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What is a new year’s nail color?

With the start of a new year, many people look for ways to refresh their style and try new trends. One fun way to switch up your look is with a new nail color for the new year. When considering what nail polish colors will be popular for the coming year, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Consider Pantone’s Color of the Year

Each year, Pantone, the global authority on color, chooses a Color of the Year to reflect trends and influences. Their selection helps guide fashion, design, and beauty for the upcoming year. For 2023, Pantone has announced Violet Verbena, a dynamic purple hue, as theColor of the Year. This vibrant, floral-inspired purple shade is expected to be a major trend across the beauty industry this year. When picking a new year’s nail color, choosing a polish with purple tones similar to Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year is a great way to stay on trend.

Look to Fashion Trends

The runway often dictates what colors will be popular in beauty and fashion, so it’s wise to look to major fashion weeks for inspiration on new year nail polish shades. Looking at the Spring 2023 collections and colors featured on the catwalks of New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks can provide insight into upcoming color trends. For example, shades like bold brights, neon pastels, and greens and blues inspired by nature frequently popped up on the Spring 2023 runways. Opting for a new year’s nail color that complements these runway-inspired hues can help you achieve a fashion-forward manicure.

Consider Classic & Timeless Shades

While new, trendy nail polish colors can be exciting for the new year, don’t overlook the appeal of a classic, timeless shade. Sometimes a new polish isn’t necessary for a fresh look – you can revive and reset your style with a neutral nude or versatile red. Elegant staple colors like pale pink, beige, brick red, or black are perennial favorites that pair beautifully with any outfit and nails of any length and shape.

Complement Your Skin Tone

When selecting a new year’s nail color, it’s important to consider how flattering the shade is with your skin tone. Certain undertones can make some polish colors pop while others appear dull and muddy. Warm skin tones look great with coral, peach, gold, and copper shades. Cool skin tones are complemented by jewel tones, deep reds, and pastel pinks and purples. Neutral and olive skin tones pair nicely with earthy tones, mint, sage, and brick reds. Make sure to test out potential new year’s nail colors on your fingers to ensure the hue flatters your complexion.

Match Your Style Personality

Your personal style and personality can also guide your new year’s nail polish selection. Are you girly, edgy, boho, or preppy? Do you prefer brights, darks, prints, or neutrals? Consider your unique sense of style and what colors and tones reflect your personality best. For a playful, feminine vibe try a sheer pink or nude. Edgy types can opt for a bold red, deep purple or black. Boho lovers may gravitate towards a whimsical green, blue or floral print. Preppies can choose a classic red, deep burgundy or hunter green. Pick a new polish that aligns with your signature aesthetic.

Trending 2023 Nail Colors

If you want to be super on-trend with your new year’s nails, here are some of the most popular nail polish colors predicted for 2023:

Color Description
Sage Green Earthy, soothing sage greens reflect a focus on nature and wellness.
Violet Ultraviolet tones like lilac, lavender and amethyst channel Pantone’s Color of the Year.
Candy Pink Vibrant candy and neon pinks provide a fun, playful pop of color.
Sky Blue Serene blues inspired by clear sunny skies are crisply refreshing.
Disco Glitter Retro-inspired glitter polishes and chrome finishes add party-ready flair.
Red Orange Bold red-oranges are lively and energetic for a new year.
Chocolate Brown Rich chocolate browns are warm, earthy and versatile neutral.

These on-trend shades for 2023 encompass lively brights, soothing naturals, elegant neutrals and retro-glam finishes. Whether you want a color that’s bold or understated, there are many options to give your nails a fresh new look.

Consider Length & Shape

The shape and length of your nails will also impact which new polish colors look best. Short nails and square shapes show off bold colors and patterns beautifully. Longer coffin or almond-shaped nails look more elegant in solid creams and neutral shades. Those growing out their natural nails can embrace the French manicure look with a neutral base and white tipped polish. Consider your current nail length and shape and how that impacts which colors stand out best before picking your new year shade.

New Years Themed Colors

For the ultimate celebratory manicure, choose a new year’s nail color with hues and designs that reflect a new years theme. Metallic polishes in gold, silver and champagne shimmer like confetti and evoke a festive party vibe. Glitters and crystals in the same tones add sparkle. Polish with embedded shapes like stars, confetti or glitter can create a fun, bold new years nail design. Even polish names with “midnight” or “celebration” can fit the theme.

Setting New Year’s Nail Goals

A new calendar year presents the perfect opportunity to set goals and intentions. Why not apply that same motivation to your nails? As you pick your new year’s colors, also consider setting some nail goals for the year ahead. Here are some to consider:

  • Growing your nails to a longer length
  • Committing to regular manicures to nurture your nails
  • Trying more techniques like nail art, stamps, or decals
  • Exploring more colors outside your comfort zone
  • Finding your perfect nudes or reds to be your signature shades
  • Taking vitamins or oils to improve nail health
  • Kicking nail-biting habits for good
  • Testing out square, round, almond, coffin or other nail shapes
  • Booking monthly nail appointments as self-care

Get your new year off to a great start for your nails by setting a few achievable goals. Let your new nail color be the first step!

Choosing Your Polish Formula

With so many nail polish options on the market, it can be overwhelming to select a formula. Here are a few tips for choosing:

  • Longevity: Look for polishes labeled as gel-effect, longevity, extended-wear. Chips less quickly.
  • Shine: Formulas with extra lacquer or double-patented polymers provide maximum gloss.
  • Color: For opaque application choose cremes over sheers.
  • Drying Time: Quick-dry polishes become smudge free in minutes.
  • Breathability: Brands like Zoya and ORLY offer formulas with nylon fibers to let nails breathe.
  • Width: Skinny brushes make application easier. Wide brushes cover the nail in fewer strokes.
  • Ethics:Many brands now offer vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic nail polish options.

Prioritize characteristics important for your nail care. Always check reviews to ensure the formula delivers on its promises before purchasing.

Applying Your New Year’s Manicure

Once you’ve selected the perfect new seasonal shade, apply it properly so your manicure lasts. Here are some application tips:

  • Prep nails by removing old polish, trimming cuticles, filing into desired shape, and buffing shine from nail surface.
  • Apply a base coat first to protect nails and improve adhesion.
  • For opaque application, apply 2-3 thin coats allowing drying time between rather than 1 thick coat.
  • Use quick strokes starting in the center of the nail and sweeping outwards to each side.
  • Finish with a clear top coat to seal in color, add high-shine and protect polish from chips.
  • Wrap tips by brushing top coat over edges to help polish adhere to ends.
  • Allow 10-15 minutes final drying time before resuming activity.

With the right polish formula, application tips, and drying time, your new year’s manicure can provide a fresh look that lasts.

Caring for Your New Year’s Manicure

Make your new year’s nails last by caring for your manicure properly between polishes. Here are some tips:

  • Hand cream: Hydrate cuticles and nails regularly with cuticle oil or hand cream.
  • Gloves:Protect polish when doing heavy cleaning or dish washing by wearing rubber gloves.
  • Dry drops: Carry quick dry oil pens to revive polish and prevent chips.
  • Shorten wisely: File chips but avoid drastic length removal so the new growth stays hidden.
  • Refresh shine: Add an extra coat of clear topcoat over fading polish to renew gloss.
  • Remove properly: Never peel off polish as it can remove layers of the nail. Use remover instead.
  • Give nails a break: Allow 1-2 days polish free between manicures for nails to recover.

With some TLC between polishing, your new year’s manicure can transition smoothly into spring.


A new nail color is the perfect way to refresh your look and embrace the feelings of renewal that come with a new year. Whether you opt for an on-trend shade that complements the Pantone Color of the Year, a timelessly elegant neutral, or a color that aligns with your personal style, a new polish provides an easy update. Consider the popular colors predicted for the coming year, as well as your skin tone, nail shape, and goals for improving your overall nail care in 2023. Whichever new shade you choose, applying it properly and caring for your manicure between polishes will help you achieve nails that shine all season long.