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What Colour goes with coral shirt?

Quick Answers

Coral shirts are versatile and can be paired with many colors. The top recommendations are white, tan, light blue, gray, peach, pink, mint, and cream. Neutral, pastel, and earth tone colors tend to complement coral best. Avoid pairing coral with loud colors like bright yellow or neon green. Stick to lighter shades that won’t clash.

Understanding the Coral Shirt

A coral shirt is a button-up shirt in a reddish-orange hue resembling the sea coral. Coral is considered a warm, summery color associated with tropical destinations. It flatters warm skin tones and brings an energetic, sunny vibe to an outfit.

Coral shirts come in long and short sleeve styles and can be made of lightweight materials like cotton, linen, or rayon for a breezy look. They often have a casual, relaxed aesthetic but can also look sharp when paired with dress pants or chinos for work.

The vibrant coral color acts as a statement piece, so the rest of the outfit should be grounded with more neutral and subtle tones. But the pairing colors still need enough visual contrast from coral so they don’t blend together. Finding the right balance is key.

Best Colors to Pair with a Coral Shirt

White: A crisp white pairs perfectly with coral. It lightens up the outfit and lets the shirt shine. White jeans, pants, shorts, or skirt give a summery coastal vibe. A white button-up or tee balances out a coral short-sleeve. White sneakers or boat shoes complete the look.

Tan: Different shades of tan from light khaki to deep brown look natural with coral. Tan pants or shorts keep things casual, while a tan linen blazer dresses it up. Tan leather shoes like loafers, bucks, or oxfords work for both casual and business attire.

Light Blue: Soft powdery blues complement coral nicely. Light blue jeans, chinos, or shorts lend a cool, relaxed feel. A baby blue Oxford shirt maintains the laidback aesthetic. Save this combo for weekend wear.

Gray: From light gray to charcoal, darker grays make coral pop while grounding the outfit. Gray dress pants or a gray suit offset a coral shirt for the office. Go for gray loafers or boots on the bottom.

Peach: Pairing coral with peach may seem matchy, but lighter peachy tones actually accent coral well. Try peach shorts, trousers, or a blazer in a muted peach shade. Continue the accent color with peach dress shoes.

Pink: Soft muted pinks work better with coral than bold hot pink. Pair a coral shirt with pale pink pants or a pink Oxford for an elegant preppy vibe. Rose gold and blush pink accessories tie it all together.

Mint: Fresh mint greens complement coral’s orange tones. Mint jeans, tees, or pullover sweater make coral pop while delivering a cool color contrast. Mint loafers or boat shoes finish off the summer pairing.

Cream: Off-whites like cream make coral shine without harsh contrast. Cream or ivory pants, blazer, and shoes become neutral canvases for the vibrant coral shirt. Accent with cream and gold jewelry.

Colors to Avoid with a Coral Shirt

While many colors complement coral well, there are a few shades that tend to clash and should be avoided:

– Bright yellow

– Neon green/lime green

– Royal blue

– Purple

– Black

– Red and burgundy

These colors are either too overpowering and loud next to coral, or create too much contrast. They detract from the coral shirt instead of enhancing it. Stick to softer tones like pastels, earth tones, and neutrals for a more cohesive palette.

Creating a Complete Outfit

Follow these tips when putting together a complete outfit with a coral shirt:

Pick neutral bottoms: Stick to light tan, gray, cream or white pants or shorts so the coral shirt takes center stage. Dark denim jeans can work too for casual settings.

Choose shoes that complement coral: Opt for shoes in colors like tan, peach, pink, mint or white leather. Metallic gold/rose gold shoes also pair well with coral.

Add subtle patterns: Try layering with a neutral and white gingham or chambray shirt under the coral shirt to add visual interest.

Include pastel accessories: Belts, messenger bags, sunglasses, and jewelry in soft peach, mint, baby blue, or pink shades enhance the coral shirt.

Match metals with coral undertones: Opt for rose gold watches and jewelry rather than silver or stainless steel. Brass buckles and gold shades also complement.

Use earth tone jackets and layers: Light brown, tan, khaki and cream jackets, sweaters, and cardigans layer nicely over a coral shirt for a pulled-together look.

Work Outfit Ideas with a Coral Shirt

A coral shirt can transition from casual weekends to office appropriate with the right pairings. Here are some work outfit ideas with a coral button-up:

– Navy suit, coral shirt, navy and coral striped tie, brown oxfords

– Gray dress trousers, coral shirt, linen navy blazer, tan loafers

– Khaki chinos, coral shirt, peach belt, light brown bucks

– Black jeans, coral shirt, black blazer, black cap toe oxfords

– Navy chino shorts, coral shirt, blue linen blazer, boat shoes

– Cream dress pants, coral shirt, pink cashmere sweater, metallic loafers

Casual Outfit Ideas with a Coral Shirt

For relaxed weekends and get-togethers, try these casual looks with a coral shirt:

– White jeans, coral shirt, white sneakers

– Light wash jeans, coral shirt, pink pullover, white leather sneakers

– Khaki shorts, coral shirt, brown belt, tan boat shoes

– Gray shorts, coral shirt, white and gray striped tee, white plimsolls

– Navy trousers, coral shirt, blue bomber jacket, tan desert boots

– Cream linen pants, coral shirt, peach cardigan, metallic sandals


Coral shirt outfits don’t have to be complicated. Stick to neutral and pastel colors that complement the shirt rather than overwhelm it. Focus on lighter tan, gray, blue and pink tones and avoid harsh brights for best results. With the right supporting colors and layers, a coral shirt can be tailored for both professional settings and laid-back weekends. Use the suggestions in this article to build a cohesive look around this versatile and stylish shirt hue.

Color Good Pairings Avoid Pairing With
White White jeans, pants, shorts, skirts. White button-ups, tees. None
Tan Khaki, light brown, dark brown pants, shorts, shoes None
Light Blue Baby blue jeans, chinos, oxfords. Powder blue tees. Royal blue, bright blues
Grays Light gray to charcoal pants, suits, shoes None
Peach Muted peach pants, blazers, shoes Bright peach
Pink Rose gold, pale pink, blush accessories Bright pink
Mint Mint jeans, tees, shoes Bright green mint
Cream Off-white pants, blazers, shoes None