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How can you see your own soul?

How can you see your own soul?

Seeing one’s own soul is a profound desire for many. The soul is believed to be the essence of a person – their true self beyond the physical. To see your soul is to understand yourself at the deepest level. Yet actually viewing the soul is an elusive quest. The soul, by definition, is an invisible, intangible thing. How then can one ever hope to observe their truest nature?

What is the soul?

Before exploring how to see the soul, one must understand what the soul is believed to be. The predominant view across religions, philosophies and cultures sees the soul as the spiritual essence of a person. It is the part of one’s being that exists beyond the physical body. The soul is a person’s consciousness, thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, personality, and sense of self. It is the seat of a person’s free will and moral compass. The soul is the animating force within a person’s life. Without a soul, the body is just an empty shell.

Most faith traditions believe each person has an individual soul given by the Divine. The soul preexists the body and continues existing after bodily death. It is ageless and eternal. The soul moves from lifetime to lifetime, taking the lessons and essence of each life into the next. The life journey of the soul is one of spiritual evolution toward achieving its divine purpose.

Secular views see the soul as representing a person’s inner world – their psychology, emotions, creativity and personality. While not immortal, the soul is the deepest center of a person’s identity and humanity.

So in summary, the soul can be defined as one’s essential self-awareness, consciousness and experience of being. It is the part of us that loves, feels joy, creates, intuits truth and seeks meaning. Our soul is who we are beneath our physical masks and material lives.

Why see your soul?

There are profound benefits that motivate the desire to see one’s own soul. Here are several reasons why glimpsing your soul can be transformative:

  • Understand your identity – Seeing your real soul shows you who you truly are at the core of your being.
  • Guide your growth – Knowing your soul gives insight into your mission in life and highest potentials.
  • Fulfill your purpose – Viewing your soul illuminates your divine purpose and destiny.
  • Transform consciousness – Seeing beyond ego and illusion brings higher awareness.
  • Find inner peace – Glimpsing your true soul-nature gives serenity and contentment.
  • Deepen self-love – Recognizing the beauty and divinity of your soul increases self-love.
  • Strengthen intuition – Seeing your soul awakens your inner wisdom and intuition.
  • Embrace oneness – Recognizing the soul connects you to all other souls and existence.

Seeing and understanding your own soul can fuel your personal growth and spiritual evolution. It aligns your outer life with your inner truth. Most importantly, it unites your consciousness with the great ocean of universal Soul. For these profound reasons, souls seek to know themselves.

Challenges in seeing your soul

Despite deep desires to see one’s soul, there are challenges that make this difficult:

  • Invisible nature – The soul exists outside the visible light spectrum so normal sight cannot detect it.
  • Non-physical essence – The soul’s energy vibrates at a higher frequency than physical senses perceive.
  • Veiled by ego – The untrained egoic mind obscures awareness of subtler soul consciousness.
  • Clouded by illusion – False perceptions and attachments prevent seeing soul-truth.
  • Hidden depths – Much of the soul remains unconsciously embedded and unseen.
  • Need for stillness – The busy outer mind can drown out the soul’s quiet inner voice.
  • Disbelief – Doubting or denying the existence of the soul blocks the possibility of seeing it.

In order to glimpse one’s soul, these challenges of normal perception, ego, illusion and busyness must be overcome. Skillful means, spiritual practice and higher consciousness are needed to detect the subtle essence of soul.

Paths to seeing your soul

Seeing the soul is the pinnacle goal of spiritual pursuits worldwide. Here are some primary paths recommended for catching sight of your own soul:


Meditation techniques quiet the outer mind, ego and senses. With practice, this allows conscious awareness to turn inward to soul depths. Sustained meditation unveils the observer self beyond egoic identity. Soulful presence and one’s true nature start to shine through.

Inquiry & Self-Reflection

Self-inquiry examines “Who am I?” beyond limiting labels and thought-forms. Deep reflection distinguishes soul/spirit from bodily/mental identities. This non-judgmental witnessing of all inner experiences starts to reveal the soul essence observing it all.

Prayer & Devotion

Devotional practices like prayer, chanting and worship can transport one’s awareness into sacred inner states. Genuine devotion quietens ego so the primal soul-heart can feel its loving connection to the Divine and all existence. This oneness is soul perception.

Service & Compassion

Selfless service and compassionate care for others paradoxically diminish one’s own ego concerns. In filling others’ needs before your own, your true soul-nature unfolds. Serving with unconditional love aligns you with your soul’s compassion.

Nature & Beauty

Spending time in natural settings away from human-made distractions can attune you to subtle soul senses. The beauty and aliveness of nature reminds your soul of its participation in the living Earth. Natural wonder and awe reconnects you to soul.


Psychedelic substances alter consciousness by dampening Ego’s filtering of soul awareness. Studies show psychedelics in controlled contexts can occasion temporary ego dissolution and soul glimpses. However, sober development of consciousness is needed to integrate insights.

Near-Death Experiences

Some who come near death and then revive report soul travel and transformative wisdom. By facing mortality, Ego’s grip is loosened allowing the soul to uncover revelations about life purpose and non-physical realities.

Dreams & Visions

Dreams and visions have long been considered messages from the soul. Paying attention and interpreting their symbolism can help integrate unconscious soul material rising into awareness. Recording dreams and visions encourages further soul expression.

Past-Life Regression

Regressing to alleged past lives via hypnosis provides some cathartic release and insights into core themes, challenges and soul qualities stretching across lifetimes. However, dwelling on past identities can distract from spiritual growth in this life.

Body & Energy Work

Holistic practices addressing subtle energy, emotions and the body-mind can help purify and integrate layers of the soul. Trauma release, shadow work, inner child healing, chakra balancing and similar methods bring unconscious soul depths into conscious awareness.

Creative Expression

Creative acts innately express the soul. Soulful art, music, dance, writing and performance let one’s authentic inner truth and passions shine through. Following creative inspiration channels soul energies into expression.

What does a glimpse of soul look like?

When undertaking the above paths sincerely, one may start to get fleeting glimpses of the soul. What does the soul look like when partially perceived?

  • Luminous – Soul light brighter and warmer than physical forms.
  • Vast – Sense of infinite expansion, the void full of potential.
  • Calm – Deep stillness undisturbed by thoughts or emotions.
  • Bliss – Indescribable joy beyond pleasure and pain.
  • Oneness – Underlying connection between all thoughts, people and things.
  • Flow – Effortless unfolding without striving or resistance.
  • Beauty – Senses overwhelmed by aesthetic wonder and appreciation.
  • Grace – Moments of luck, synchronicity, perfection beyond chance.
  • Love – Heart swelling with compassion, gratitude, affection for all.
  • Knowing – Sudden intuitive download of truth beyond logic.
  • Timeless – Glimpse beyond past and future into eternal now.

These partial brushes with spiritual reality give hope of seeing the soul more fully. While ego quickly returns, each glimpse leaves your consciousness forever changed.

Obstacles on the path

Seeking to see your soul is a long, non-linear journey. Here are common obstacles that can delay or derail progress:

  • Impatience – Wanting enlightenment now without requisite gradual effort.
  • Grandiosity – Ego inflation that you are already “awakened”.
  • Distraction – Losing motivation due to busyness and short attention span.
  • Addiction – Drugs, alcohol, sex, technology detouring spiritual focus.
  • Depression – Losing hope and meaning when ego transcendence challenges status quo.
  • Skepticism – Disbelieving soul perception is possible.
  • Cynicism – Rejecting accounts of inner truths.
  • Fear – Ego clinging desperately to control when facing the unknown.
  • Attachment – Unwilling to surrender ego-based desires that obscure soul.
  • Isolation – Lacking supportive community on the path.

Patience and compassionate perseverance help overcome these hindrances blocking awareness of your soul. Staying grounded and accountable while placing one foot steadily in front of the other leads surely to the mountaintop.

Integration after soul glimpses

Powerful experiences of temporary soul perception must become integrated into day-to-day life. Here are tips for making soul revelations tangible and lasting:

  • Find a community to discuss experiences for learning and discernment.
  • Have a practice for recording and reviewing insights gained.
  • Notice synchronicities, dreams and intuitions subsequent to revelations.
  • Make practical life changes aligned with truth realized.
  • Share and discuss lessons with trusted relationships.
  • Express soulful awakenings creatively through art, writing, poetry, music, dance.
  • Revisit peak experiences through prayer, meditation and ritual.
  • Study spiritual teachings to deepen understanding.
  • Learn self-care techniques to manage difficult emotions arising.
  • Dedicate time for quiet reflection and integration.
  • Allow insights to unfold gradually without attachment to past peak states.
  • Practice embodied spirituality honoring the body’s role in housing the soul.

Skillful integration prevents soul glimpses from becoming inflated peak experiences that your ego clings to or dismissed curiosities that your ego ignores. Lasting transformation comes through continually applying soul revelations to daily living.


Seeing your own soul is life’s most profound adventure. While the soul’s full mystery can never be connaed while embodied, partial glimpses awaken you to your deepest truths. Stay sincere and curious on the path. By earnestly undertaking the quest to know yourself, your consciousness will inevitably ascend and your life’s purpose will reveal itself. While the soul’s final destination is beyond any earthly identity, realizing your soul’s presence is a Homecoming to who you have always been.