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What colors go with powder blue?

Powder blue is a pale, soft shade of blue that evokes images of cloudless skies and is commonly associated with spring and Easter. It’s a calm, soothing color that works well in many design schemes. But what colors pair well with powder blue? Here are some of the best color combinations to try with powder blue.


Neutral colors like white, gray, beige and brown make excellent partners for powder blue. They provide a clean, classic look that allows the soft blue hue to really shine. White in particular makes a lovely pairing, creating a fresh, bright aesthetic. For example, a powder blue sofa would pop against crisp white walls. Gray and beige add subtle contrast and dimension. Taupe and light brown can impart a sense of earthiness.


Powder blue has a delicate, faded quality that coordinates seamlessly with other pastel shades. Colors like mint green, pale peach, lavender, butter yellow and pink complement powder blue’s gentle nature. Pastel color palettes have a distinctly vintage, Easter-egg vibe. For a whimsical springtime look, pair powder blue with other softly saturated hues.

Navy Blue

Navy blue makes a bold, striking partner for powder blue. The depth of navy amplifies the lightness of powder blue. This classic color combination is nautically inspired and perfect for beach house decor. Use navy blue sparingly as an accent alongside larger quantities of powder blue.


Vibrant coral adds a cheerful pop of color when combined with powder blue. It introduces energy and brightness. Coral red flatters powder blue’s softness with a lively complement. Try pairing powder blue walls with coral bedding or use a coral area rug to inject interest into a powder blue room.


Yellow brings a ray of sunshine when paired with powder blue. Opt for soft yellow tones like lemon, buttercream or daffodil to match the muted quality of powder blue. Together, these colors create a bright springtime palette that’s uplifting and fresh. Use yellow accents like throw pillows or vases to enliven a powder blue backdrop.


Green is a fitting complement to powder blue, since the two colors are often found together in nature. Sea glass greens, muted sage and light olive tones work best with powder blue’s quiet elegance. Darker shades like forest or hunter green tend to overwhelm. Keep green accessories minimal to allow the serene powder blue to take center stage.

Blush Pink

For a charming, feminine look, partner powder blue with blush pink. This combination evokes images of cherry blossoms and spring flowers. Opt for soft pinks with just a touch of peach or coral to team up with powder blue. Use blush pinks sparingly as accent colors to keep the look delicate.

Neutral Color Pairing Suggestions

Neutral Color Where to Use
White Walls, bedding, furniture
Beige Furniture, rugs, pillows
Gray Walls, furniture, accessories
Brown Furniture, flooring, textiles

Pairing powder blue with white, beige, gray and brown neutrals creates a versatile color scheme that can work in any room. Keep walls, bedding, and larger furniture pieces in crisp white or soft beige to make the powder blue pop. Use gray and brown for contrast on accessories, furniture and flooring.

Pastel Color Pairing Ideas

Pastel Color Where to Use
Lavender Pillows, flowers, decor items
Butter yellow Area rugs, curtains, upholstery
Mint green Walls, furniture, lamps, art
Peach Pillows, vases, artwork
Pink Rugs, blankets, floral arrangements

Pastels complement powder blue’s soft femininity. Use lavender, yellow, mint, peach and pink pastels as accents throughout a powder blue room. Let powder blue dominate walls, furniture and bedding, then introduce pastel accents through decor items, textiles, artwork and floral arrangements.

Bolder Color Pairing Suggestions

Bolder Color Where to Use
Navy blue Accent walls, pillows, art
Coral Rugs, vases, flowers
Yellow Pillows, blankets, lamp shades
Green House plants, art, decor
Blush pink Chair cushions, floral arrangements

Bolder yellow, coral, green, navy and blush pink add striking contrast when paired sparingly with powder blue. Use them in smaller accents like throw pillows, artwork, floral arrangements and decorative accessories. Powder blue should still dominate, with pops of brighter color for accent.

Tips for Decorating with Powder Blue

  • Use powder blue as your wall color or on large furniture pieces like sofas or beds. This allows it to serve as a neutral backdrop for other colors.
  • Start with neutrals like white and beige on key foundations like walls, then layer in powder blue accents.
  • Incorporate powder blue in subtle ways through decorative pillows, rugs, flowers and art.
  • Add contrast and dimension by pairing powder blue with darker neutrals like navy and brown.
  • Create a soft, dreamy aesthetic by combining powder blue with other muted pastels.
  • Opt for bright corals, yellows and greens in small splashes to energize a powder blue palette.
  • Anchor a powder blue room with white trim for a crisp, clean look.
  • Use patterned powder blue fabrics like toile or florals to add visual interest.

Room-by-Room Guide

Living Room

In a living room, use powder blue on walls or larger furniture pieces like a sofa, loveseat or accent chair. Add contrast with white trim, navy blue pillows and warm wood tones. Finish the look with pastel art and mint or lavender decorative objects.


Create a restful bedroom retreat with powder blue walls or bedding. Layer in white bedding with pink or coral accents for a feminine touch. Add interest with a floral powder blue headboard and polished nickel or brass accents.


For a soothing oasis, paint the walls or vanity powder blue. Contrast with white subway tile, black metal fixtures and wood shelving. Infuse soft color with peach towels, fresh flowers and green plants.


Powder blue makes a charming focal point on kitchen cabinetry or an accent wall. Pair with marble or quartz countertops, gold hardware and pendant lighting for elegant contrast. Display pastel dishes and white blooms in powder blue vases.

Home Office

An airy home office feels both peaceful and inspiring with powder blue walls. Add energizing pops of coral and yellow in accessories. Include navy blue accents for contrast through artwork, storage and accessories.

Kids’ Room

For a little girl’s room, powder blue walls create a sweet backdrop for whimsical accents. Play up the feminine vibe with blush pink bedding, rainbow art and touches of butter yellow. In a boy’s room, layer in navy, gray and green.

Outdoor Space

Use powder blue cushions and pillows to soften an outdoor space. Add white trim on fencing or railings for crisp definition. Introduce colorful blooms in yellow, pink and coral planted in powder blue pots or planters.


With its airy, delicate personality, powder blue pairs beautifully with a wide range of colors. Clean neutrals like white, beige and gray provide an understated complement, while pastels and feminine hues like peach, mint and lavender create a softer, more whimsical look. For contrast, naval blue, yellow, green, coral and blush pink add energy and vibrancy when used thoughtfully. However you choose to complete it, a powder blue palette exudes charm, tranquility and style.