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What goes with purple silver or gold?

Purple, silver, and gold are popular colors that can look beautiful together in fashion and home decor. But which metallic pairs best with purple? Here’s a quick breakdown of what goes with purple – silver or gold:

Quick Answer

Both silver and gold complement purple nicely, but silver tends to be the most versatile metallic to pair with different shades of purple. Silver creates a cooler, more modern look, while gold is warmer and more traditional. For lighter purples, silver is best. For darker purples like eggplant and wine, gold has the edge to prevent the palette from feeling too cold.

Silver & Purple

Silver goes beautifully with light, bright, and medium purple shades like lilac, lavender, orchid, and plum. The soft metallic sheen of silver flatters these cooler-toned purples. Together they create an elegant, ethereal, and modern color combination. Silver also pairs well with pale mauve and thistle shades.

Here are some key reasons silver complements purple so well:

  • Silver’s cool tone works with lighter purple hues
  • Creates a modern, sophisticated look
  • Flatters a wide range of purple shades
  • Adds luminosity and interest

In fashion, silver jewelry and accessories are extremely versatile with different purple outfits and styles. For example, silver heels, handbags, and jewels accent a pastel purple dress beautifully. Sterling silver or platinum jewelry also complements corporate attire in purple and lilac tones.

In interiors, silver finishes and accents pair attractively with purple walls, furniture, fabrics, and decor. Chrome, nickel, and stainless steel finishes on fixtures, appliances, and hardware coordinate with purple color schemes. Mirrored surfaces and silver candle holders also catch and reflect light beautifully with purple palettes.

Gold & Purple

Gold also pairs wonderfully with certain shades of purple, most notably deeper, richer purple hues like eggplant, wine, and regal purple. The warm metallic tone of gold flatters and elevates these darker purple tones. Together they create a luxurious, elegant, and refined ambiance.

Here are some top reasons gold works with rich purple shades:

  • Gold’s warmth balances deeper purple tones
  • Creates an elegant, upscale look
  • Ideal for regal, luxurious purple hues
  • Adds richness and flair

In fashion, gold jewelry, shoes, handbags, and accessories really make bold purple outfits pop. Gold tone metallics pair perfectly with eggplant, plum, wine, and deep magenta purple fabrics. Gold, bronze, and copper metallic accents also complement purple gowns for formal events.

For interiors, gold finishes, lighting fixtures, hardware, and decor add a touch of splendor and sophistication to darker purple color schemes. Brass, gold-tone bronze, and aged copper work well in this palette. Dark wood furniture also coordinates beautifully with wine purple walls and gold accents.

Silver, Gold & Purple: Key Considerations

When deciding whether to pair silver or gold with different shades of purple, here are some key considerations:

  • Purple’s undertone – Cooler purples work better with silver. Warmer purples coordinate best with gold. Pay attention to subtle undertones.
  • Depth of purple hue – Light and bright purples look more modern and ethereal with silver. Dark and deep purples look richer with gold.
  • Style & mood desired – Silver creates a more sleek, modern look. Gold makes a more elegant, opulent statement.
  • Personal preference – Some people just prefer silver over gold or vice versa. Go with what you’re drawn to.
  • Mixing metallics – It’s also beautiful to mix silver and gold with purple for extra richness.

Trust your eye and experiment to see which metal tones you prefer with your favorite purple fabrics, paint colors, and accessories.

Using Silver, Gold & Purple in Fashion

Silver and gold both complement purple beautifully in fashion. Here are some tips for wearing these color combinations:

  • Pair silver jewelry with lighter purple clothing – lilac tops, lavender dresses, pale purple sweaters, etc.
  • Wear gold jewelry and accessories with richer, darker purple clothing – eggplant, plum, wine colors.
  • Mix silver and gold metals together for extra interest.
  • Add pops of purple accessories – purses, scarves, shoes – to neutral outfits with silver or gold jewelry.
  • Look for purple clothing with subtle metallic accents – silver embroidery, gold buttons, metallic purple fabrics.
  • Incorporate metallic purple fabrics and accents – a great way to blend both metals and purple together.

Avoid overdoing the mix by pairing loud purple prints with loud metals – aim for balance. For black tie events, deep purple gowns with gold jewelry is a luxurious, elegant look.

Example Fashion Pairings

  • Lilac blouse + silver hoop earrings + grey trousers
  • Violet sweater dress + silver heels + platinum necklace
  • Eggplant skirt suit + gold belt + gold watch
  • Wine cocktail dress + gold cuff bracelet + gold strappy heels

Incorporating Silver, Gold & Purple in Home Decor

Silver and gold accents beautifully enhance purple home decor. Here are some tips:

  • Paint walls lighter purple colors like lilac, lavender, or pale orchid. Use silver-toned light fixtures, silver/chrome furniture, mirrors.
  • Paint walls bold eggplant, plum, or wine purple. Use gold-toned light fixtures, brass/bronze furniture accents, aged copper mirrors.
  • Use metallic purple fabrics – cushions, throws, drapes. Coordinate with silver and gold accents.
  • Mix silver and gold metals together – silver table base + gold table top, brass light fixture + silver mirror frame, etc.
  • Add pops of purple accessories – vases, candles, flowers – to rooms with silver and gold color schemes.

Aim for a harmonious balance so the metallic accents enhance but don’t overwhelm the purple. The purple should remain the star.

Example Room Decor Pairings

  • Lilac walls + silver leaf side table + silver velvet sofa + chrome floor lamp
  • Regal purple curtains + gold chandelier + dark wood dining table + brass candlesticks
  • Eggplant accent wall + oil-rubbed bronze desk + purple and gold area rug


Silver and gold both beautifully complement purple color palettes. Silver flatters lighter and cooler purple shades, lending a modern elegance. Gold excels at balancing deeper, warmer purple hues, creating a luxurious feel. In fashion, aim for harmony and add metallic pops of jewelry and accessories. For home decor, use metallic accents to highlight and enrich purple walls, furnishings and fabrics. Trust your eye and explore how silver and gold can enhance your favorite purple shades.