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What culture is becky g from?

Becky G is a popular American singer and actress who has made a name for herself in both English and Spanish-language music. Though she was born and raised in the United States, Becky G is proud of her Mexican heritage and has incorporated Latin culture into her music and public persona.

Becky G’s Family Background

Becky G, whose full name is Rebbeca Marie Gomez, was born on March 2, 1997 in Inglewood, California. Both of her parents were Mexican immigrants who came to the United States looking for better opportunities.

Becky’s father, Francisco “Frank” Gomez, was born in Jalisco, Mexico and crossed the border into the United States illegally as a teenager. He worked multiple jobs like construction, landscaping, and truck driving to provide for his family. Becky’s mother, Alejandra “Alex” Gomez, was born in Mexico City and was brought to the U.S. legally by her family when she was a child.

According to Becky, her parents met in LA in their late teens and fell in love. They stressed the importance of family and hard work to Becky and her siblings from a young age. Even though they struggled financially, the Gomez family maintained close ties to their Mexican roots through food, music, language, and cultural celebrations.

Growing Up Between Two Cultures

As a first-generation Mexican-American, Becky G grew up straddling two cultures. At home, her family spoke Spanish, ate Mexican food, listened to Latin music, and maintained Mexican traditions. However, out in the wider world of Los Angeles, Becky was immersed in mainstream American culture.

From a young age, Becky spoke both English and Spanish fluently. Switching between the two languages was part of her everyday life. She attended American schools, watched English TV, and had friends from all different backgrounds. But she was also surrounded by the Spanish language and Mexican culture at home.

Becky has said this bicultural upbringing influenced her tremendously as an artist. It inspired her goal of wanting to make music that blended cultures and reached both English and Spanish speakers. She sees herself as a bridge representing Latin culture in the American mainstream.

Embracing Her Mexican Roots

Although Becky was born in the U.S., she has fully embraced her Mexican ancestry and incorporated Latin music styles into her artistic identity. She sees her Mexican heritage as a point of pride and strength.

Becky taught herself Spanish as a child by translating the lyrics of famous Latin pop songs. She idolized Mexican and Latina singers like Selena, Gloria Estefan, and Paulina Rubio. After gettingdiscovered on YouTube as a preteen, Becky releasedSpanish-language tracks right from the start of her career.

As she got older, Becky became more in touch with her family history and identity as a Mexican-American. She has been outspoken about immigrant rights and uses her platform to advocate for Latinos and represent her community.

Becky’s Mexican-Influenced Music

While Becky produces plenty of hits in English, she also records lots of music in Spanish. She seamlessly fuses sounds from both American pop and Latin genres. This reflects her diverse musical influences growing up.

Becky’s early singles like “Becky from the Block” and “Can’t Get Enough” blended pop with Latin beats like cumbia, merengue, and reggaeton. She also frequently collaborates with Latin artists like Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, and Natti Natasha.

Some standout Spanish songs from Becky include:

  • “Sola” – A Latin pop song with Anitta
  • “Mayores” – An urban hit with Bad Bunny
  • “Sin Pijama” – A reggaeton collab with Natti Natasha
  • “Cuando Te Besé” – A cumbia-influenced love song

Becky often switches seamlessly between English and Spanish lyrics within the same song. Bilingual hits like “Shower” and “Can’t Stop Dancin” represent her blend of cultures.

Putting Mexican Tradition on the Big Screen

In addition to music, Becky G has brought Latino representation to the big screen. She starred as the lead role of Trini in the Power Rangers movie (2017). Trini was reimagined as a queer Mexican-American teen – a groundbreaking role.

Becky also voiced the character of Cyra in the animated film Gnome Alone (2018). Cyra is a young Latina gnome who Becky imbued with strength, attitude, and personality to create a positive heroine for Latino youth.

Most recently, Becky will be playing the iconic role of Ava in the 2023 Power Rangers: Dino Fury series. Ava is of Mexican descent and wears an ancestral medallion representing her family’s cultural traditions.

Through roles like these, Becky elevates Mexican and Latinx representation in Hollywood. She portrays characters that young Latinos can look up to and relate to.

Advocating for Immigrants & Latinos

Becky uses her wide reach and fame as a platform to advocate for immigrant rights and bring attention to issues impacting the Latino community. She recognizes that her voice can help give marginalized groups representation.

Becky was vocal about condemning the family separation policy at the U.S.-Mexico border under President Trump. She joined other artists in writing an open letter to the Latinx community affirming unity and strength.

She has partnered with organizations that work to empower young Latinos through education and leadership training. Becky also uses her social media to uplift Latino voices and creators.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Becky donated to charities providing food, financial aid, and health services to low-income Latino families. She aims to leverage her privilege and fame to enact real change.

Celebrating Her Heritage

Becky finds joy in celebrating her Mexican heritage and highlighting Latin culture. Though she is American, her Mexican roots are an integral part of her identity.

She openly commemorates Mexican holidays like Día de Muertos, Día de la Independencia, and Las Posadas on her social media. Becky decorates sugar skulls, makes tamales, and wears traditional outfits to mark the occasions.

In interviews, Becky has reminisced about the Mexican traditions she grew up with: making atole champurrado with her abuela, getting presents on Three Kings Day, having backyard carne asadas on weekends. She feels connected to these cultural touchpoints.

Becky also loves promoting other aspects of Latin culture – the food, language, music, and values of familismo. She shows pride in all the things that come with her Mexican heritage.


Though Becky G is an all-American pop star, she stays closely tied to her Mexican roots. Growing up between two cultures inspired Becky to embrace her heritage through bilingual music, film roles, advocacy work, and celebrating Latin traditions.

Becky’s pride in her Mexican ancestry has allowed her to become a positive role model for young Latinos. She charts her own path as a bridge between the mainstream American scene and Latin culture. Becky’s ability to blend worlds is what makes her impact so powerful.