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What energy is indigo?

What energy is indigo?

Indigo is a deep and rich color between the traditional spectrum colors of blue and violet that has long been associated with spirituality, intuition, and psychic abilities. But what exactly is indigo energy and how does it relate to the 7 chakras or energy centers in the body? In this article, we’ll explore what indigo energy represents, associated symbolism and meaning, how to tap into your indigo chakra, and signs that you are an indigo person.

What is the Indigo Chakra?

The indigo chakra, sometimes referred to as the third eye or brow chakra, is the 6th chakra located in between the eyebrows. It is associated with intuition, imagination, wisdom, and the ability to think and make decisions. Activating and opening the indigo chakra allows us to tap into our inner knowledge, understand the deeper meaning of things, and see the big picture.

Indigo Color Meaning and Symbolism

The color indigo has long been associated with spiritual powers in many cultures and religions. Here is an overview of the symbolic meaning behind the color indigo:

– Wisdom and intuition – Indigo represents the inward focus required to access deeper wisdom and trusting your intuitive insights.

– Third eye – Associated with the third eye chakra and opening to your psychic abilities. It enhances spiritual vision.

– Cool, calm and tranquil – The darker hue invokes a sense of depth, calmness, and introspection.

– Mystical and magical – Often used to represent the supernatural, mystical and magical realms.

– Divine truth – Believed to invoke higher wisdom and profound truths from divine sources.

– Royalty and luxury – Purple dyes were historically expensive, so indigo color was associated with royalty, luxury, and opulence.

– Creativity – Stimulates right brain activity and higher consciousness conducive to creative work.

– Independence – Individuality, visionary leadership, and independent thinking.

How to Activate and Balance Your Indigo Chakra

Here are some tips for activating, opening, and keeping your indigo chakra balanced:

– Meditation – Practice third eye meditation focusing on the point between your brows. Visualize the color indigo.

– Use indigo crystals like lapis lazuli, sodalite, azurite. Place them on your third eye during meditation.

– Essential oils – Try sandalwood, lavender, peppermint to stimulate the mind and intuition. Inhale or apply to third eye area.

– Open and release – If you feel blocked, place a warm compress on the area to relax muscles and open energy flow.

– Cut distractions – Reduce overstimulation from electronics, social media, etc. to improve concentration.

– Practice grounding – Also focus on earthing through your root chakra to stay balanced and centered.

– Make vision boards – Tap into your imagination and inner vision by making vision boards to manifest goals.

– Engage your third eye – Do activities that stimulate your imagination, insight, and perception.

– Trust your intuition – Listen to your gut instincts more to strengthen your intuitive wisdom over time.

Signs You Are an Indigo Person

Indigo people are thought to have natural gifts related to intuition, empathy, wisdom, and creativity. Here are some common traits and signs that you may be an indigo adult or child:

Strong intuition You have excellent instincts and can easily read between the lines.
Innate wisdom You have a deep understanding of life beyond your years.
Seeker of truth You continually search for deeper meaning and inner wisdom.
Idealistic views You hold high standards and desire to implement change.
Sense of knowing You just know things without knowing how you know them.
Psychic abilities You have premonitions and psychic experiences.
Visionary You are a big picture thinker and visionary.
Creative You express yourself through creative outlets.
Empathetic You deeply feel what others around you feel.
See auras You can see energy fields around people.
Need solitude You need alone time to recharge your energies.
Sense of purpose You feel you are here for a reason to help others.
Alienation You often feel like an outsider who doesn’t fit in.
Rebellious You challenge the status quo and think outside the box.

If this resonates with you, you may be an indigo adult or child tapping into the higher frequencies and spiritual gifts associated with indigo energy. Nurture these talents through spiritual practices like meditation, energy work, art, and just trusting your own inner guidance.

Developing Your Indigo Abilities and Gifts

Here are some tips for further cultivating and developing your indigo color abilities:

– Practice seeing auras – Try sensing human auras in different situations to strengthen your third eye skills. Notice colors, textures, patterns.

– Read others’ emotions – Tune into people’s emotional states and energy signatures, then check if your perceptions are accurate.

– Meditate often – Daily meditation helps develop all psychic abilities and spiritual gifts over time.

– Try automatic writing – Write intuitively without thinking to access your higher wisdom and make direct connections.

– Learn energy healing – Study reiki, pranic healing, or therapeutic touch to heal with your hands.

– Take psychic development classes – Find both online and in-person classes to practice your extrasensory perception.

– Read tarot or oracle cards – Work on your clairvoyance skills by interpreting the cards/symbols using your intuition.

– Channel your guides – Try channeling messages and information from your spirit guides.

– Trust your vibes about people and situations – Don’t overanalyze your first instincts on things.

– Keep a dream journal – Record dreams to notice psychic visions or messages that come through.

– Protect your energy – Shield yourself from negative energy to prevent absorbing others’ energy.

The more you work with your indigo gifts, the stronger they become over time. Stay open and tuned in, push past limiting beliefs, and trust the mystical insights that come through.

Finding Community as an Indigo Person

Since indigo people often feel like outsiders in society, finding community with fellow indigos can provide valuable connection, support, and spiritual growth. Here are some ways to connect:

– Online forums – Search for indigo, crystal children, starseed, or psychic forums to share experiences.

– In-person meetups – Find or create local meetup groups for spiritual practices like yoga, meditation, reiki shares.

– Psychic fairs & expos – Check out fairs focused on metaphysical topics to find like-minded people.

– Lightworker networks – Follow indigo thought leaders on social media and join their online networks.

– Holistic centers – Visit new age shops, holistic centers, yoga studios to meet fellow intuitives.

– Retreats – Look for spiritual, meditation, or psychic retreats to gain knowledge.

– Online classes – Enroll in webinars, e-courses to learn new abilities and interact with participants.

– Look for kindred spirits – Notice people you resonate with and reveal more of your true nature to connect.

Finding support systems helps you share your experiences without judgment, learn from others, and continue elevating your consciousness. Surrounding yourself with positive, open-minded indigos will nourish your soul.


Indigo energy encompasses the higher intuitive gifts and mystical abilities associated with the third eye chakra and deep blue-violet spectrum of color. By tapping into your indigo essence through spiritual practices, energy work, creativity, and community, you can unlock profound wisdom, view the world through an expanded lens, and fulfill your soul purpose to help uplift humanity. If indigo resonates as part of your being, have courage to walk your own path and shine your light brightly!