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Where do you put peekaboo hair color?

Peekaboo hair coloring has become a popular trend in recent years. This fun and playful look involves coloring the hair different colors in select sections to create a peekaboo effect when the hair moves. But where exactly should you put peekaboo colors in your hair? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular placement options.

The Underlayer

One of the most common places to put peekaboo coloring is in the underlayer of your hair. This allows you to have a subtle pop of color that peeks out when you move your hair or lift it up. It creates dimension and visual interest without being overpowering.

To achieve this look, ask your stylist to color the hair underneath while leaving the top layer your natural color or a neutral shade. Purple, blue, pink, orange, and green are fun options for the underlayer. When you flip your hair over or move it around, you’ll get flashes of the vibrant underside.

Face-Framing Sections

You can also put peekaboo coloring in face-framing sections near your hairline around your face. This can make your facial features pop and complements your skin tone and eye color.

Have your stylist color chunks of hair near your temples, cheeks, and sides of your part. Keep the rest of your hair a solid color. Now when you pull your hair back or tuck it behind your ears, the colored pieces will be visible and frame your facial features.

Throughout the Bottom Half

For a more bold and eye-catching style, consider coloring the bottom half of your hair while keeping the top half your natural color. This is perfect if you want to try a bright hue but don’t want to commit to coloring all of your hair.

Ask your colorist to start applying the peekaboo color about halfway down the strands and apply it to the ends. When you wear your hair down, you’ll see lots of pops of color, but can easily cover it up by pulling your hair into a ponytail.

Small Sections Throughout

You can also scatter small sections of peekaboo coloring randomly throughout your hair. This looks unique and funky.

Come to your appointment with certain chunks of hair pre-sectioned. Have your colorist apply the peekaboo color to the thin, strand-sized sections for a subtle yet striking effect. The rest of your hair can stay neutral or complement the colors.

Hidden Layers

For a more subtle approach, opt for peekaboo colors in the hidden layers of your hair underneath. Ask your stylist for long layers cut throughout your hair. Then apply the special colors only to the longest layers underneath.

This allows you to show off the colors when you want by fluffing out your hair, but also hide them easily by smoothing your hair down. It’s like your own secret!

Tips for Maintaining Peekaboo Hair

Peekaboo hair requires some maintenance to keep it looking vibrant. Here are some tips:

  • Use color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to keep the colors from fading quickly.
  • Avoid washing your hair too frequently, as this can cause the colors to fade faster.
  • Use a hair mask or deep conditioner weekly to keep hair healthy.
  • Rinse hair with cool water instead of hot to preserve the colors.
  • Re-apply the peekaboo colors every 4-6 weeks for fresh results.
  • Use dry shampoo between washes to refresh hair and extend time between coloring.
  • Avoid chlorine and salt water to prevent fading.
  • Apply a UV protection spray before going in the sun.

Best Peekaboo Hair Color Ideas

You have lots of options when it comes to choosing colors for peekaboo hair. Here are some fun combinations:

Color Scheme Description
Pastels Soft, feminine colors like pink, purple, blue
Neons Electric, bright colors like orange, green, yellow
Rainbow Use multiple colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
Monochromatic Different shades of one color, like light to dark pink
Natural Colors Rich red, copper, chocolate brown
Contrasting Colors Pair bold colors like blue and orange or purple and yellow

Choosing colors that complement your skin tone and eye color can make them pop even more. Don’t be afraid to get creative and show off your fun side!

Who Should Get Peekaboo Hair?

Peekaboo hair is a versatile trend that can work for many people when done properly. Here are some things to consider to see if it’s right for you:

  • Good for short to medium length hair. Very short hair may not hide the colors as well.
  • Best on straight or wavy hair. Very curly hair can make the colors harder to see.
  • Works well with light to medium natural hair colors like blonde, brown, red. Dark hair may require pre-lightening.
  • Ideal for those wanting subtle or bold color without a drastic change.
  • Great way to experiment with fun colors at the office or conservative environments.
  • Allows you to cover up colors for formal events or times when unnatural hues aren’t permitted.

As long as you’re willing to put in some maintenance, peekaboo hair can be a stylish option for anyone looking to change up their look without a major commitment!

Pros and Cons of Peekaboo Hair

Here are some key pros and cons to consider if you’re thinking about this trendy hairstyle:


  • Subtle pop of color without drastically altering your look
  • Allows you to experiment with fun colors temporarily
  • Easy to hide the colors when needed
  • Less damage to your hair than all-over color
  • Very trendy and unique style
  • Lots of options for colors and placement


  • Requires regular touch-ups as colors fade
  • More expensive than single process color
  • Some maintenance required to keep colors looking vibrant
  • Doesn’t work as well with very short or very curly hair
  • Takes longer time and expertise for coloring

How to Style Peekaboo Hair

Styling peekaboo hair is easy and fun!

When you want the colors hidden, simply wear your hair down smoothed out or pulled back in a low ponytail or bun. For subtle peeks of color, opt for loose wavy or messy textures. Show off the colors more with braids, high ponytails, or by flipping or running your hands through your hair.

Use volumizing mousse or sea salt spray to tease up the layers your colors are placed in to make them pop. You can also pin up the top layers with bobby pins to feature the underneath colors more.

Finish the look with a light holding hairspray to lock in the peekaboo effect all day! Have fun coming up with different ways to show off your new style.


Peekaboo hair is a playful, modern coloring technique that allows you to experiment with fun colors in a subtle way. The most popular placement options are the underlayer, face-framing pieces, bottom half of hair, scattered strands, and hidden layers.

Pastels, neons, rainbow colors, and natural hues all work beautifully to show off your personality. Peekaboo coloring is suitable for most hair types and lengths as long as you don’t mind some occasional maintenance.

Style your new look by teasing, flipping your hair, and wearing it in various updos to highlight the pops of color. With a bit of creativity, you can show off your peekaboo strands in a stylish, trendy way!