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What color is for september?

September is the ninth month of the year and marks the beginning of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. As the leaves start changing colors and the weather begins to cool, September takes on hues of its own. But what exactly is the color for September? Let’s take a look at the meanings and associations behind this transitional month.

The Origins of September’s Colors

September’s colors stem from its natural landscape and seasonal celebrations. As one of the fall months, September is associated with earthy autumn colors like orange, brown, and red. The changing leaves provide splashes of red, orange, and yellow during September. These fiery fall hues evoke a sense of warmth as summer fades into autumn.

In addition to its seasonal colors, September has birthstones and flowers that add more color symbolism. Sapphire is the birthstone for September, radiating a rich blue. The forget-me-not flower is another September symbol, displaying light blue petals. Both the sapphire and forget-me-not represent wisdom, loyalty, and remembrance.

Calendar Colors for September

Aside from nature’s colors, certain days and causes feature colors in September. Important events, awareness campaigns, and holidays help define September with the following special colors:

Date Color Occasion
September 5 Blue International Day of Charity
September 9 Red International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day
September 10 Green World Suicide Prevention Day
September 15 Purple International Day of Democracy
September 21 Blue International Day of Peace
September 22 Black and Yellow National Centenarian’s Day
September 28 Pink World Rabies Day

As displayed in the table, each commemorative day has an official color to symbolize its cause. Charities use blue, prevention organizations wear green, and advocates choose purple to show support. These symbolic colors allow September’s calendar to burst with different hues.

Fashion Colors for September

September fashion emphasizes transitional weather styles in shades of:

Color Fashion Notes
Khaki Evokes autumn fields; pairs with dark brown
Olive Green Military-inspired for fall; goes with brown boots
Plum Rich purple complements September skin tones
Rust A warm, earthy red recalling falling leaves
Sage Green A crisp, herbal hue; contrasts nicely with navy
Burnt Orange Vibrant citrus shade symbolic of changing leaves

These versatile September colors can blend summer and fall wardrobes. They provide an earthy elegance perfect for September’s cool evenings and transitional outfits.

Symbols and Meanings of September’s Colors

Why do sapphire, blue, and purple keep appearing for September? The colors of September carry meaningful symbolism:

Color Meaning
Blue Wisdom, loyalty, calmness, truth
Brown Reliability, comfort, endurance
Green Balance, growth, health, resilience
Orange Creativity, joy, enthusiasm
Purple Nobility, ambition, wisdom
Red Love, passion, courage
Yellow Happiness, optimism, intellect

These meaningful colors reflect September’s transitional nature. As summer changes to fall, September takes on red’s passion, blue’s wisdom, and purple’s ambition towards the future. The warm colors of orange, red and yellow provide comfort, while cool greens and browns represent resilience. September’s thoughtful, vibrant palette helps inspire and rejuvenate.

How Different Cultures View September Colors

Various cultures also influence September’s significant colors:

Culture Color Meaning
China Red symbolizes joy, luck
Egypt Green represents fertility and life
Greece Orange signifies marriage, love
Japan Purple connotes privilege, wealth
Mexico Yellow represents sun, corn
United States Blue signifies stability, calm

Global perspectives add more dimension to September through distinctive cultural color meanings. These traditional associations help shape September’s varied palette worldwide.

How to Incorporate September’s Colors

Want to welcome September with its meaningful colors? Here are some ideas:

  • Decorate with orange, yellow, and red leaves, flowers, wreaths
  • Wear rich purple, blue gemstones as jewelery
  • Try fashion in september hues like olive, plum, khaki
  • Cook dishes featuring september harvest colors like orange pumpkins, purple eggplants, yellow corn, green kale
  • Sip blueberry or pomegranate beverages for antioxidants
  • Surround yourself with fall flowers like red and purple asters
  • Use social media filters featuring september colors
  • Color coordinate calendars, notebooks, planners in september tones

With so many options, September’s inspiring colors can enliven your home, wardrobe, and mood.

September Birthstones and Their Colors

In addition to sapphire, September has two other birthstones associated with certain colors:

Birthstone Color Meaning
Sapphire Blue Wisdom, loyalty
Lapis Lazuli Blue Truth, friendship
Agate Blue, brown, red, green Protection, strength

The blue shades of sapphire and lapis lazuli reflect September’s spirit of integrity and wisdom. Agate adds an earthy presence with its grounding, protective qualities. These birthstones make meaningful, colorful gifts for September-born friends.

Signature Shades for September

Just like some brands have trademark colors, September has its own signature shades:

Color September Meaning
Pantone 18-1550 TCX Autumn Maple Warm orange hue reminiscent of falling leaves
Pantone 18-4525 TPX French Blue Calming, sophisticated blue
Pantone 16-1340 TPX Hot Cinnamon Robust, earthy cinnamon color

These specific Pantone colors capture September’s seasonal spirit. From the cozy cinnamon brown to vivid maple orange, they reflect the sights and flavors of September. French blue contributes an introspective, tranquil counterpoint. Together, these signature shades synthesize September’s personality.

Colors for Zodiac Signs of September

September is also home to two zodiac signs with associated colors:

Zodiac Sign Color Traits
Virgo (August 23 – September 22) Grey Practical, analytical
Libra (September 23 – October 22) Pink Social, romantic

The discerning grey of Virgo contrasts with Libra’s charming pink hue. Together they reflect how September bridges the pragmatic and playful. Virgo’s grey gives way to Libra’s pink as the mood lightens towards the equinox.

Colors of September Festivals and Holidays

September holidays feature iconic colors that reflect their spirit:

Holiday Colors
Labor Day Red, white, blue
Rosh Hashanah White, silver, blue
Grandparent’s Day Yellow, pink, blue
Fall equinox Orange, brown, yellow

Labor Day showcases patriotic colors, while Rosh Hashanah favors white and blue for reflection. Grandparent’s Day mixes playful colors like yellow and pink before the Fall equinox ushers in earthy autumnal hues. These special occasions liven up September with their festive palettes.

The Color Yellow and September

The bright, joyful color yellow has special significance in September. As summer fades, yellow preserves the light and warmth of the sun. Some connections between yellow and September include:

  • Sunflowers and marigolds bloom in yellow
  • Yellow gourds and squash fill fall gardens
  • School buses and school supplies sport shades of yellow
  • Yellow ribbons raise awareness on special days
  • Yellow jackets and bees buzz around autumn flowers
  • Turning leaves display golden yellow hues
  • Yellow represents optimism, intellect, and energy

Radiant yellow retains summer vibrancy as the seasons shift to fall. The color captures September’s transitional nature with its invigorating glow.


September comes alive with a rich spectrum of meaningful colors. It bridges summer and fall with fiery reds, oranges, and yellows mingling with cooling greens, blues, and browns. Sapphire blue brings wisdom and integrity, while purple inspires ambition and nobility. Yellow infuses optimism and intellect as the warmth of summer gives way to autumn. Whether in nature, calendars, fashion, or celebrations, color helps reflect the spirit of September. Harnessing September’s diverse palette can help you appreciate the transition into a new season.