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What does color extend brownlights do?

Color extend brownlights is a haircolor service offered at many salons that helps extend the life of brown haircolor and enhance shine and depth of color. The service deposits tiny amounts of color pigment into the hair to refresh faded brown tones and make it appear more vibrant. Here’s a closer look at what color extend brownlights can do for your hair:

Refreshes Faded Brown Haircolor

Over time, the melanin pigments in brown haircolor fade and oxidize, causing the shade to look dull, flat, and worn out. Color extend brownlights are designed to refresh and reinvigorate the color. The service deposits small amounts of brown color pigment into the hair to restore the richness and dimension. This helps bring brown hair back to life and make it look freshly colored again.

Enhances Shine and Adds Depth

In addition to boosting color, color extend brownlights also enhance shine and add depth to the hair. The tiny amounts of color help reflect light to make brown hair look shinier and more vibrant. The service can also add dimensions of light and dark brown tones to make the overall color appear richer and more dynamic.

Lasts 4-6 Weeks

Color extend brownlights are not permanent and will gradually fade out over time. However, the results typically last for 4-6 weeks before a refresh is needed. This makes it a great option for those who want to extend the time between full haircolor services. It’s much more affordable than getting a full redo every 4-6 weeks.

Minimizes Regrowth Contrast

For those with darker natural regrowth, color extend brownlights can help minimize the demarcation line. The tiny amounts of color deposited at the roots and along the lengths help softly blur and blend regrowth. This keeps brown haircolor looking seamless as it grows out.

Low Commitment Service

One of the benefits of color extend brownlights is that it’s not a major commitment. Since it’s depositing small amounts of color, there’s no drastic change or damage done to the hair. For those wanting a subtle color boost between full haircolor services, it’s an ideal low commitment option.

Ideal for All Brown Shades

Color extend brownlights work well for all shades of brown hair, from light brown to dark brunette. The color pigments can be customized to match and enhance every level of brown. Whether you want to boost light chocolate brown or refresh a deep espresso shade, the service can refresh and enhance every variation.

Works for Natural and Colored Hair

You don’t have to have chemically colored hair to get color extend brownlights. The service works equally well on natural brown hair to boost shine and richness. It can also be used on color-treated brown hair in between full color appointments.

Enhances Partial Highlights

For those with brown hair and partial highlights, color extend brownlights help keep the highlights vibrant and bright. The tiny amounts of color refresh the highlights and lighten up any areas that may have become brassy or dull. This keeps highlights looking fresh and bright.

Preserves Hair Health

Unlike all-over permanent color, color extend brownlights don’t require a lot of chemical processing. This makes the service gentle on hair and helps preserve the integrity and health of strands. For those concerned with hair damage, it’s an optimal way to refresh color with minimal stress to the hair.

How It’s Done

When getting color extend brownlights, your stylist will first shampoo and condition the hair. They’ll then apply a demi-permanent brown color all over, using a brush to paint on small amounts of color. The formula is massaged in and allowed to process for 5-15 minutes before rinsing. This deposits the necessary amount of color to refresh brown tones and enhance shine and depth.

Ideal Candidates

Color extend brownlights work best on the following candidates:

  • Those with faded or dull brown hair seeking a refresh
  • Individuals wanting to extend time between full color services
  • People aiming to minimize regrowth contrast at the roots
  • Clients with partial highlights needing a boost in vibrancy
  • Anyone seeking subtle color results with no major commitment


To maintain the results of color extend brownlights, most people need touch-ups every 4-6 weeks. Your stylist can advise you on how often you should schedule maintenance appointments. Using professional shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair will also help maximize results between salon visits.


On average, color extend brownlights cost $60-100 per service. The exact price will vary by salon and location. It’s typically more affordable than a full haircolor service. Talk to your stylist about pricing at your preferred salon.

Benefits vs. Regular Haircolor

Color Extend Brownlights Regular Permanent Haircolor
More gentle and less commitment Major color change and commitment
Subtly refreshes brown tones Overall new haircolor
Blends regrowth and highlights Full coverage color
Enhances shine and depth Changes tone and depth
Preserves hair health Chemical processing damages hair over time
Lasts 4-6 weeks Lasts 6-8 weeks
More affordable maintenance More expensive for upkeep


For those with brown hair seeking refreshed color and shine between permanent haircolor services, color extend brownlights offer an ideal solution. The technique deposits small amounts of brown demi-permanent color to reinvigorate faded tones, enhance shine and depth, blend regrowth, and minimize commitment. It’s a cost-effective way to extend the life of brown haircolor results for 4-6 weeks. If you have brown hair and want a quick refresh, ask your stylist about incorporating color extend brownlights into your next appointment.