylish, inviting palettes. And the color’s peaceful associations make it ideal for winding down. So if you’re looking for a hue that’s both fresh and grounded, light blue grey ticks all the boxes.