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What is a dark purplish red color crossword?

What is a dark purplish red color crossword?

Dark purplish red is a rich, deep color that combines the depth of purple with the boldness of red. It’s an elegant, mysterious shade that has been associated with luxury, royalty, spirituality, and creativity throughout history. In crosswords and other word puzzles, “dark purplish red” is used to clue a specific color word. Let’s explore the crossword possibilities for this evocative hue.

What Are Some Synonyms for Dark Purplish Red?

There are a few key terms that crossword creators use to indicate a deep, reddish purple:


Maroon is perhaps the most common word used in crosswords to indicate a dark reddish-purple. It’s been used to describe rich fabric dyes since the early 17th century. Maroon derives from the French word “marron” meaning chestnut, referencing the deep reddish-brown color of chestnuts. It’s a go-to color word with 5 letters, making it crossword friendly.


Burgundy is a shade of dark purplish red inspired by the wines from the Burgundy region of France. Like maroon, it has a sophisticated, luxurious feeling. Burgundy is 9 letters, a bit longer than some crossword answers but still a likely option.


Magenta is a vivid purplish-red that was one of the four original aniline dyes named after the 1859 battle of Magenta. It continues to be a common color for printing and design. With 7 letters, magenta makes a solid crossword choice to indicate a bold reddish purple.


Mulberry describes a dark purple-red hue named after the fruits of the mulberry tree. While not as common as maroon or magenta, its 8 letters fill the need for a reddish-purple color word.


Cordovan is a rich shade of purplish-red inspired by the leather made of horse hides in Cordova, Spain. This elegant color word offers 8 crossword-friendly letters.


Pomegranate references the deep red seeds of a pomegranate fruit. As a color, it expresses a dark reddish purple. With 10 letters, it’s on the long side for a crossword but still possible.


Sangria conjures images of a red wine punch, giving it a natural reddish-purple association. This spirited 7-letter word works nicely.


Carmine is a brilliant crimson red hue that takes its name from the carminic acid dye derived from cochineal insects. It offers 7 potential crossword letters.


While ruby more strictly refers to a bluish red gemstone, the word can also indicate a general rich, reddish color. The 4-letter length makes it nice and short for crossword cluing.

What Are Some Clues for Dark Purplish Red?

Now let’s look at some example crossword clues for dark purplish red:

  • “Bordeaux hue” could clue burgundy
  • “Color of red wine” might point to sangria or burgundy
  • “Raspberry or cranberry shade” could reference maroon
  • “Rich red-violet” could indicate mulberry or carmine
  • “Deep crimson” might lead to magenta
  • “Vivid purplish red dye” could clue magenta or carmine
  • “Reddish purple prized by royals” might point to all options, especially burgundy
  • “Dark red purple fruit” could signify mulberry or pomegranate

Of course, more cryptic or punny clues are also popular:

  • “Color following nine down” could define maroon if 9D is CRIMSON
  • “Blood-red month” might clue MARch referencing maroon
  • “Wine from a 59-Across region” could indicate BURGUNDy linked to a France clue
  • “Fabric in a royal portrait by 25-Across” might reference erMINE and lead to MAGENTA

What Are Some Related Crossword Answers?

Other crossword answers related to dark purplish red that solvers may encounter include:


A vivid red color verging on purple.


A soft purple tinged with red or pink.


A vivid purplish-red color.


Clues a reddish-purple drink.


References the purple fruit.


A soft purple shade named after the flower.


A deep purple named after the vegetable.


A purple variety of quartz gemstone.

In Conclusion

When a crossword asks for a “dark purplish red” color, solvers have a rich palette of options like maroon, burgundy, magenta, mulberry, and more. The clues may directly reference red-purple hues or hint at them through wine, fabrics, gems, plants, and other linked concepts. With its regal, mystical associations, a dark purplish red shade is always an elegant choice, for crosswords or interior design alike!