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What color are the fallen aasimar?

Aasimars are a popular player race in Dungeons & Dragons, known for their celestial heritage. The standard aasimar has pale skin and hair with shades of silver or gold, reflecting their celestial origins. However, some aasimars turn to evil and become “fallen” aasimars. So what color are fallen aasimars?

The Origin of Fallen Aasimars

In D&D lore, aasimars are born from humans who have some amount of celestial blood in their lineage. They often have an angelic guide watching over them. However, sometimes an aasimar turns evil and rejects their celestial guide. When this happens, they become a “fallen” aasimar.

Fallen aasimars are corrupted by evil influences and no longer receive visions from their celestial guide. Their inner divine essence has been replaced by shadowy magic. This reflects their turn from the path of righteousness.

Physical Features of Fallen Aasimars

When an aasimar becomes fallen, their physical features change to reflect their new evil alignment:

  • Their skin takes on a pale, chalky hue or ash-gray tone
  • Their hair darkens to inky black, charcoal gray, or midnight blue
  • Their eyes turn into pools of darkness, from coal black to bloody red

These changes represent the evil and shadowy energies that now fill them. Their faces may also take on a gaunt, haunted look.

Glowing Eyes and Skeletal Shrouds

When a fallen aasimar uses their necrotic shroud ability, their eyes glow with an eerie red light. This ability surrounds them in shadowy, supernatural energy for one minute. During this time, their features are obscured and they appear as a vague, skeletal shape wreathed in darkness.

Table: Fallen Aasimar Skin and Hair Colors

Skin Color Hair Color
Pale, chalky white Inky black
Ash gray Charcoal gray
Deathly pale Midnight blue

This table summarizes some of the common skin and hair colors seen among fallen aasimars.


In conclusion, fallen aasimars have skin tones that turn chalky white, ash gray, or deathly pale. Their hair becomes inky black, charcoal gray, or midnight blue – colors that reflect their new evil alignment. When using their necrotic shroud, their features disappear behind a skeletal, shadowy form. So while standard aasimars reflect beauty and light, fallen aasimars embody darkness and decay.

Fallen Aasimar Classes and Backgrounds

When an aasimar turns evil and becomes fallen, their class and background often change as well. Here are some typical classes and backgrounds for fallen aasimars:


  • Oathbreaker Paladin – These are paladins who break their sacred oaths and fall into darkness.
  • Death Domain Cleric – Clerics who gain power over death and shadow.
  • Necromancer Wizard – Wizards who practice dangerous necromantic magic.
  • Shadow Sorcerer – Sorcerers whose power comes from the Shadowfell.


  • Haunted One – People haunted by a darkforce from their past.
  • Far Traveler – Self-exiled wanderers far from home.
  • Charlatan – Con artists and scammers.
  • Urchin – Orphans who had to live by their wits on the streets.

These brooding classes and grim backgrounds fit the fallen aasimar’s rejection of their divine guide and descent into shadow.

Roleplaying a Fallen Aasimar

When roleplaying a fallen aasimar character, here are some tips:

  • Give them a brooding, serious manner with glimpses of their former divine self peeking through.
  • Play up their inner conflict between light and darkness.
  • Give them secrets from their past and vices they struggle with.
  • Make their celestial guide an NPC who tries to redeem them.
  • Describe their necrotic shroud using vivid imagery when they use it.

Playing a fallen aasimar can create great roleplaying moments and moral drama within your D&D campaign.

Other Races that Turn Evil

Fallen aasimars are not the only goodly race that can turn to evil. Here are a few other examples:

Fallen Angels

Angels who rebel against the gods and are cast down into the infernal planes. Their celestial beauty turns into diabolical horror.

Oathbreaker Paladins

As mentioned earlier, paladins who break their holy oaths can turn into antipaladins and champions of evil.

Blackguard Clerics

Clerics of good deities who turn apostate can become blackguards devoted to dark gods and undead armies.


Powerful magic users who turn themselves into intelligent undead in order to gain immortality.

Clearly, the forces of darkness are always trying to corrupt the good! But these fallen heroes also create great storytelling drama.


Fallen aasimars offer exciting roleplaying opportunities as celestial beings who have turned to the darkness. Their appearance changes to chalky white or gray skin, black/blue hair, and eyes filled with shadow. Classes like oathbreaker paladins and necromancer wizards fit this corrupted celestial theme. But a glimmer of their former divine self always remains. Fallen aasimars are a tragic tale of light succumbing to shadow.