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How rare are Kyber crystals?

How rare are Kyber crystals?

Kyber crystals are an extremely rare and valuable energy source in the Star Wars universe. They are most famously used to power lightsabers, but have many other applications as well. But just how rare and hard to find are Kyber crystals?

What are Kyber crystals?

Kyber crystals are force-attuned crystals that grow on several planets across the Star Wars galaxy. They are most notably found on the icy planets of Ilum and Christophsis. Kyber crystals contain a powerful energy and luminosity that can be harnessed in many ways. When a Jedi bonds with a Kyber crystal through the force, it powers their lightsaber and gives the blade its unique color.

In their natural state, Kyber crystals are colorless until they are bonded with a Jedi. Once bonded, they take on various colors like blue, green, purple or red. Besides lightsabers, Kyber crystals have other uses as well. They were used to power the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, the Death Star’s superlaser, and Starkiller Base’s weapon system. The First Order also uses Kyber crystals to make lightsaber rifles.

Where are Kyber crystals found?

Kyber crystals are only found on scattered planets, usually in the Unknown Regions or Wild Space of the Star Wars galaxy. The most famous Kyber crystal source is the icy planet of Ilum located in the Unknown Regions. Ilum’s remote and frigid mountain caves were the primary source of Kyber crystals for the Jedi Order for centuries. The Jedi had special gathering rituals where young Jedi would harvest crystals from Ilum’s perilous crystal caves.

Another major source of Kyber crystals is the planet Christophsis located in the Outer Rim. Christophsis has towering crystal mountains and dense crystal deposits making it an ideal Kyber crystal source. Other planets like Jedha, Dantooine, and Mygeeto are also known to contain small Kyber crystal deposits.

How rare are Kyber crystals?

Kyber crystals are very rare across the Star Wars galaxy. They only grow naturally in a handful of planets that Jedi and Sith must seek out. Kyber crystals do not occur naturally on most inhabited worlds. According to Star Wars lore, there are less than a hundred planets with significant Kyber crystal formations.

Within those scarce planets, Kyber crystals form in very specific environmental conditions. On Ilum, they grow in the planet’s icy caves and crevices through the force. Mining Kyber crystals is extremely difficult and requires force-sensitivity due to the crystals’ force attunement. This rarity makes Kyber crystals invaluable for Jedi constructing lightsabers.

During the Age of the Empire, Kyber crystals became even rarer. After the Empire seized control of Ilum and other planets, mining efforts were increased to power the Death Star superlaser. Entire crystal formations were stripped from planets like Jedha. The First Order continued this depletion of Kyber crystals into the Age of Resistance to power their Starkiller Base.

Estimates on the rarity of Kyber crystals

It’s estimated in the expanded Star Wars universe that Kyber crystals only grow on less than 1% of the galaxy’s planets. Exact numbers are hard to verify, but the most generous estimates say at most 200 planets may contain Kyber crystals.

However, the number of planets with large scale Kyber crystal deposits suitable for mining is much smaller, likely less than 50 in the galaxy. Jedi records document only 35 verified planets ever surveyed that contained substantial Kyber crystal caves or formations.

Planets Known to Contain Kyber Crystals
Starkiller Base

While more planets likely contain smaller Kyber crystal deposits, known sources are few. And many of those planets have had their crystal caves stripped and depleted over millennia.

Why are Kyber crystals so rare?

The scarcity of Kyber crystals in the galaxy comes down to two main factors – how they form and how difficult they are to extract.

First, Kyber crystals can only form under very specific environmental conditions. They require tremendous shifts in geological pressure and temperature to grow within planets. These conditions rarely occur naturally within the narrow habitable range on most planets. That’s why they are limited to unusually volatile planets like Ilum and Christophsis.

Second, Kyber crystals have a strong force attunement, making them difficult to extract, transport, and process. Only force wielders like the Jedi and Sith can safely harvest Kyber crystals. And they require intricate rituals to bond with the crystals through the force. This makes mining and refining Kyber crystals nearly impossible without force-sensitivity.

Together, these two factors severely limit the supply of Kyber crystals across the galaxy. While the Jedi had access to enough crystals to build their lightsabers, major military applications were long prevented by the extreme scarcity of Kyber crystal resources.

How has Kyber crystal scarcity affected the Star Wars galaxy?

The rarity of Kyber crystals has had profound effects on the Star Wars galaxy:

  • Restricted number of Jedi lightsabers – Jedi ranks were limited by how many Kyber crystals could be harvested from the few productive sources like Ilum.
  • Delayed development of superweapons – Scarce Kyber crystals long prevented the development of planet-destroying superlasers by the Empire and First Order.
  • Motivation for planet-stripping mining – Once superlaser technology became viable, the Empire and First Order mined entire planets like Jedha completely dry of crystals.
  • Competition and conflict over productive sources – Control of the rare Kyber crystal sources often changed hands between Republic, Empire, and First Order.
  • Advances in synthetic crystal technology – Because natural Kyber crystals were so scarce, the Empire and First Order researched methods to artificially grow synthetic versions.
  • Disruption of Jedi training rituals – Jedi struggles to find new Kyber crystal sources after the Empire seized control of Ilum and other planets.

In summary, the extreme scarcity of Kyber crystals has directly shaped the balance of power and development of technology in the Star Wars universe. Their rarity made them precious resources that could determine the fate of entire planets when properly harnessed.

Are Kyber crystals the rarest resource in Star Wars?

Kyber crystals are certainly one of the rarest significant resources in the Star Wars galaxy, but whether they are the absolute rarest is debatable. Several other rare resources include:

Adegan crystals

Like Kyber crystals, Adegan crystals are force-attuned lightsaber crystals that only grow on a few planets like Cerea and Ilum. They were more common during the ancient Jedi Order but diminished over time. The rarest type of Adegan crystal is the Kaiburr crystal, one of which was used by Luke Skywalker’s original lightsaber.


Ultrachrome is an extremely durable metal used to build lightsabers. It has unique anti-corrosive properties but only occurs naturally in massive protostars making it very hard to mine and refine.


Carbonite is used for freezing purposes across the Star Wars galaxy, most famously to freeze Han Solo. It only forms under very specific planetary conditions, limiting viable sources.

Nexus Route coordinates

For hyperspace travel, secret Nexus Route coordinates can provide safe and efficient paths. But they are incredibly rare after the Galactic Empire classified most routes. Only smugglers and pirates use what few Nexus coordinates still remain.

Rarest Resources in the Star Wars Galaxy
Kyber Crystals
Adegan Crystals
Nexus Route Coordinates

While all these resources are incredibly scarce, Kyber crystals may well be the absolute rarest of them all. Their unique force attunement makes them harder to harvest than even precious metals like ultrachrome. And unlike secret hyperspace routes, they cannot be rediscovered once depleted from a planet. This perfect storm of rarity makes Kyber crystals perhaps the most precious resource in all of Star Wars.


Kyber crystals are an extremely rare and valuable resource in the Star Wars galaxy due to the unique conditions required for their formation and the difficulty of extracting them. They grow on less than 1% of known planets and require Jedi rituals and force sensitivity to harvest safely. Their scarcity has profound impacts on the Jedi, Empire, First Order, and the development of superweapons. Kyber crystals may well be the absolute rarest usable resource in Star Wars, making them invaluable and a constant source of struggle between factions seeking to harness their immense power.