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What colour is team red nike?

Team Red is a line of athletic apparel and shoes made by Nike. The Team Red collection features bright, bold red hues that allow athletes to make a vibrant statement on the field, court, or track. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the specific shades of red used in Nike’s Team Red products and the technology behind these eye-catching colors.

The Meaning Behind Team Red

Nike launched the Team Red line in 2020 as a celebration of athleticism, energy, and bold self-expression. The bold red hue serves as a symbol of power, speed, and motivation. Nike designers worked closely with athletes to develop shades of red that would make a statement and capture the essence of being unapologetically bold.

Team Red builds on Nike’s strong heritage with the color red. The swoosh logo has featured red accents since 1971, and red has been used in iconic shoes like the Air Jordan 1. The Team Red collection brings red to the forefront in an expanded range of products.

Team Red Color Palette

Nike Team Red incorporates several different shades of red, ranging from bright crimson to deeper maroon hues. Here are some of the core reds used in Nike’s Team Red products:

Team Red Color Hex Code
University Red #B40203
Bright Crimson #FF2935
Cardinal #C91524
Gym Red #FA3A36
Fireberry #CD0404

University Red is a signature Team Red shade – a bright, vibrant crimson that boldly grabs attention. Bright Crimson and Cardinal offer similarly vivid red tones. Gym Red and Fireberry lean slightly more towards darker blood-orange inspired reds.

Use of Color in Key Products

Nike applies these statement-making reds across a wide range of products in the Team Red collection. Here are some examples:

– Nike Air Force 1 Crater Flyknit Team Red: This iconic basketball-turned-streetwear sneaker features University Red on the woven upper, Swoosh, and sole. Crisp white accents allow the red to pop.

– Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Crew Team Red: The inner fleece lining of this sweatshirt uses vivid Bright Crimson, with white exterior and black accents.

– Nike Pro 3″ Team Red Running Shorts: These lightweight running shorts use Gym Red all over for high-impact energy.

– Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Team Red: A neutral running shoe with Cardinal red accents throughout for motivation mile after mile.

– Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Jogger Team Red: A Fireberry red shade on the interior keeps these joggers sporty and stylish.

Nike’s Color Science and Technology

Nike employs an array of scientific processes and innovations to develop the proprietary hues used in products like Team Red. Experts at Nike’s Color Lab use principles of color theory, psychology, material science, and more to determine formulas that will achieve the desired aesthetic and functional goals.

Key elements of Nike’s color technology include:

– **Color forecasting** – Anticipating color trends and consumer preferences 1-3 years in advance through market research.

– **Digital color selection** – Nike designers can access over 8000 digitally formulated hues to find perfect colors.

– **Color consistency** – Ensuring colors match across different materials and production runs.

– **Contextual color** – Selecting colors optimized for their intended context, whether on a shoe, jersey, or bag.

– **Psychological impact** – Understanding how colors like red provoke certain emotions and reactions.

– **Material science** – Developing colors optimized for specific materials like Flyknit yarn or Jordan leather.

Benefits of Vibrant Reds

Beyond just looking great, Nike’s carefully developed reds deliver tangible performance and psychological benefits for athletes:

– **Increased visibility** – The bright tones allow athletes to stand out in action.

– **Energy and excitement** – Red is associated with passion, intensity, and speed.

– **Motivation** – Red inspires action and effort for stronger training.

– **Self-expression** – Vibrant reds let athletes make a bold personal statement.

– **Brand heritage** – Team Red links back to Nike’s long history with red.

Athletes respond well to wearing vibrant reds while competing. The colors make them feel focused, energized, and psychologically primed to push their limits.

Tips for Styling Team Red Gear

Nike’s Team Red collection offers endless possibilities for creating energetic sport and streetwear looks. Here are some tips for styling your Team Red gear:

– Pair red shoes with neutral black or white athletic apparel to make them pop.

– Match red tops with black bottoms or vice-versa for power contrast.

– Add a red jacket as a statement outer layer over more neutral gear.

– For vintage flair, wear red and white together inspired by old-school athletic looks.

– Use multiple shades of red together for more visual depth.

– Add red accessories like socks, sunglasses, or hats for splashes of color.

– Carry a red gym or sports bag to complement your activewear.

– For an edgier look, combine red with darker tones like gray and black.


Nike’s Team Red features vibrant crimson shades expertly developed to make athletes shine on and off the field. The bold red colors symbolize energy, courage, and unmatched athletic performance. With strong links to Nike’s brand heritage and innovations in color technology, Team Red represents the future of high-impact sportswear. Whether training or showing off street style, Nike’s Team Red gear enables athletes at all levels to make a visually striking statement.