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What are the hex and RGB values for the color navy blue?

What are the hex and RGB values for the color navy blue?

Navy blue is a very common color that has been used for centuries. It got its name from the dark blue uniforms worn by officers of the British Royal Navy since 1748 and subsequently adopted by other navies around the world. Navy blue represents the deep, rich shade of the deep sea and is strongly associated with authority, power, and intelligence. In this article, we will look at the specific hex and RGB values that define the color navy blue.

Definition of Hex and RGB Color Values

Before diving into the exact values for navy blue, it is helpful to understand what hex and RGB color formats represent.

Hex color values are six-character hexadecimal numbers that specify the red, green, and blue components of a particular color. Hex values range from 00 to FF for each of the RGB components. So a hex color code looks something like #112233 where each pair of digits represents the intensity of red, green, and blue.

RGB color values specify the same red, green, and blue components as hex codes but instead use decimal numbers ranging from 0 to 255. So an RGB color code looks something like rgb(17,34,51) where each number represents the intensity of red, green, and blue.

Both hex and RGB values are widely used in web design, graphic design, programming, and digital imaging. While hex codes are more concise, RGB values can sometimes be easier to visualize as they directly relate to the red, green, and blue components.

Standard Navy Blue Hex Values

There are a few common hex values considered to be the true navy blue color:

– #000080
– #00005E
– #212121

The hex code #000080 is the most basic navy blue shade. The lack of any red or green values gives this color its deep, pure blue appearance. The full saturation of blue creates a very dark navy tone.

#00005E is slightly brighter than #000080 but still a very deep, rich navy with no traces of other colors. It is just slightly brighter for increased visibility and vibrance.

#212121 is darker than the other two shades and has very little visible blue due to the decreased saturation. This makes it closer to a true black while retaining a very subtle navy tint.

All three of these popular hex codes are excellent representations of the classic navy blue people imagine when thinking of this color. They have subtle differences in darkness and blue saturation but are clearly recognizable as navy shades.

Standard Navy Blue RGB Values

The RGB color values that correspond to the main navy blue hex codes are:

– rgb(0,0,128) – For #000080
– rgb(0,0,94) – For #00005E
– rgb(33,33,33) – For #212121

As you can see, the RGB values directly correspond to the hex values but in a decimal format separated into the distinct red, green, and blue components.

The rgb(0,0,128) navy blue has no red or green but full blue saturation. This aligns with the deep #000080 navy hex code.

rgb(0,0,94) reduces the blue slightly to 94 while keeping red and green at zero, matching the slightly lighter #00005E hex value.

And rgb(33,33,33) is a near black with minimal blue tint coming through, corresponding to the very dark #212121 navy hex code.

Hex Code RGB Value
#000080 rgb(0,0,128)
#00005E rgb(0,0,94)
#212121 rgb(33,33,33)

Variations of Navy Blue

While the hex and RGB values discussed above are considered the true standard navy blues, there are many possible variations of this color. Slight changes in hue, brightness, and saturation can produce different shades of navy.

Some examples include:

– #002060 – More purple-toned navy
– #0066CC – Brighter, saturated navy
– #342D7E – Dull, darkened navy
– #273F5B – Faded navy with a slight teal tint

Hex Code RGB Value
#002060 rgb(0,32,96)
#0066CC rgb(0,102,204)
#342D7E rgb(52,45,126)
#273F5B rgb(39,63,91)

The flexibility of hex and RGB color formats allows for a wide range of navy shades. By adjusting one or more values, designers can achieve slightly different takes on navy to suit their specific needs. But the core standard navy blues remain #000080, #00005E, #212121 and their RGB equivalents.

Navy Blue in Design and Fashion

Navy blue is an extremely popular color in design and fashion because of its attractive visual appeal and cultural associations. Here are some of the most prominent uses of navy colors:

– **Business attire** – Navy suits and professional wear convey trust, confidence, and professionalism. Navy is less severe than black but still authoritative.

– **Uniforms** – Navy is frequently used for uniforms including police, flight attendants, medical professionals, janitors, and delivery personnel. The color projects competence and trustworthiness.

– **Nautical fashion** – As the color of naval uniforms, navy has become intrinsically linked to nautical and preppy fashion. It fits well with white, khaki, yellow, and red accents.

– **Web design** – Web developers commonly use navy for fonts, backgrounds, borders, and accents. It has high contrast and visibility for text.

– **Interior design** – Navy works well for furniture, carpets, walls, and decor accents. It creates a soothing, cozy ambience with a touch of sophistication.

Psychological Effects of Navy Blue

The psychological effects and cultural associations of navy blue include:

– **Authority** – As mentioned, navy conveys authority, power, and competence. It commands respect.

– **Professionalism** – In business contexts, navy denotes professionalism, intelligence, capability, and organization.

– **Masculinity** – Navy has traditionally been seen as a masculine color and is strongly associated with the male gender.

– **Calmness** – More so than black, navy can create a calm, peaceful ambience. Its darker tone is soothing and stabilizing.

– **Sophistication** – Navy is considered a refined, cultivated color. It has an air of knowledge and wisdom.

– **Mystery** – The depth of navy can evoke mystery, intrigue, and the unknown. Think dark night skies.

Psychology sees navy as practical yet creative, stimulating yet composed. It embodies masculinity with subtle feminine undertones. Overall, it is a versatile, attractive color with depth of meaning.


Navy blue is defined by several principal hex codes including #000080, #00005E, and #212121 along with their RGB equivalents. These deep, pure blues capture the essence of classic navy. But variations exist by modifying the hex or RGB values to achieve different hues, saturations, and shades. Navy remains an extremely popular color choice for designs and fashion due to its visual appeal and masculine, sophisticated personality. It commands authority and respect while promoting calmness and productivity. Navy blue’s rich history and associations make it a quintessential color that spans cultures, fields, and centuries, from military uniforms to web interfaces. For designers, knowledge of the exact hex and RGB values of navy blue empowers you to utilize this color effectively.