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How do I change the color of my PlayStation controller?

Changing the color of your PlayStation controller can be a great way to customize and personalize your gaming experience. With some simple steps, you can swap out the default controller color for something more suited to your style.

Should you change the color of your PS controller?

Here are some key factors to consider when deciding if a controller color change is right for you:

  • Customization – Swapping colors allows you to put your own stamp on your controller.
  • Aesthetics – A new color can make your controller look brand new again.
  • Identification – Change the color to easily identify which controller is yours.
  • Affordability – Buying a color kit is generally an affordable way to change things up.
  • Difficulty – The process can be complicated for first-timers. Proper disassembly is key.

Overall, changing your PS controller color presents a fun way to customize on a budget. The process just requires time and patience as a beginner. If you want a fresh look and don’t mind a short DIY project, a color swap could be for you.

How to change your PS controller color

Ready to change your controller color? Here is a step-by-step walkthrough:

Materials needed

  • PlayStation controller
  • Small Phillips head screwdriver
  • Color replacement kit (buttons, battery cover, etc.)
  • Plastic pry opening tool


Caution: Take proper precautions to avoid static discharge which could damage your controller’s internal components.

  1. Remove the battery cover. Slide the battery cover off the back of the controller.
  2. Remove the screws. Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the four screws on the backside of the controller.
  3. Pry the controller open. Carefully insert the pry tool into the controller seam and gently work your way around to pop open the casing.
  4. Disconnect the battery. Use the pry tool to gently lift and disconnect the battery connector cable.
  5. Remove PCB boards. There are two small circuit boards attached to the front and back shell. Carefully lift them off their adhesive.
  6. Lift off front shell. With the screws, battery and boards removed, gently lift the front shell off the controller.
  7. Swap out components. Refer to your color kit instructions and replace buttons, battery cover, triggers, etc. with your new colored parts.
  8. Reattach PCB boards. Place the small circuit boards back in their original positions and press down firmly.
  9. Reconnect battery. Plug the battery connector cable back into place.
  10. Close controller. Line up the front and back shells and firmly press together until clasped shut.
  11. Replace screws. Return the four back screws into place with your screwdriver.
  12. Replace battery cover. Slide the new colored battery cover back on.

After following these steps, your PS controller should now boast a bright, new color scheme! Take it for a test drive in your favorite game to admire your handiwork.

Troubleshooting color change problems

Changing your controller color seems simple but some issues can pop up. Here are some potential problems and solutions:

Controller won’t reconnect

  • Issue: Controller won’t sync back up with your console after reassembly.
  • Solution: Double check that all connector cables are properly attached and try resetting your controller connection.

Buttons stick or jam

  • Issue: Certain buttons like R1/L1 or joysticks feel sticky after the color swap.
  • Solution: Take the controller back apart and check that all components are correctly and firmly seated.

Shell won’t close

  • Issue: The front and back shell won’t fit back together properly.
  • Solution: Ensure no cables or components are obstructing the seal. Press firmly and carefully on the shell until it clicks into place.

With some troubleshooting, you should be able to resolve any issues that arise with your new colored controller.

Pro tips for changing PS controller colors

After successfully switching your own controller color, consider these pro tips for even better results:

  • Buy a quality name brand replacement kit for reliable component fit.
  • Take pictures during disassembly so you remember how things connect.
  • Lay out components in order and group screws to avoid mix-ups.
  • Only work on a static-free surface and use a grounding strap if possible.
  • Change multiple controllers at once for a unified look.
  • Go beyond the shell and swap out sticks, buttons and pads too.
  • Consider custom painting your replacement parts for unique colors.
  • Watch online videos if you need a visual guide for tricky steps.
  • Use bright colors to make your controller easier to find.
  • Pick a transparent shell to showcase your controller’s internals.

With a steady hand and these tips, you can take on more advanced color and component changes.

Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some common questions about changing PlayStation controller colors:

Does changing the color void the warranty?

Yes, opening up and modifying your controller will void any existing warranty. Proceed with a color change at your own risk.

Do I need any special tools?

All you need is a small Phillips screwdriver and plastic pry tool. Tweezers can also sometimes be helpful for small parts.

Is it hard to change a PS5 controller color?

The PS5 controller is more complex internally than a PS4 controller, making it a bit harder to disassemble safely. But with concentration and by following a video guide, first-timers can handle it.

Can you change a PS controller color without opening it?

No, you must open up the controller shell and swap out internal parts to change the color. Non-opening options like paint, stickers or wraps won’t produce the same clean result.

How long does the controller color change process take?

Plan on a color change taking 30-45 minutes for beginners. With practice, the process can be done more quickly in 15-30 minutes.


Changing your PlayStation controller from drab to fab with a fresh color is a fun DIY project. Just gather the necessary tools and replacement parts, disassemble carefully, swap colors, and reassemble. With our step-by-step walkthrough and troubleshooting tips, you can upgrade your PS4 or PS5 game experience with a personalized controller color scheme.