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Does loreal ash supreme cover gray hair?

Whether L’Oreal ash supreme hair dye covers gray hair effectively is a common question for women looking to color treat their locks. Gray hair can be stubborn and difficult to cover fully, especially as more grays come in over time. Understanding how ash hair dyes work and choosing the right formula is key to getting optimal gray coverage.

How L’Oreal Ash Hair Dye Works

L’Oreal ash supreme hair color belongs to the category of ash or cool-toned hair dyes. It deposits blue and violet pigments into the hair shaft to neutralize brassy, warm undertones that can make gray hairs appear more yellow. The ash tones create a cooler, softer effect on hair.

When used on gray hair, the blue and violet tones counteract the yellowness to create a more even, natural looking shade. This helps blend the grays seamlessly with the rest of the hair. The end result is a soft, blended, ashy color rather than harsh, yellow-tinged grays.

Key Factors in Gray Coverage

There are a few key factors that determine how well L’Oreal ash supreme covers gray hair:

  • Percentage of grays – The more gray hair you have, the more challenging it will be to cover completely.
  • Shade chosen – Light ash shades don’t cover dark grays as well. Match the depth of the color to your natural level.
  • Application – Apply precisely to grays for maximum coverage. Use a tint brush for targeted application.
  • Developing time – Leaving the color on for the full development time allows the pigment to fully deposit.
  • Formula – Permanent colors with ammonia provide longer lasting gray coverage than demi-permanent dyes.

Expert Tips for Maximum Gray Coverage

Here are some expert tips for getting the most complete gray coverage when using L’Oreal preference ash supreme dye:

Tip Details
Pre-lighten hair Lightening your natural base shade before applying ash dye allows more gray coverage. The ash tones will show up better against lighter hair.
Use a clarifying shampoo Removing mineral deposits and buildup ensures maximum dye penetration and gray coverage.
Apply petroleum jelly Coat the skin at the hairline with petroleum jelly to prevent skin staining when applying dye directly to grays.
Use 10 volume developer 10 volume developer allows more control and deposit than higher volumes when applying just to grays.
Rinse with cool water Rinsing with cool water seals the cuticle and locks in color for staying power.

L’Oreal Preference Ash Supreme Shades

L’Oreal Preference offers ash supreme dyes in a range of shades. Here is an overview of some of the most popular:

Shade Name Undertone Level Best For
Silver Ash Cool violet 10 Very light blond grays
Ash Blonde Beige ash 8 Light to medium blond grays
Medium Ash Brown Cool ash brown 5 Medium brown grays
Darkest Ash Brown Ash with cool violet 3 Dark brown to black grays

Keep in mind that ash hair dye works best when there is some warmth in the natural hair color. On very cool hair, ash tones may result in an icy, unnatural look. Always do a strand test to preview the results before coloring all of your hair.

Permanent vs Demi-Permanent Ash Dye

L’Oreal Preference offers both permanent and demi-permanent ash supreme options:

  • Permanent – Contains ammonia to lift and penetrate the hair shaft. Provides longer lasting gray coverage with rich, even color.
  • Demi-permanent – Ammonia-free. Deposits color without lifting. Provides subtle, temporary color ideal for blending grays between permanent treatments.

Permanent ash dye is best for maximum gray coverage, while demi-permanent adds a sheer veil of color in between applications. Using both formulas together can help keep grays blended seamlessly between permanent color appointments.

Does L’Oreal Preference Ash Completely Cover Stubborn Grays?

L’Oreal Preference ash supreme hair dye can provide excellent gray coverage when used correctly, but it may not cover 100% of stubborn, resistant grays in every case. Very coarse, dense gray hairs with years of buildup can still peek through.

For the most complete coverage, use these extra steps in addition to L’Oreal ash dye:

  • Use a clarifying pretreatment on resistant grays
  • Alternate between permanent and demi-permanent ash dye applications
  • Spot touch up grays with a semi or demi permanent shade as needed
  • Use a weekly glossing or toning treatment

While L’Oreal ash supreme hair color is extremely effective and versatile for blending away grays, your particular mix and density of grays will determine the overall results. Adding booster steps enhances the dye and allows customization for your unique gray hair needs.

Should You Use L’Oreal Preference Ash Browns or Blondes on Gray Hair?

Whether to use ash browns or ash blondes depends on your natural hair color and level of graying:

  • Ash browns – Best for darker brunettes with up to 50% gray hair. Neutralizes warmth while blending with your natural tone.
  • Ash blondes – Ideal for light brunettes to dark blondes with any amount of gray hair. Covers yellowness while brightening overall color.

The shade chart on the L’Oreal Preference box recommends which undertones match your starting hair color. For the most seamless, multidimensional results, opt for an ash shade no more than 2-3 levels lighter or darker than your natural or base color.

Does L’Oreal Preference Ash Work on Yellow-Toned Gray Hair?

L’Oreal Preference ash supreme hair color is highly effective at neutralizing yellow-toned gray hair. The violet and blue pigments are uniquely formulated to target, neutralize, and transform yellow-orange discoloration.

Applying an ash shade that is slightly lighter than your natural or base color is ideal for maximum cancellation of yellow tones. The lighter ash helps remove brassiness while brightening the overall hair color.

Using the included conditioner after rinsing also boosts the ash effect. Letting the formula process for the full recommended development time allows the ash tones to fully deposit and neutralize yellow discoloration.

Will L’Oreal Preference Ash Work on Coarse, Stubborn Grays?

L’Oreal Preference permanent ash dye can help minimize the appearance of coarse, wiry grays but may not fully cover every strand. Very thick, dense gray hairs hold onto color differently and can resist hair dye.

To boost coverage of stubborn grays, use these techniques when applying L’Oreal Preference ash dye:

  • Clarify hair with a sulfate shampoo before coloring
  • Apply petroleum jelly along the hairline to avoid staining
  • Use a tint brush to thoroughly apply dye directly to grays
  • Process for the full recommended development time
  • Rinse hair with cool water and use the included conditioner
  • Follow up with a demi-permanent or semi-permanent toner if needed

Pinpoint application and extending processing allows the ash tones to better penetrate and neutralize coarse gray hairs. Combining permanent and demi-permanent formulas maximizes coverage.

What Level of Developer Should You Use with L’Oreal Preference Ash?

Choosing the right developer volume is key to getting the maximum result from L’Oreal Preference ash dyes. Here are some guidelines:

  • 10 volume – For depositing ash tones evenly on up to 50% gray hair. Gentle lift won’t damage hair.
  • 20 volume – For lifting natural hair up 1-2 levels before depositing ash color. Moderate lift and gray coverage.
  • 30 volume – For lifting natural hair up to 3 levels before depositing ash shade. Not recommended for hair that is more than 25% gray to avoid damage from excessive lightening.

Using 10 volume developer allows you to achieve beautiful, multidimensional ash tones without the risk of breakage from higher lifting formulas. Always do a test strand first to gauge the right level of lift needed.

What Are the Benefits of Using L’Oreal Preference Ash Brown Hair Dye?

Here are some of the benefits of using L’Oreal Preference in an ash brown shade:

  • Neutralizes brassy warmth in brown hair and grays
  • Leaves hair soft and conditioned
  • Blends away gray hairs seamlessly
  • Easy to achieve salon-quality results at home
  • Permanent formula provides long lasting color
  • Demi-permanent version available for subtler coloring
  • Ammonia-free demi-permanent formula is gentle on hair
  • Doesn’t require mixing with developer
  • Wide range of brown and blonde ash shades to choose from
  • Fragrance-free formula minimizes scent sensitivity

Using an ash brown is ideal for neutralizing yellow undertones while enhancing and enriching your natural brunette color. The ashy tones create a cool, modern look.

What Are Some Good L’Oreal Ash Brown Shades for Salt and Pepper Hair?

Here are some top L’Oreal Preference options for salt and pepper hair with a mix of gray and dark brown:

  • Medium Ash Brown – For a natural blend with up to 50% gray hairs.
  • Dark Ash Brown – For a richer brown with excellent warm tone cancellation.
  • Darkest Ash Brown – For a near-black result with multidimensional cool tones.

Doing an ash brown shade one level lighter than your natural color helps add dimension and brightness while neutralizing yellowing grays. Alternate between permanent and demi-permanent applications as needed to keep the blend looking seamless.

What’s Better for Covering Gray Roots – L’Oreal Preference or Excellence?

Both L’Oreal Preference and Excellence provide excellent gray coverage, but there are some differences:

Preference Excellence
Application Self or salon application Salon use recommended
Shade range Up to 100% gray coverage shades Primarily blends up to 50% gray
Formula Permanent and demi-permanent Permanent only
Flagship benefits High conditioning, damage protection Triple protection system with ceramide
Key ingredients Pro-keratin, collagen, camelina oil Incell complex, antioxidant Smartbond technology

For at-home gray root coverage between salon visits, L’Oreal Preference offers more options. But for occasional professional coloring services, L’Oreal Excellence provides high quality results.


L’Oreal Preference ash supreme hair dye can provide excellent gray coverage when chosen correctly for your hair type and color. Permanent ash shades deliver the most complete neutralization and blending of gray hairs. Using demi-permanent ash tones between applications helps keep roots looking seamless.

With the right formula, application techniques, and maintenance regimen, L’Oreal Preference ash dye can transform gray hair and reveal gorgeous, salon-worthy cool brunette and blonde shades. Taking steps to maximize gray coverage allows you to keep your hair looking youthful, healthy and vibrant.