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What goes with forest green and yellow?

What goes with forest green and yellow?

When decorating with the colors forest green and yellow, it’s important to consider which shades will work well together. Forest green can range from a deep emerald tone to a light sage green. Bright lemon yellow has a different effect than soft buttercup yellow. Taking the time to find the right hue combination will result in a cohesive and pleasing color scheme.

Quick Answers

Here are some quick ideas for what goes well with forest green and yellow:

  • Warm woods like oak, maple, and pine complement the earthy tones of forest green.
  • Black and white act as classic neutrals that make the green and yellow pop.
  • Shades of taupe, beige, tan, and khaki add subtle contrast.
  • Metallic accents like bronze, gold, and copper play up the warm undertones.
  • Cream and light blue are soft counterparts to bright yellow.
  • Navy blue makes a sophisticated pairing with forest green.

Considering Color Theory

Looking at basic color theory can help guide your color pairing decisions. Forest green is a rich, dark shade that sits opposite yellow on the color wheel. These complementary colors create high visual contrast when placed together in a room. Too much can feel jarring, so use them strategically in accent pieces or artwork instead of wall colors.

Monochromatic schemes involve different shades, tones, and tints of green. For example, combine forest green with sage, olive, and lime green for a soothing natural palette. Adding textures like nubby linen or smooth velvet adds depth.

Analogous combinations use hues located right next to each other on the color wheel, like yellow-green and yellow-orange with forest green. This creates a vibrant yet cohesive look. Dijon yellow, ochre, and persimmon blend beautifully with shades of green.

Split complementary schemes work well, using forest green with yellow-orange and blue-violet. The contrast is less harsh than complementary colors but still bold and eye-catching.


When using forest green and yellow in furniture, stick with one as the dominant color and use the other sparingly for accents. For example, upholster a sofa in forest green and add yellow throw pillows. Or paint a dresser yellow and swap the knobs for green crystal ones. Here are some specific furniture ideas:

  • Wingback chair in deep green with brass nailhead trim
  • Bench cushion in olive green with yellow piping detail
  • Vintage dresser painted mustard yellow
  • Pine bookcase with sage green back wall
  • Overstuffed couch with forest green and yellow paisley print
  • Yellow armchair with green botanical pillows

Wall Color

When using forest green and yellow on walls, stick to one color per room for a clean, crisp look. Green tends to feel more modern, while yellow takes on a vintage cottage vibe. Smart combinations include:

  • Sage green walls in dining room, lemon yellow ceiling
  • Deep green accent wall in bedroom, buttercream walls
  • Pale green walls in kitchen, yellow tile backsplash
  • Lime green cabinetry in bathroom, neutral walls
  • Yellow entryway walls, green front door

Home Decor

Use home decor accessories to tie green and yellow together throughout a space. Varying shades and patterns prevent it from feeling overwhelming. Try these ideas:

  • Throw blanket in yellow and green stripe
  • Area rug with abstract emerald and citron design
  • Table lamp with chartreuse shade and forest green base
  • Pillows in mustard velvet and hunter green linen
  • Fresh-cut flowers like roses, tulips, ranunculus
  • Dishware and glassware with green and yellow tones

Art and Wall Decor

Incorporate green and yellow into artwork for impact. Handmade ceramics like planters, vases, and bowls allow you to precisely control the colors. Also consider:

  • Botanical prints and paintings
  • Abstract or geometrical designs
  • Photographs of green landscapes, yellow flowers
  • Paintings of fruits like limes, apples, pears
  • Framed vintage seed packet designs
  • Tribal or boho tapestry with green and yellow accents

Window Treatments

Add pops of green or yellow to windows to let the light stream in. Sheer linen or cotton curtains in neutral hues prevent bold colors from feeling overwhelming. Ideas include:

  • Yellow roman shades with green trim
  • White curtains with emerald green tie-backs
  • Sage green roll-up bamboo blinds
  • Khaki pleated drapes with lime green curtain rod
  • Sheer ecru curtains with yellow tassel details

Kitchen and Dining Areas

The kitchen and dining room are great spaces to liven up with forest green and yellow. Use one color in a light shade on the walls or cabinetry, then layer in accessories. Ideas include:

  • Lime green kitchen island
  • Chartreuse bar stools
  • Mustard yellow pendant lights
  • Sage green plates and yellow cloth napkins
  • Centerpiece with yellow flowers and green foliage
  • Serving trays and trivets in green and yellow
  • Yellow table runner on wood dining table


Yellow and green pair nicely in bathrooms, which are often painted neutral colors like white or beige. Add interest with:

  • Forest green bath mats and yellow towels
  • Sage green walls and lemon yellow shower curtain
  • Vintage yellow stool and green ceramic vessel sink
  • Subway tile backsplash using sage and citron tiles
  • Green and yellow abstract print shower curtain
  • Yellow soap dispenser and green countertop containers


Incorporate forest green and yellow into bedrooms in soothing, relaxing ways. Ideas include:

  • Olive green headboard with lemon pillows
  • Vintage yellow side table with green ceramic lamp
  • Sage green bedding with yellow leaf print
  • Hunter green armchair with yellow pillow in reading nook
  • Yellow curtains and forest green accent wall
  • Citron yellow throw blanket at foot of dark green bed

Home Offices

Boost creativity and energy in home offices with green and yellow accents. Ideas:

  • Green desk or yellow desk chair
  • Bulletin board with green and yellow polka dot fabric
  • Forest green file cabinets
  • Lime green desk organizer
  • Yellow stapler, tape dispenser, and pen cup
  • Mint green lamp
  • Yellow legal pad on green leather desk pad

Outdoor Areas

Bring the colors outside to patios, porches, and gardens. Ideas include:

  • Green and yellow accent pillows
  • Planters painted in green and yellow
  • Outdoor rug in green and yellow stripes
  • Citron dishes and sage green glasses
  • Yellow sun umbrellas and green cushions
  • Green and yellow blooming plants like daffodils


The bold, lively combination of forest green and yellow brings energy wherever it goes. Nature offers beautiful inspiration for pairing shades of green and yellow together in harmony. Keep the look cohesive by choosing the right hue and value combinations and limiting the pairing to accents and artwork against neutral backgrounds. The result will be a welcoming, vibrant home. With so many options for implementing forest green and yellow, you’re sure to find the perfect way to use these colors to liven up your home.